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48hours to retrieve money from Marketplace is ridiculous

What the title says.

Its already bad enough that I can’t trade non paid users to get my silver but I also have to wait 2 DAYS to have my silver from the marketplace? Do you want to kill this game? 48 hours is WAY too long and it if wasn’t for the fact that I spent about a hundred dollars on this game already. I would quit until something is done. You need to allow players to have a medium of trade otherwise the game will selfdestruct. I dont even want to put things in the market now cause I’ll have to wait until I don’t need the money anymore to retrieve it.

This does not discourage bots and gold sellers because im sure everything they do is automatic while I, as a player have to wait for such a lengthy period just to get the in-game currency I worked for. Not only that but I pay a commision fee with the Marketplace.

There is close to no incentive in farming for things to earn in-game currency if you have to wait so long to benefit from it.


I agree. At first I couldn’t really believe it, I though it was a bug that I can’t retrieve the silver. Google didn’t help to find info, so thanks for the thread.

It’s really unbelievable how gimped the trading system is in this game. Basically u end up selling everything to the NPC’s. I’m just hoping for some changes before the f2p launch otherwise the forum will be flooded with complaints and ppl will just quit the game.

So far IMC did a decent job listening to community feedback so I really hope they will adjust the trading in the game before it’s too late (not to mention overpriced subscription and cash shop items).


Fantastic post! This plays into the idea that the few ruin it for the many. IMC is so adamant in their quest to deter gold sellers that they put a scalpel to the game, placing core features behind paywalls all the while making it difficult for people who just want to play legitimately.


I need IMC to see this because it’s totally discouraging me from doing any kind of progress in the game. That’s gamebreaking to me. I spent money on this and now i’m regretting spending even a penny on this. I need IMC to say they will at least consider an option to remove such a thing as a queue to get your money.

It downright doesnt make sense.

Market guy: Hey! I sold your Item to someone!

me: NOICE!!! Where is my money?

Market guy: Yeah… about that… you can only have it in 2 days…

me: Why the heck is that? you have the money right???

Market guy: Well in an attempt to stop gold sellers I have to keep your money for 48 hours before giving it you

me: why?

Market guy: Crickets


See how stupid that interaction is? The Market guy would lose its buisness and no one would want to deal with him. Thats how I feel right now


I agree about needing a better trade system~ I tried to help out a party mate earlier … But nope… No way to give anything to anyone. That is one of the things I enjoy in MMO’s… Helping others! This trade system… Errr, lack there of… Seriously brings me down. They need a better solution for sure~

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Question: Can you re-list items in place of the ones that have sold? Because good lord if you can’t.

Yes, you can re-list a new item :grin:, no need to wait

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PLEASE fix this. I need to the market WORKING to keep playing the game. This is downright BROKEN right now. Put a captcha on the ‘retrieve’ button, I dont know, but something must be done. It doesn’t have to be instant, but anything more than one HOUR is too much!

This is absolutely ridiculous. We can only sell ONE item at a time and have to wait 48 hours to receive the silver from sales?! Yup, not using the market anymore.

Yea, that’s kind of stupid and

It’s not you can’t trade silver to non-token users; you can’t trade silvers at all.

They removed the option to from cbt; the new trade interface has no buttons on it, all you can do is put items in.

Greetings Savior,

Thank you giving your feedback!

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Thank you for reading this and I hope your team will adress this issue as soon as possible. This is totally game breaking to me. And I loved iCBT2 so much. If nothing is done ill have to stop supporting this game and invest on another game.

Problem : Gold Sellers

Solution : Invent a trade system to combat gold sellers without compromising gameplay and economy

IMC’s Solution : Invent a trade system to prevent players from making any transaction

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Needs to be 1 hour like in WoW. It’s worked in WoW for years, so maybe follow their example.

Neither 48 hours of waiting, nor the horrible trade restrictions seem to do any good for fighting gold sellers.

Gold sellers are spamming the chat with $$ megaphone messages every 5 seconds!!! And they don’t give a sh*t about these restrictions.

These things only make normal players angry and frustrated.

There are so many stupid restrictions in this game already. I get that it’s a korean game and they’re used to such bullshit, but the game is in the US and the EU now and we consider a lot of the crap this game is doing to be cheap and a rip-off.

On a serious note, how do RMTs trade silver?
The only way at the moment is the auction house. And as you do not really need it anyways the only ones complaining about the restrictions might be silver buyers as they can’t get the silver until it’s worthless. :smirk:

I have to wait 2 days, to get my 200.000 Silver…
The Bow i needed was 2 times in die Market for 100.000, but i cant buy it! -.-

Extremely flawed, the flow of the economy is massively interrupted!


There needs to be a vending area, and you have to be able to trade with other players. This is no fun, and many won’t be playing this game if there’s no trading, no vendors and the auction house is gimped.

Please consider having player trading be part of your game. Player trading and market is a huge part of a MMO experience for many people.

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