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Yak Mambo's Winter Festival

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Yak Mambo’s Winter Festival’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

So in Korea there is an event where you can choose a vaivora, rerroll a vaivora, get glacia and savinose dysnai gear, etc, (we expected to get the same to be fair, but seems IMC is everything but fair) and here this, where the best thing is golden extraction kits… If what you want is to people stop playing in EU/NA etc and only korea server stay active, that is exactly what you are accomplishing. People stop playing here a lot, we are less every day.


is this kTOS event or kTEST event? because kTEST is literally testing playground so they keep giving freebies.


mumbo jumbo~ mumbo jumbo~ mumbo jumbo~

then you go. off to korea kkkkk
you dont need to be “in korea” to play it
go. join the ktest.
vaivora reroll and free savi will be here like ktos, but its event due to ktos anniv, so you can expect it at least in the next 3-4 months when itos get its anniv, or maybe sooner if they are being generous

that’s their 5th annyversary event and if you want we can bet that we will get that same event in 3 months.

Soon we’ll need to have a PhD to understand those events…

Why so complicated? Keys, golden keys, boxes, golden boxes, weekdays, weekends, xmas, exchange, NPC… all this fuss to get expirables.


imagine those who main healer do field farm to get [Yak Mambo] Winter Festival Box x30


with abysmal drop rates of the box in the field… glad i play this game, thanks for nothing IMC


Yep, box drop chances should be revised a bit, they’re really low. Albeit, key-wise, it’s not like you’re supposed to get all the boxes to begin with…there just aren’t enough of them.

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for some reason I got more golden box than normal box with field farming

This has got to be the worst event I’ve ever seen.
Terrible reward, lots of busy work, on top of nonsense design.

No exclusive event reward, trash expiry expandable, pitiful reward count.

Why ask players to do field farm when you literally remove silver = the only incentive of field farm now?
Not to mention the drop rate is the lowest I’ve ever seen in any event.
Key is not any better either cuz you need to do 13 CM to get full 500 keys, while in KTOS they give out 10 cm scrool, IToS only 5.

Can’t believe a company will release the worst event ever on the most important celebration / weekend event = xmas.


You don’t need that many challenges per day as long as you’re spreading the weekly content during the week. You can even do some lvl 50 dungeon to get keys (it’s 60 key per char, and it takes like 5m if you only do those 3 runs for keys).

What I don’t get is why not make the count per week ?
So when people doing raid/ other content they’re not wasting the cap.
It’s much more manageable that way.

But anyway it’s pretty safe to skip this trash event at its current state.
Only going to bother with gold chests for now.
I don’t believe anyone would farm 30 trash normal box outfield .
Drop rate is abysmal.

Field farm boxes is just anoying, so lets just get the golden box for stay online and skip this event… really poor

Farm the boxes on party with looting chance on high lvl map we did farm a lot in just some minutes looking for a cm portal with thauma and hunter buff.

go with a party.
drops are shared, go with 4 others in vienibe, one in each wing/map section, gg you are done in 20 min 30/30 5/5 boxes.

GG The event is bugged. When you type /YAK it says it will reset 6am server time. It reset on 6pm server time. :roll_eyes:

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I won’t bother with this event, just play normally and harvest any box/key that comes with doing regular content. Rewards aren’t worth investing time exclusively on this.

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Does anyone know if the box drops also require to be within 50 levels?

“[UPDATE] ※ [Yak Mambo] Winter Festival Box cannot be obtained when the level gap is 30 or above with the monster.”