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You serious IMC?

Balls to the wall item, cant even clear ep13 cm4.


nor even ep12 cm5.

How about you think again?

If a literal maxed out gear cant even clear cm, how well do you even expect it to perform in DS and DCP?

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Look at how many question mark appear above itos IMC’s head because of how confused they are, they havent receive the patch file yet :smile:

It will be a problem. You could argue, well then people just do CM4 instead of CM7 in the future. But we all know that it will result in the community being split and groups not taking you into their group because you don’t have the perfect gear or meta build. As it’s already the case with Singu.


i agree it will be a problem, but putting it here, at itos forum seems a little bit misplaced. Like there is a burning forest at korea, but we call america’s fire dept to put out the fire, will it works? Best it can do is gathering non-korean online opinion of how to put off the fire, but in the end the fire still there.
Do you know how powerless itos imc in changing anything ingame wise? Beside creating 2 set of weapon skin and loading backgrounds.

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Actually it might depend on the class …

video reminds me of the time outerwall 15 using savi set with SR … XDDD

if you haven’t watch, watch again.
imagine, not able to clear cm, with this gear. goddess3 and vvr4 btw

If you dont understand how serious this problem is, more and more classes will slowly be not able to do basic content anymore, even with the uttermost geared you can get. The class design will become a heavy bottleneck when you do stuff like this. The whole Saint Oath/Swift Ark archtype of classes will be dead, low hit count class will be dead, small aoe class will be dead, the powerbalance of class is made even harder to balance and ■■■■ just goes on.


storm arc success.

no ■■■■, the reason that build works, its because to counter utterly high defense by utilizing Add damage to solve it. That video is DS run, talking about DS, do you know how much HP elite in ep13 DS have? 350m good luck shredding it with add damage my friend. I was doing NORMAL CHALLENGE MODE not even DS. Even EP12 CHALLENGE MODE is buffed to the ■■■■ (EP12 Stage 4 mobs have 40M hp, elite have 100+M hp) that class like these will no longer able to clear them reliably even with the uttermost best gear you can have. That build wont even work anymore after the patch even in ep12 maps.

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About time the “challenge” mode be actually a challenge, hope they adjust the rewards accordingly.

Let me spoil you ahead, the reward is decreased compared to the current one.

That sad moment when you tried the same thing in Sajunga Road with:

  • A Priest-Chaplain, didn’t have points to change 3rd class so I didn’t use a third class
  • T10 +11 Varna equipment + 1H-Mace and Shield (KTest testing gear from EP 11 :joy:), no random and fixed ichors except for Chaplain Vaivora Lvl 1 on the mace
  • Used Boruta Seal +5 (doesn’t really matter here really, I did not put set effect on equipment), Swift Ark and Luciferie Prideti at no enhance and transcendence, but Prideti’s effect sucks for mobbing anyway

… I can’t clear EP 12 CM 5 map, but not because I ran out time, but because I died 40 seconds in with the bar 2/3 full, just by auto-attacking:

Feels bad for SR, actually having more trouble than Priest-Chaplain, a Hybrid DPS support, in terms of DPS.

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are they trying to gate that party mode of CM to be actually played with party members? because that’s how I see it. fast mob respawns, more HP, etc.

also, those AA/low SFR skills builds won’t be able to carry much without proper buffs. seeing Ludotos’s video. you need to have big SFR skills to wipe out mobs so the mobs can spawn again to clear CM.

so yeah, pretty much saying they disallow people doing solo on CM party stage.


Again, that is DS, not normal CM, which is worse. First we had to make 2 gears for daily content and raid. Now you need to have 2 character for it too, if so happens your main character is a SR, or anyone that will have trouble dealing with high hp mobs.

Imagine, if you cant do well solo, how well can you do in party?? Wait to be carried? Not to mention Auto-Match will have penalty if you deal lesser percentage of the whole team.

Another final nail to the coffin is, things would have been atleast acceptable if the build excels in bossing or solo target, unfortunately, it doesn’t. It’s weak mobbing, its weak bossing, what is its purpose when DPS is all the class can bring? Many class design will be dead if this continues without cautions in their mind.

Also, its not like other “meta” class will have trouble doing it anyway. Especially Dahlia users.

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Class design already sucks a$$ tho ever since they half-heartedly balancing every single class xD.

The game is put on “meta class” wall since it came out. There is no proper “any class can join” except there is one or two meta-class build player who DEFINITELY gonna carry.

To put it simply, they really should bring the difference of DPS type players into their equipment alone, not by class builds. SR AA build should compete as same (perhaps a tiny bit difference is okay) as those BM - Sheriff general/channeling builds when their equipment are on the same degree. Taoist pre-EP13 patch is okay if they are thinking like this (no Lighting Charm rework, etc).

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Its basic content we are talking about :haha: Not even talking about DS/DCP, its just CM

People who love theorycrafting builds would discourage to play further if their builds can’t contribute much into the party.

Even if its basic content, some people still got kicked out because their builds are “meh”. Yeah, even basic content.

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Exactly what i mean when i say other class wouldn’t even have a single bit problem doing so.

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just when u think the game can’t be any more gear to win

a ■■■■ aa class can’t do party mode/solo mode, wow, super geared to win.

chose, pvp or pve, dont go pve vs 3764573647 mobs with a single target one button pvp class to whine that you can’t do what those other pve only classes can.
ez, fixed it for you, no need to cry.

or keep doing ep12 maps with your pvp class, ez v2.

pvp? you drunk? i also shown that, i could not even clear ep12 maps. People tell me i suck, fine, wait until the fire burn to their feet. I brought my message.

I am not stating my stand from just a SR class. Its for every other class that lacks AOE power and output. So happens that in this scenario, SR has the worse output distribution when it comes to AOE.

If by “pvp” you somehow means “bossing”, i dont see SR is doing great either, neither the whole scout.