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Xan's Leveling Guide

###8/16/2016 Update:

Added a “Last Updated” section at the very top, to help reassure players the guide is up-to-date.

hi xan, my quest ends @ verkti square, and there arent anymore “blue” quest available in my world map, how is this so? Please help! You’re guide is amazing!

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Hey buddy! Quests are only available within 10 levels of you.

I’m assuming you likely aren’t (or weren’t) 177 and capable of doing Roxona Market (187)?

Very comprehensive. Thumps up!

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Thanks for your support! :smiley:

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Hey guys! I’ve been putting a tremendous amount of work into a new Build/Spec guide for all classes! While it’s not necessarily the most in-depth guide at the moment, it covers a LOT of information new and even some experienced players need to know!

Give it a look and a “Like”!

Link: Xan's Class/Spec Guide


A couple people have asked for a screenshot of my lodge.

Please don’t judge. :stuck_out_tongue:


###8/24/2016 UPDATE:

  • Fixed several grammatical errors
  • Changed Barha Forest listing to it’s correct level, 223 (Was listed as 229).

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I’m quite confused about saving cards section. You said no point on saving them, did you mean everytime I finished some quest and get the exp cards immediately use whenever I arrive at certain map that 11 levels or higher than my level?

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I mean I practically never save cards. I use them as soon as I get them. The main time I save them is if I’m at a dungeon level range, which I cover in the section above.

Thanks so much… I got stuck at 175… Saved my life <3

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You are very welcome! I’m glad I was able to help. Thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile:

Well, I guess I’m gonna try this. Since I’ve been using the other one for months, and it’s kinda tiring 'cos the need of heavy grind and saving cards(even at low level). Thx

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Hope it serves you well man :slight_smile:

As long as you do all level 4 above quests you wont hit the level 186 wall. If you skip most of them then there is no problem since even if the quests are 10 levels above you will most likely break the exp wall as long as you have addons or if you have 100% level 4 above maps.

Great guide. Thumbs up.


I have a method for people who genuinely hate questing or prefer grinding or just are lazy.

I skipped almost all 1-5 card quests except main quests and did some of 6 to card me to 145 to grind at demon prison. I grinded 145-157? at demon prison and then did every single quest of my level range and carded to 175 ( Use every card after completing a map to level up so you can unlock new quests ). 175 unlocks a whole new range of quests and you will be able to just level to 186 easy.

Note: I was trying to rush to 280 so I didnt wait a day or two for dungeon resets to ease the level.

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You were rushing so you skipped quests? I’m confused. Your method is much slower than questing.