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Why is ppl quitting ToS?

It has gotten to a point where new/returning players can no longer catch up with old players.
-Farming planium
-Crafting gear, pray to rng for good stats
-Pray to the rng god for luck with anvils
-Farm blessed gems to transcend the gear
-Make/buy gems
-Farm a lot, hoping to get enchant jewels, and then pray that they give good enchants
-Somehow get lots of awakening stones and abrasives, pray to get good stats
-Farm/buy enough trash cards to fully equip all basic card slots
-Farm/buy and level a Legend card
-Farm hundreds of millions of silver to max attributes
-Farm sierra powder, pray to the rng gods your Ichor attempts succeeds.
-Farm pamokas for set effects
-And there’s probably more ways to enhance your character that I might have forgotten…

By the time you are geared up, a new tier of gear arrives and all your progress becomes outdated. Sure, your gear is still ok to use, but it is not top-tier anymore. This whole system already feels really bad for old players, so I imagine it is much more soul crushing to new/returning players. Unless of course, you buy p2w stuff… I have already decided for myself that I won’t change my Velco gears for the new legends for the entirety of ep11. Maybe I’ll upgrade once ep12 comes out :tired: The new Arts system is another endless grind…

So in short: Too many rng systems, basically no hope of catching up without help from others or buying p2w/gacha.
The “vertical” gear progression on the game makes the grind for gear to be basically endless (I guess they give us endless grind to distract us from the lacking end-game content and poor PvP lol)
A “Horizontal” gear progression, lowered lvl cap and LESS RNG would make the game a lot more fun in my opinion. But then, people would see everything bad about the game much faster lol

It’s gotten to a point I can no longer recommend the game to friends, and say it will be fun. Sure, it is fun for me because I’m already geared up, but surely it wont be fun for newbies.

/Rant over, at this point I dont even know if what I wrote is readable lmao


As a new player I tried to look guides on what/how to gear (enhance, awake, etc) first and what content is worth the trouble doing these days but all I found was the leveling guide updated for re:Build.

All I did manage to learn was that a new raid(?) was coming so doing that savinose and waiting for it was probably the best.

I do know about Velc and Solmiki but I have no idea what the requirements for those would be, asking around my server didn’t really help either.

Anyways, having only outdated guides as far as I know and not really knowing how to progress, get stronger has already made me feel like quitting here and there, even though I do have experience with grinding rpgs.


make tos great again
we need the sprout event back

I wouldn’t have said it better. And the big problem of releasing updates as episodes is making 90% of the previous added content obsolete. There are so many things in the game now that are meaningless and should be completely redone.

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because once you have finished one grind, IMC puts in another.

First,they bait you with arts system, now it turns out you need to invest 121530 attribute points (enhancement arts) or 150000 attribute points (skillchange/armor arts) on top of RNG when crafting the frigging arts tome.

Enough is enough.

103.642 attribute points are already required to be sunk into the skills enhancement attribute to reach lvl 100, which is the requirement to learn the new enhancement art, but then you are asked to get another 121.530 attribute points on top of that just to maximize the effect of one skill!

So in total you need 224.992 attribute points per skill for maximum output. If the skill has a skillchange art, good game, have fun grinding over 375.000 attribute points in total.

Do you remember the times when 370.000 skillpoints could maximize the majority of your skill attributes? Now you need that for one skill.
Even healing skills.
SFR and SPR too low for good healing? no problem, we put this 150k AP arts for cloth armor to transmute 5% of your attack into healing stat :prince:
and if that’s not enough, go for the 121530 arts to boost your healing skills SFR by another 45%.

I know that this is all laid-out to be for the long term (as the game is planned to have about 180 more levels) but people looking at this when they expect the new exploration,archaeology,field collection,etc things IMC teased just feel burnt-out.

Grind to be ready for another grind to be ready for another grind, but no alternative…


to be fair, not all mistake are made by the game, sometime the toxic player(s) behavior makes new player uncomfortable with the game’s community, like what i just experienced today


That’s the issue with every MMORPG.

If you play the game to be the best at everything and max everything, you’re playing a losing game. It will only lead to frustration and breed contempt.


There’s just plenty of other games with better devs/mechanics whatever.

They kept changing the core of the game (iirc there were 2-3 MAJOR changes that changed the game entirely-- that includes rebuild)

Meanwhile we still have no standard pvp room.

tl;dr even tho it’s already short

you farm in this game to farm faster or go kawaii


Man you simply have said everything in a nutshell. Kudos.

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I’m sure the next gacha cube will have those shiny 10000 AP coupons… :haha:

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1 wrong chat in shout & IMC block me 2 weak & don’t any GM support in forum & ticket & gmail --
In now my acc account in protection mode -

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Uh dude wrong thread maybe?

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Kim has really gone whale hunting with this new arts update.

Beware the all-mighty wallet warrior.


[Ore no saifu ga konnani karappo wake ga nai. = my wallet can’t be that empty.]


yeah the same toxic players IMC refuses to ban because they are swimming in TP, IMC knows how to shield their whales :haha:

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Can you blame IMC, though?

Not saying it’s cool, but the reality is that TOS’ population is almost non-existent. These whales fund everyone else’s gameplay. IMC almost certainly can’t afford to boot them (literally). They go, the game goes.

What I’ve noticed is that the people who complain the loudest tend to be F2P players or players who (no shade intended) contribute little to nothing to the game financially. That’s why they feel the gap the most. But while they love the game and want to keep playing, they don’t seem to understand that IMC isn’t Blizzard.

It’s a nasty catch 22 where in order to improve the game IMC needs to kick these toxic players, but TOS won’t survive long enough to fix anything if they do. So it goes on. And it’ll stay the same way until they either get lucky enough to have the finances to cut the proverbial weeds or the game finally dies.

I forgot

the world is not a threat, look at the mobs in the new maps post lvl 400, it’s like killing popolions in east siaulai…the pve is so bad. I lost faith when they released Irredian Shelter, i thought because of the trailer, that it will be an hunting ground for parties…and in the end we have weekly solo boss…Where’s the mmo? Even CM, which was a fun moment to share, ppl run them solo, cause as you already said, it’s more profitable solo…

oh and, good luck enjoying tos with all the arts concept mega lol:


Well they did many wrong decisions like the hardcore F2P elements mentioned above, more people would have been eager to contribute to the game economy and development if the game was balanced and gave some retribution to all the invested time and effort. Like someone said before too,

“grind until u get ur gear done but then get ready to grind more because of new content/levelcap”

So we end up having no time to have fun or pvp (which is a strong point that IMC forgot and that’s why a lot of people leave and it is a great market target)

That being said, enviroment is a big part as well, specially on a weebo-roleplay kind of style mmorpg like this, competitivity too (which in part is affected by the social enviroment)

They could have easily made it with appearance items / cool looking pets only at the TP shop and stuff of moderated commodity like tokens, distance storage management or even permits the Purchase-Shops we used to have in the beta (the ones where people put the items they need and other players could simply pass by and sell it to them)

Because there is literally nothing to do in game right now. The new gear is also only okay–nothing really stands out.

Most people have all the alts they want to level, they’ve tried the builds and classes that they thought they wanted to try. They’ve gotten all the gear they could have wanted. They can solo most easier content and raids are a chore to get gear that isn’t really that much of an upgrade.

Most people will have their double ichors in the first few minutes of the servers being up after the next content patch, most people will have a new legend set in the first few weeks of the new legend raid being out. Most people aren’t in guilds big enough to utilize the new guild housing features or enjoy the benefits and the ones that are might not have an active enough GM, or might not have billions of silver to throw at it.

What is there to look forward to?


I was hoping newer legend gear can be crafted using the previous lower legend gear as base + other mats while keeping upgrade, potential and trans level. For example:

Solmiki > Velco > Savinose or whatever that’s called (haven’t played in awhile)

They love their RNG so they could’ve just made it so that success chance is higher depending on the amount and/or quality of mats added, but failure just makes the base gear “broken” and mats consumed, making it still usable but not tradable/transferrable/upgradeable/transcendable until repaired (perhaps can repair by sacrificing mats and/or gear of the same type).

That way IMC can still keep the same upgrade (+X) and transcendence mechanics.

Also, wearable weapon/offhand skins instead of permanently applying them on gear.

I have to agree with you on many points. I mean look, I still see people who have false hopes of wishing velcoffer gear prices will bounce back but the sad reality is it will never recover.

Most players spam CM (pve, as it always has been for ToS) which means more Planiums. Why would people buy velcoffer when they can get, if not the same, better and cheaper Savinose?

People went crazy farming velco during the past event like there was no tomorrow. Sadly, at this time those investments (either via silver re open, time or effort) will be dead investments not unless the buyer is after set effects only offered to Velco set or IMC takes this suggestion.

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