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[Your Revelation Fan Art] Official Fan Art Voting Thread!

Greetings Honored Saviors,

Welcome to the [Your Revelation Fan Art] Official Voting Thread!

We would like to thank all of our wonderful artists for participating and all who come to vote.

You have from now until December 23rd 03:00 EST to get your votes in.

[Reminder: Only votes received in this thread will count!]

And please leave comments here in support of all the artists!

Let’s see which masterpiece is your favorite!


Title: Capitulation
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Kissel
Description :
Sometimes revelation comes when someone’s fire is almost out and sometimes it’s from the one you didn’t expect.


Title: Phoenix Companion
Server Name: [SEA] Telsiai
Team Name: sixzeronine

Description: Have you ever wondered what if you can actually be accompanied by Grita for the rest of your adventures, eventually settling down with her after all those painful battles?

This is a reference on how it saddened me seeing the Mage Tower’s revelation unfold, and losing my favorite character in-game. A better revelation than Gabija’s I suppose.


Title : Nightmare from Goddess

Server Name : Telsiai

Team Name : Ferin

Description: Revelation From Giltine, demon goddess Giltine gave a message. It’s a nightmare. In the dream, goddess Medeina work together with demon king kartas to get everything from revelator in that forest. And goddess Laima helped you to get out from nightmare.


Title : An unexpected revelation
Server Name : Silute
Team Name : YunaXD
Description :
So Fantasy library is a place too “sacred” for common people. Apparently Vaivora was hiding a couple of things from us.
If Fantasy library retains information about the past, present and future, will it also save information from parallel universes? fanfics? And maybe our goddess is very busy reading all that.


Title: Greed of Goddess
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Nnnarv
Description: Revelation lead humanity to something worse than ever.


Server Name : Telsiai

Team Name : The_Bluesorrow

Gazing long to the abyss
It gaze back into you
Such consequence of wild curiosities
Is impossible to undo

Though the heavens provide one’s fate
Of mysteries we don’t understand
Remember that it is not too late
Destiny is always written by mortal hands


Title: The Last Prayer
Server : [EU] Fedimian
Team Name : TheMoonProject


Title: Surprising revelation
Server : [SA] Silute
Team Name : Hyosarean
Description :Okay, I didn’t ask for it, but here you are dropping the weight of saving the freaking world like I don’t have anything else to worrie about.


Title: Night before Medzio Diena
Server Name: Telsiai
Team Name: Sasa_Bear

Description: The chosen girl, she gotten a revelation of the future by the Demon Goddess Giltine herself, as reflected on her eyes that the world around her are burned to the ashes while she watched helplessly.


Title: Medeina’s Word
Server: [NA] Klaipeda
Team Name: Askalov

A nap, a dream, a caress, a whisper. Medeina’s whispers the revelation and left the tablet in your care.


Title: The mystical quest revelation
Server: Silute
Team Name: Gravity_Falls

Description: Revelations are like the flames that move our saviors. After a long journey our heroes finally discover the real final message from the goddesses: “You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find the things more important than you want”


Title: Blind Faith
Server: Klaipeda
Team Name: Exelonn

Description: Deep devotion and unquestionable zeal would be the vital things for receiving the goddesses revelations. But as the goddesses disappear, strong blind faith will be the only salvation.


Title: In my dream I sold my soul!
Server Name: Klaipeda
Team Name: Monstz
Brief Description of Work: Selling my soul to Giltine~


- Title: Heaven’s call
- Server: Silute
-Team Name: ethorz
- Description: I was training when I felt a great force coming from the inside out, I ran to the nearest bathroom to expel this monster that was already making me breathless and sweating cold … when I reached the throne, I just let this monster that possessed me be released . It was such a relief that for a moment I saw an angel appear to take me to heaven.

no idea what to write LUL :sad:


Title: Eventide
Server name: Klaipeda
Team Name: Narcissus
Description: With all the main revelations done with, I wonder if we’ll see little Laima again.


Title: In Denial Revelator
Server name: Telsiai
Team Name: Berdengguhit

Carassius has been dreaming about the Revelation every time he sleeps, but still denies that he is one. All he wanted in life is to be a normal soldier with less responsibility, and being a Revelator, he thought, is not for him.

Laima, however, isn’t giving up on him. Her Kupoles secretly guides him to the Revelations without him knowing, ending up saving everyone.

Still, he denies his work and everything was of Revelator’s.

(( My boy’s name is Carassius, but IGN is Carassus coz ack typo… :sad: ))


Title: Leticia’s Revelation
Server name: Klaipeda
Team name: Lumenaurum

Description: The wingless goddess has a revelation as well, it’s time to collect medals for her costume shop and catch them all!


Title: The fate on your hand!
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: o0Yu0o
Description :
Come, little children! I’ll take thee away into the land of enchantment. Come, litte children! The time come to play, i’ll tell you the story of fate…


Title: No Questions Needed
Server Name: Telsiai
Team Name: Irodoma

Xervacya truly loves helping people (and healing NPCs) that’s why she studied very hard to become a Healer. She helped an old man to be cured from an illness he’d been carrying ever since Medzio Diena happened. Because of this, she dreamt of a Goddess on that night…

“My dear Xervacya, this world needs more kind soul like you… Do you wish to become a Re–”


And then poof, she became a Revelator.