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About Highlander C3

lvl 600 rank 10. 1400 STR vs 600 DEX.
but the best thing will probably be high str with a bit of dex and con, but i have no idea whats the STR/DEX optimal ratio. i used to think that 137 dex (175 total), 74 con (100 total) and 103 str (256 total) was the best build, but i don’t want to use my only stat reset to test that
this numbers can give u around 325-350 crit rate with gear and mid level green gems or 400+ with more stuff

buuuuut, non-fencer evasion is useless high level and STR scales better with multihit skills, while DEX is better with high base dmg skills. look at doppel 3, thats pure multihit skills.

fencer will get a new stance that increase crit dmg so they can keep going high dex, but fencers will need to put some STR on higher levels too, once they have full upgraded gear and stuff.

and stat calculator isn’t applying the 30% bonus to STR dmg

EDIT: This trancendense system can chang things, cus if ur weapon get a super buff, dex can become a better stat cus u will have better base dmg overall, but we need to wait and see

aw level 600
Yeah you need 1.4k crit rate for 100% crit at level 600

+600 str only give +180 if 30% str apply

Why str better on multi hits ? isn’t the formula still same ?

Btw i compare this two build

if u go high DEX, u have low base dmg and high crit rate, so u depend on skill base dmg and multihit skills usually have lower base dmg due to being multihit, so ur STR apply in each hit, while u dont have high dmg to use with crit

if u pay atention, when they both have 10 stacks of DOV, they hit pretty much the same, but the second guy does 4k with crits, while the first guy does 4k without crit, and when he crits the dmg is around 7k.

buuuut that was BEFORE STR buff, see how he is right now:

and as u level up, u stack more and more STR while, if using DEX build, u sttll depend on skill dmg. and with multihit being the rule for high level, STR>DEX

Woops i tought he’s kTOS player lol
and i tought video that i mention before already after patch

with the new transcendense system, i think dex builds will still work well, probably will do almost the same dmg, with more evasion and accuracy (useless pve wise). but ur skills scale with STR and cross guard is really useful if u make it block everytime (lvl 15 and high STR) cus when u block, ur enemy cant move for 7-8 secs (can still atack), so u can just walk and hit from distance with ur 2h sword

References about how def works.

@Kascly: What is your experience with HL3 in Fencer? I’m mostly concerned about its AOE capability since I will be likely to take Pelt for Swashbuckling and the ability to use shield

Is pretty solid. When you’re out of your main fencers skills, I can spam HL skills, I usualy use HL skill for mobbing and fencer skill in boss fights.
I really have some issues with AoE, but with 2 headgears with attack ratio + vube gloves + cata rapier, I can hit 9 attack ratio. And with 2 glad band, 11 attack ratio.

9 attack ratio and a single target nuker build, the main issue is your hitbox. But with the right positioning, you can clear rooms with almost the same time as other builds.

I see, tks. Barb is so boring to me now. I hope HL can bring me something new to the table

Barb falls off fast. I’ve deleted my barb when he was 196.

After that massive buffs, I’m continuing my Barb 3 onto Doppel path. I will wait for more info about Fencer 3 to start building my HL3>Fencer build

Well, if I learned something from the last couple days’ discussions is that:


Fencer PvE:

Fencer PvP:

It was fun discussing it with you guys =)

PS: It seems that Archers have Auto-Weapon-Switch in kToS. If Swordies ever get that, then we could start discussing the viability of Hoplites into Fencers as well (which people already did, and found good, but I still think there’s too much clunkiness in the build), but this is a Highlander thread, so, let’s leave it for another time, as these builds above seems to be optimal for the moment.

With transcendence, the difference will grow much closer towards 10%-12%, especially when people start moving away from Veniers (trans applies to all physical attack on the weapon, which is very low on Veniers).

I’m personally considering Sw1>High2>Hop1>Barb1>Fenc3 right now, if only because:

  1. Epee Stance supposedly only buffs crit dmg for piercing skills and
  2. Preparation applies to all 14~ hits of Stabbing, hence providing a large burst.

Of course, almost everyone else will disagree with this build so I don’t tend to talk about this much, at least until we get more skill details from kToS next week. If Epee applies to other damage types as well then I would go with HL3 instead.

Barb skills are still fine at 213. They’ve started as amazing now they are just fine. That’s just barb 2. I’m just pointing out that they are not terrible that is.

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Hey @Kascly, would you mind testing how Attaque Coquille and Skull Swing interact please. I’m wondering how 2 different Armor reduction debuff work

After I finish mage tower I will test it for you.

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Tks, I really appreciate that

Guys, don’t forget about Doppel C3 new skill.

“A new skill, “Zwerchhau”, adds a temporary bonus to slash attacks which, when used in conjunction with other techniques, can become a powerful grinding tool.”

By the way, I still prefer Corsair C1 over Barbarian C1. I think Peltasta, Corsair or Barbarian in Highlander C3 > Doppel C2 builds are personal choices.

did u level ur second highlander? u think corsair is better than barb1? cus i stoped at highlander 3, waiting to see doppel skills and decide if i go corsair, barb or squire

I prefer Corsair for their utility. It’s a mistake to think they’re PvP exclusive, because I always use JR + DPE when I’m farming something and Iron Hook against high damage monsters.

And don’t forget about JR “Unity” attribute. I always save my party mates with that.