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Ritsu's In-Depth Guide to Psychokino

Server: [NA] Klaipeda
Team Name: Ritsu

As a Psychokino main for 4 years and counting since the second Korean beta in Tree of Savior, it’s time I share everything I know about it.


~ (Oct. 30, 2019) Updated for the Arts patch.
~ (Oct. 20, 2019) Changed “3. Skill Build” and added additional details. Added some extra details on Onmyoji synergy.
~ (Oct. 10, 2019) Added new section “7. External Resources” and “1b. Stat Growth Ratio”.
~ (Aug. 20, 2019) Updated for the August 20, 2019 patch.
~ (Jun. 25, 2019) Updated for the June 25, 2019 patch. Added missing information on Elementalist synergy.
~ (May 24, 2019) Corrected some information on Heavy Gravity.
~ (May 13, 2019) Updated for Episode 11.
~ (Mar. 9, 2019) Updated for the upcoming March 12 patch.
~ (Feb. 28, 2019) Added information on Ultimate Dimension’s ability to expand Heavy Gravity and Raise.
~ (Feb. 23, 2019) Minor update for Magnetic Force under “Skill details” and re-added information on the Physical Link + Teleportation interaction.
~ (Jan 22, 2019) Guide was copied from the original version on Tumblr and adjusted to fit the needs of the Community Guide Hall of Fame event.

Table of Contents

~ 1. Introduction to Psychokino
~ 1a. The Psychokinesis Property
~ 1b. Stat Growth Ratio

~ 2. Psychokino Skills
~ Class Level 1
~ Class Level 16
~ Class Level 31
~ Class Attributes
~ Deleted/Moved Skills and Attributes

~ 3. Skill Build

~ 4. Stat Build

~ 5. Class Synergy

~ 6. Psychokino Special Costume

~ 7. External Resources

1. Introduction to Psychokino

What is a Psychokino?
^ The Psychokino class icon
^ A female Psychokino
^ A male Psychokino

The class information in-game describes Psychokino as such:

Strictly speaking, Psychokinos are not magicians but those with innate psychic abilities. As of recent, it was found that people without innate abilities could train to become Psychokinos. But unfortunately for someone like Agailla Flurry’s apprentice Jane, one must first be proficient in magic in order for them to gain psychic powers.
Psychokinos can use their psychic abilities to control gravity to pull and push enemies away.

Why play a Psychokino?

  • Great crowd control (CC) skills.
  • Can teleport one more time before the skill goes on cooldown. In addition to the great mobility it provides, teleporting can go over any obstacles in existence, which enables you to access otherwise difficult or impossible areas.
  • Many skills are ineffective against flying enemies. Kinos solve that by pulling them to the ground.
  • Can easily gather or relocate enemies into one spot.
  • Strong PvP class.
  • Fancy costume.

1a. The Psychokinesis Property

Psychokinesis is the 8th elemental property that was added in the December 26, 2017 patch in iToS. The Psychokinesis property deals 25% more damage to Holy and Dark, and 50% more damage to itself. This makes it the property with the most damage bonuses versus other properties, and the only property where no other property resists it. However, the downside is that monsters with Psychokinesis property are extremely rare, and most skills with Psychokinesis property don’t deal very much damage in the first place.

1b. Stat Growth Ratio

Psychokinos have an average CON, high INT, and the lowest SPR growth ratio.

2. Psychokino Skills

These are the skills Psychokinos possess and what class level they unlock them at. Each skill and attribute are described in detail.

Class Level 1

– Psychic Pressure –

In-Game Description: Concentrate on the tip of your hand to inflict continuous damage with psychokinesis. Inflicts 50% more damage to Mutant-type enemies. Chance to stun enemies.
If the skill hits an Ice Wall, the wall releases ice fragments.

What it does: Psychic Pressure is a channel skill that deals continuous damage at close range, for a maximum duration of 10 seconds. Each hit has a 50% chance to stun enemies.


  • Psychic Pressure: Enhance: Increases the skill factor of [Psychic Pressure] by 0.5% per attribute level. +10% added increase at maximum level.​ (Max level: 100 / Requires Psychic Pressure Lv 1 or above)
  • Psychic Pressure: Focus: Reduces damage received while using [Psychic Pressure] by 10%. (Max level: 1)
  • [Arts] Psychic Pressure: Enhanced Upgrade: Increases the Skill Factor of [Psychic Pressure] by 1.25% per attribute level. (Max level: 10)

Skill details:

  • This skill can also be used on Fireballs to make them fire missiles.
  • It is possible to stun-lock enemies for the full duration of the skill.
  • The stun is a normal status ailment.
  • The max targets is [Skill Level] + 4 and is not affected by AoE Attack/Defense Ratio.

– Swap –

In-Game Description: Swaps your position with that of a selected enemy. The swapped enemy becomes immobilized.

What it does: Swap is an area target skill that switches your location with anything inside the target circle, then immobilizes them for 3 seconds.


  • This skill has no attributes.

Skill details:

  • Every level of the skill increases the number of targets you can relocate, making it possible to switch more than one enemy at once.
  • Cannot relocate stationary enemies such as Seedmia or Tree Root Crystals.
  • Does not work on boss monsters.
  • Given its small range, extremely high levels of this skill is not recommended. 5 or lower should be practical enough.
  • Good for when you just need things to get in a certain spot, such as on stationary skills like Raise.
  • Cannot be used in Unique and Legend Raids.

– Magnetic Force –

In-Game Description: Inflict damage on multiple enemies by pulling them to a targeted area, causing them to collide with each other. Deals 50% additional damage to Mutant-type monsters.

What it does:

In PvE: Magnetic Force is an area target skill. Upon casting the skill, enemy monsters in range stop momentarily for the duration of the skill’s animation. Upon the animation’s end, they get pulled to the center of the targeted area, dealing collision damage if 2 or more enemies are affected.

In PvP: Magnetic Force is an area target skill. Upon casting the skill, enemy players in range are instantly and constantly pulled to the center of the skill until after the animation ends. Deals collision damage if another player, their companion, an object, or summon is also pulled.


  • Magnetic Force: Enhance: Increases the skill factor of [Magnetic Force] by 0.5% per attribute level. +10% added increase at maximum level​. (Max level: 100 / Requires Magnetic Force Lv 1 or above)
  • Magnetic Force: Stun: Enemies hit by [Magnetic Force] have a 5% chance per attribute level to become afflicted with [Stun] for 4 seconds. (Max level: 5)
  • [Arts] Magnetic Force: Enhanced Upgrade: Increases the Skill Factor of [Magnetic Force] by 1.25% per attribute level. (Max level: 10)

Skill details:

  • The crowd control and pull effects cannot be resisted. The stun from the attribute is considered a normal status effect.
  • Max targets is fixed at 10.
  • Can pull enemy objects such as Caltrops, Pear of Anguish, etc. If there are enough objects within range, it may render the skill useless.
  • When used on non-player enemies (such as objects and summons) in PvP, it will retain it’s PvE effect on those entities.

Class Level 16

– Heavy Gravity –

In-Game Description: Increases the gravitational force on the targeted area to inflict psychokinesis damage. Flying-type monsters within the affected area are changed to ground-type, and Raise tiles around the affected area are removed. Deals 50% additional damage to Mutant-type monsters.

What it does: Heavy Gravity is a magic circle that deals damage and turns flying enemies into ground type for 5 seconds.


  • Heavy Gravity: Enhance: Increases the skill factor of [Heavy Gravity] by 0.5% per attribute level. +10% added increase at maximum level​. (Max level: 100 / Requires Heavy Gravity Lv 1 or above)
  • Heavy Gravity: Slow Movement: Movement speed of enemies in range of [Heavy Gravity] decreases by 2 per attribute level. Will not apply to large, extra large or Boss monster.​ (Max level: 5)
  • [Arts] Heavy Gravity: Enhanced Upgrade: Increases the Skill Factor of [Heavy Gravity] by 1.25% per attribute level. (Max level: 10)
  • [Arts] Heavy Gravity: Distort: When [Heavy Gravity] and [Raise] are stacked in the same location, a fused magic circle appears to immobilize enemies and enemies are lifted into the air then dropped when the magic circle’s duration is over. (Max level: 1)

Skill details:

  • Since it pulls flying enemies to the ground, it allows certain ground-only interactions to work on them.
  • Removes all Raise magic circles within the skill’s range. Be careful to not remove your own or an allied Kino’s Raise.
  • Inflicts a normal status ailment. When resisted, all effects, including damage, are nullified.
  • The slow attribute counts for any damage bonuses against slowed enemies.
  • Although you can cast Heavy Gravity and Raise in any order to activate the Arts attribute, it is recommended to cast Heavy Gravity first, wait until it’s close to expiring, then cast Raise.
  • The Gravity Curve effect from the Misrus Staff extends Heavy Gravity’s duration by +5 seconds and also reduces Missile damage by -50% for all allies within the skill’s range.

– Raise –

In-Game Description: Lift nearby enemies up into the air. Enemies in the air are temporarily detected as a Flying-type and cannot evade attacks. Removes nearby [Heavy Gravity] tiles when casted.

What it does: Raise creates a magic circle around yourself that lifts and immobilizes enemies into the air and reduces their Evasion to 0 for 5 seconds. It also turns them into flying-type which allows certain flying-type interactions to happen.


  • This skill has no attributes.

Skill details:

  • Players and normal monsters cannot resist this skill. Bosses are immune to all of its effects.
  • Even though the affected enemies are literally lifted into the air, most attacks can still hit them by attacking where they were before they were Raised, which can somewhat be seen by a small shadow underneath them.
  • Some skills that only hit ground enemies can still hit enemies in Raise, assuming the Raise’d enemies were ground-type before.
  • Every skill level increases max target count by 1. The max target count is not affected by AoE Attack/Defense Ratio.
  • Removes all Heavy Gravity circles within the skill’s range. Be careful to not remove your own or an allied Kino’s Heavy Gravity.
  • Doubles Fire Pillar’s hit count if a Fire Pillar is present within the Raise circle.

Class Level 31

– Gravity Pole –

In-Game Description: Creates a gravity field in front of you in a line that pulls nearby enemies into it. Deals 50% additional damage to Mutant-type monsters.

What it does: Gravity Pole is a channel skill that immobilizes (or slow in PvP) enemies and damages them for a maximum of 10 seconds.


  • Gravity Pole: Enhance: Increases the skill factor of [Gravity Pole] by 0.5% per attribute level. +10% added increase at maximum level​. (Max level: 100 / Requires Gravity Pole level 1 or above)
  • Gravity Pole: Evasion: Increases your evasion by 50 per attribute level when using [Gravity Pole]. (Max level: 5)
  • Gravity Pole: Decreased Defense: Decreases the physical and magical defense of enemies by 4% per attribute level that are pulled by [Gravity Pole]. (Max level: 3)
  • Gravity Pole: Slow: Enemies hit by [Gravity Pole] are afflicted with the [Slow] debuff for a 3-second duration. (Max level: 1)
  • [Arts] Gravity Pole: Enhanced Upgrade: Increases the Skill Factor of [Gravity Pole] by 1.25% per attribute level. (Max level: 10)

Skill details:

  • The slow and immobilize effect cannot be resisted by any means. Boss monsters are immune to the immobilize effect.
  • The max number of targets is [Skill Level] + 10. In PvP, it is simply [Skill Level]. This is unaffected by AoE Attack/Defense Ratio.
  • Great skill to use in PvE. Non-boss monsters get disabled and have their defenses reduced. Bosses will still have their defenses reduced.
  • In PvP, it’s much more trickier to use because it doesn’t disable players but slows them.
  • When used on non-player enemies (such as objects and Sorcerer/Necromancer summons) in PvP, it will retain it’s PvE immobilize function.
  • The slow attribute will count for any damage bonuses against slowed enemies.

Deleted/Moved Skills and Attributes

The following is a list of skills and attributes that were deleted or moved at some point in the game’s history.
– Teleportation –

Teleportation was moved to Wizard to provide more survival in combat for all Wizard characters. Since this skill still exists and was once, and still is, a core skill for Psychokinos, this guide will still treat it like a Kino skill. Further changes to this skill, if any, will be reflected in this guide.

In-Game Description: Teleport to a random location. Use the arrow keys to choose the direction of the teleportation and the threat level from some monsters that the player was targeted by is reset after the skill is used.

What it does: Casting the skill by itself will warp you to a random location within a certain distance (usually within your screen). Casting the skill while holding down an arrow key in keyboard mode will warp you towards a certain direction, but still within a random distance. In mouse mode, manual teleport can be achieved by holding down a movement key (default: WASD) and placing your mouse cursor on the intended spot. You’ll usually warp right where the mouse cursor is, or in just the general direction where it is if the max distance does not allow teleporting to the intended spot.

~ Psychokino: Teleportation: Increases the overheat of [Teleportation] by +1.
~ [Arts] Teleportation: Return: Using [Teleportation] a second time within 2 seconds returns you to the position you were at before using [Teleportation]. Is not affected by the attribute [Psychokino: Teleportation].

Skill details:

  • Every skill level increases maximum distance. The distance you teleport to is still random, so you can still end up warping to the spot right next to you regardless of skill level.
  • Can be used to go over virtually any obstacles in existence. This allows you to warp to areas that are normally inaccessible without fulfilling certain conditions.
  • Can be used to move around if you are immobilized but still able to act. (Example: Being held down by Throw Rete)
  • Manual teleporting is very clunky. The max distance is shorter compared to random teleport, and any increased height difference causes it to fail, so it cannot be used to teleport uphill. This applies to both keyboard and mouse mode.
  • Has an overheat count of 2 (when it was a Kino skill; it is now 1 by default), allowing you to use it twice before it goes on cooldown.
  • If you and your party members are connected by Physical Link, Teleportation causes the linked members to teleport with you.
  • Increases maximum distance by 1.5x if you are under the effects of Rune of Giants.
  • It is not recommended to take the Teleportation Arts as a Psychokino.

3. Skill Build

A Kino skill build I’d recommend would look like what’s in the screenshots below and the reasons behind it. Of course, this is not mandatory and you can adjust the build as you see fit.

^ For Cryomancer/Psychokino/Onmyoji builds. The rest of the points is completely up to you.

^ For those who don’t want/don’t need Psychic Pressure. Recommended for builds without Cryomancer or Onmyoji.

  • Psychic Pressure: A situational skill. By itself, Psychic Pressure is a low-damage channeling skill that can stun-lock monsters for the full duration within its melee-like range. At level 12, Psychic Pressure can hit all 16 Ice Walls assuming Ice Wall is at level 15. An Onmyoji attribute that can extend Psychic Pressure’s range is also needed for Psychic Pressure to hit all Ice Walls (See “5. Class Synergy”). More levels will increase damage and target count.
  • Swap: A completely optional skill. Swap only works on enemy players and normal monsters. More levels will allow you to relocate more enemies at once, but given its tiny range (literally the size of the blue targeting circle), it’s not recommended to level Swap too high.
  • Magnetic Force: An important crowd control skill, so at least level 1 is required. More levels will only increase damage, which is good, but not necessary.
  • Heavy Gravity: A large AoE skill that also helps certain classes deal with flying enemies. Deals decent damage, but only if maxed.
  • Raise: A decent, but optional skill. Currently, Raise is only useful for a quick crowd control, for boosting the damage of Fire Pillar, and is required to use the Heavy Gravity Arts. Grab at least level 1 if you’re a Pyromancer or if you have the Heavy Gravity Arts. If you want more crowd control skills, max it.
  • Gravity Pole: A must max for both the damage and the target count.

4. Stat Build

Basically, the short version is that you’ll only ever need to put points into INT, CON, or SPR, but let’s refresh ourselves about the stats.

– STR –

STR increases Physical Attack. Ignore this stat.

– CON –

CON increases Max HP, Physical Defense, and Magic Defense. A basic, straightforward stat for better survival. Good to invest in.

– INT –

INT increases Magic Attack. Psychokino skills are magical, so this is an important stat.

– SPR –

SPR increases Healing, Magic Critical Attack, and the skill factor of your summons. It’s way less important compared to INT or CON, but very important if you decide to take Bokor, Sorcerer, and/or Necromancer in your Kino build.

– DEX –

DEX increases Attack Speed and Physical Critical Attack. Like STR, also ignore this stat.

5. Class Synergy

- Wizard -

Lethargy increases damage dealt from magic circles. Heavy Gravity is a magic circle that deals damage. Also, Psychokino has an important attribute for Teleportation, which should NOT be taken with the Teleportation Arts because it overwrites it.

- Pyromancer -

Plenty of interaction here. Heavy Gravity will allow flying monsters to take damage from Flame Ground. Fire Pillars inside Raise will deal twice the hits.

- Cryomancer -

Great synergy. You can lock down mobs for almost an eternity and you can also use Psychic Pressure on Ice Walls to make those fire multiple ice shards which is a strong offensive combo.

- Elementalist -

Stone Curse doubles the damage of Psychokinesis-property skills. Elemental Essence also affects Psychokinesis-property skills.

- Sorcerer -

No interesting synergy.

- Chronomancer -

Backmasking will reset the duration of Heavy Gravity and Raise.

- Necromancer -

No interesting synergy.

- Alchemist -

No interesting synergy.

- Rune Caster -

When under the effects of Rune of Giants, Teleportation’s maximum distance increases by 1.5x. None of Psychokino’s skills can be crafted into a skill scroll.

- Warlock -

No interesting synergy.

- Featherfoot -

Psychic Pressure and Swap are unusable during Levitation.

- Sage -

Ultimate Dimension with the “Enlarged Magic Circle” attribute can expand Heavy Gravity and Raise. The slow debuffs from Heavy Gravity and Gravity Pole’s attributes will count for the damage bonus from the “Sage: Maestro of Dimension” attribute.

- Shadowmancer -

Heavy Gravity allows the attributes for Shadow Thorn and Shadow Conjuration to work on flying enemies. Said attributes, however, still work on Raise’d enemies provided they were ground-type beforehand.

- Onmyoji -

Good synergy. The most notable thing is that one of Firefox Shikigami’s attributes increases Psychic Pressure’s range and doubles Gravity Pole’s total hit count while switching the property of both skills to fire (in Gravity Pole’s case, it will deal alternating hits of Psychokinesis and Fire property) which is essential for Gravity Pole to deal its maximum potential damage. Heavy Gravity also allows Toyou to hit flying enemies.

^ If Cryomancer is also in the build, an Ice Wall formation of a 4x4 grid is one of the easiest ways to get Psychic Pressure to hit all Ice Walls.

- Bokor -

No interesting synergy.

- Taoist -

Since none of Psychokino’s skills are Fire, Ice, nor Lightning, there’s no synergy there unless Onmyoji is also taken. Then, Psychic Pressure and Gravity Pole become Fire property with Fire Fox Shikigami active, which allows some synergy to happen with Taoist.

6. Psychokino Special Costume

^ The costume on a male character

The Psychokino Special Costume can be bought from the Boutique inside the Beauty Shop for 129 TP. It alters the combat stance, and the animation for Psychic Pressure.

7. External Resources

The links below are additional resources to learn more about Psychokino. - Psychokino page on ToS Wiki - Psychokino on ToSNeet - Psychokino on ToSGuru


Nice guide! Psychokino is one of my favorite classes!
My main wizard is cryo kino sage and I love the perma cc and utility this build has.

I’d like to add that Sage’s ultimate dimensions increases the size of Heavy Ground which can be really good sometimes when you use magnetic force-> Ice tree-> heavy ground -> ultímate dimensions.

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I somehow missed such a basic thing :hey:

Since Raise is also a magic circle, I believe it will also be expanded with Ultimate Dimension, so I’ll include this in the guide.

In Fireball + Psychic Pressure interaction, which skills the dmg comes from? Someone said it comes from fireball, but I test both lv1 skill it seems comes from pp?

It will use Fireball’s damage; the same if you use the Storm Dust interaction.

does Fireball + PP have a target limit or it just hits anything those mini-fireballs scatter into? Also I am planning to take level 1 Raise just for the Fire Pillar interaction will that work enough?

Unfortunately, I have no idea if the combo has a target limit. When a target limit or AoE Attack Ratio isn’t specified, it’s usually safe to assume it’s either an unlimited target count or some really high number.

It will work. Raise will be useless outside of that because it’ll only lift 1 enemy.

Have you tried Icewall+PP+Firefox? If yes how many icewall can you hit with max PP

All of them :satisfaction:

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This guide is now updated for Episode 11. The following changes were made:

  • Changed the second bullet point under “Why play a Psychokino?
  • Added “Class Attributes” subsection. This part of the guide lists attributes that affect a skill from a different class or affects the class on a wider scale.
  • Added “Deleted/Moved Skills and Attributes” subsection and moved Teleportation there. Usually, skills under this new subsection won’t be updated further for historical purposes, but in Teleportation’s case, it was, and still is, a core Psychokino skill. Because of this, and the fact that it still works very similarly as it did before, it will still be treated like a Psychokino skill for this guide and will continue to be updated if further changes to this skill are made.
  • The recommended skill build is adjusted.
  • Some minor updates to “Class Synergy”.

The huge change in episode 11 is getting back 15 skill points that you would usually put into Teleportation. This means getting more points for Raise, Swap or Magnetic Force.

Teleportation as a Wizard allows to teleport to a max distance of 200 instead of 250. I hope this is still ok (the targeting sytem shuld be improved so you’re not teleported on the spot anymore).

A loss of 50 distance is pretty minor. You can still do things like 100% maps like Sanctuary, Valandis Room 91, etc.

I could do a lot with those 50 and it can be the difference between landing on a hidden area or not…

Topic says Heavy Gravity does not count for damage bonuses against slow enemies but this is not true for Sages class attribute.
Magnetic Force damage will also be applied if the collision occurs while the enemies are under heavy gravity due to being a non-property attack.

So as for Synergy, Psychokino provides 2 extra skills that will provide the slow requirement for Sage’s attribute and Sage improves Magnetic Force damage. In addition of course to the Raise and Heavy Gravity expansion from ultimate dimension.

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So informative… I am no wiz main but when I read your guide I feel like I wanna make one. Great job!

It seems like this was changed at some point then. Because the last time I tested this, it wasn’t applying any bonuses. I’ll retest this again to double check.

Edit: This has been corrected. Thanks for pointing it out. :satisfaction:

I am making a psycho, Chrono for pvp I love quirky classes is this a good build?

Hey, sorry for not replying earlier.

I don’t think Chrono is a strong PvP class. When combined with Kino, the most it can offer is resetting the cooldown of Magnetic Force in case you need a second cast of it immediately.

sorry I meant pve, seems like sage is a shop class and nothing more :confused:

Oh, in that case, it’s probably even worse. :sad:

Also, the guide has been updated to reflect changes made in the June 25, 2019 patch. The following changes were made:

  • Added information that Swap cannot be used in Raids.
  • Added information on Rune of Giants synergy with Teleportation.
  • Added missing information on Elementalist synergies with Psychokino. Whoops :’)