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[SEA] Telsiai TheBunker harassing other player to change channel

  • Reason for report : Harassing people to move to other channel, childishly claiming he was there first

  • Server : [SEA] Telsiai

  • Team Name : TheBunker

  • Location : Central Parial Forest Ch2

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 05:08 AM

  • Evidence

This player suddenly urge me to change channel, just because he feel he goes to this map first (what a childish and toxic behavior), even threatening me, and when i ignore him, he follow me and kill steal every monster in front of me

thank God, long before he come to this map, i talk to other farmer in this map, the log chat and this player can vouch for me that i farming peacefully in this map long before thebunker came.


You say you are there since 2AM, but I went to the map at around 4.57, and started farming it.
then you just come at 5.05AM and started ‘‘farming’’ while before that, there is only me in that spot.
and now you claim i started ‘‘ksing’’ while i’m just continuing my farming (your EDT 0.5.08AM)

Good job in creating false information and defamation. =)
try to explain this.

show your system message around the time frame, to let people see what you are doing before this ‘oh i been KSed’’

sorry when i relog just now, the log is cleared, but you can ask elderhit since before 3:48 (the 3rd picture in 1st post) i and him can farming together peacefully, not KSing each other.

haha this is the problem of ppl playing tos. why the heck we should go away just becoz other ppl farming in there? I played my first mmorpg more than 15 years ago. At that time we intentionally last hit ppl mobs for exp + item. And in tos " i was here first, you go change ch " lol. You have your name on that place? This is one of the reason make me want to quit tos. The game so fking bore cause ppl dont have competitive mind.

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couldnt agree more. Maybe single player game suit him best i guess with this type of behavior

Can hear his poor behavior from time to time so it’s not surprised he act this way.

why this old Rank 8 Thread pops up in 2019? /s

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central parias forest is out after the lvl 420 cap got implemented, so it’s this year

lol, he is still salty towards me

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ROFL ■■■■■■■ TOS player base with full of autism weebs. Multiplayer game btw

for boeta and TheBunker


back in my newbie days, some higher leveled player challenged me to a duel for existing in “his” channel while i was questing in mage tower, after seeing that i am not bothered on him KS-ing me owO

lesson on dat day, his gears and level dont matter if i can ice pillar > snowroll >subzero shield his hp away, even if it took me 5mins to whittle his hp away XD

peeps need to learn how to share Owo whether OP or thebonkers lied or not, the issue is not about who got there first. you guys just somehow created that rule and used it as an instrument of the argument Owo

the focus was steered to that and obscured the fact that telling peeps to go away for selfish reasons and harrassment if refused to comply is basically against EULA owO

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Quoted for truth.
Had the same thing happen to me in Hunting Ground map (forgot which level. Maybe 350?).

Someone not happy I farmed in the same channel as him. Resorted to KS, duel spam, even threatened to false report me as bot to get me banned. Stayed put through all that just because I wanted to annoy him and not give in to his dirty tactics.

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patience is an virtue :satisfaction:

More like persistence and thick-headedness. :laughing:
But I learned the importance of standing up for myself since long, long ago.

Good to know I’m not the only to find this kind of behavior unacceptable.


Why this become suggested topic

Humans (if you can call em’) are always rude in Anime MMOs.
Aren’t you guys above 20 or even 30 already ? :joy::joy::joy::joy:
It’s so f******* hilarious.
Instead of working together let’s split the community more apart :tipping_hand_man:t4::joy:

always see him in shout not suprised this happen because imc always protect they whale