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Wizard build, help for a friend

I have a friend that wanna play wizard, and im checking for builds, can somebody link me a build from guru (i cant open tos neet on GC of FF) i will really appreciate a build so he can see it and give the right points to the right skills from the get go.

Wizard build is 5 points in lethargy, 5 points in magic shield and 1-5 points in teleport, then put the rest wherever you want. Personally I like to put one point in magic missile and use it to draw the aggro of multiple monsters

I will really appreciate a build example. Specially for a support wizard build, my friend doesnt wanna skill up anything that can ■■■■ up his character.

Hard to suggest anything as I don’t know what your friend wants to play: cryo? chrono? kino? sage? alchemist? Usually Wizard is made for DPS, not really for supporting, so you will mix support classes and DPS classes. Most popular build is Cryo + Kino + Onmyoji, it works fine.

Then check guides:

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