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What casual content would you want like to see in the future in TOS?



I would like the idea of improving the Lodge and the character creation. It would be pretty great when you add some more hair styles to the game. So people have got more options when creating their character.

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Maybe you guys could allow to transfer attribute points from one character to another, with class changes constantly happening, people change main characters frequently. It’s sad to stop playing a character wich you invested over 100 milion silver in attributes.


Marriage/Dating System

Housing System


Not casual content but little suggestion to stamina stats

-Reduce certain amount of stamina everytime block/evade, you will not able to block/evade when stamina is 0 (might help reduce op block/evade in pvp)


Housing/Lodging System suggestion

Expanding on the topic of housing and lodging system for ToS. I’ve come across a number of housing systems throughout the games I’ve played, with quite a few of them done really beautifully. But most of them give off a vibe that they are placed in as an afterthought rather than a system that is tightly integrated for the game.

Generic (run in the mill) housing systems in games/mmos we find are like the following

  • Land/Plot/Unit available for purchase
  • Players bid to buy unit/land/plot
  • Comes empty or prefurnished
  • Players do quests/craft/trade/buy from cash shop furnitures
  • Some even allow hiring of NPCs
  • Adjust furniture/npc placement
  • Some furnitures have build in functionality like access stash/guild/craft windows and such

And that’s it, the very same system can be placed in another MMO and be perfectly ok since it is a system by itself with few links to the game world itself.

How do we make a housing/lodging system that is unique to ToS, doesn’t feel like those run in the mill housing systems?

The concept of a family (Team)

One thing which sets ToS different from other games is its character selection screen. It depicts a lodge with many of the player’s characters all gathered together, just like a family. What if we can convert this into the a housing system with a twist that is only doable for a game like ToS?

Changing the perspective of the character - player and the fourth wall

For those who are interested what the fourth wall is

The fourth wall in this case is the separation between the player and the characters the player control. The characters act as if they have thoughts of their own, just that the players control their actions when they are out adventuring. Sometimes they can speak on the screen (with speech bubbles) which is only viewable by the player himself/herself (not visible to other players), commenting on stuff like the following:

  • Random thoughts on the current quest
  • Random comments on the new cute Goddess Blessed Cube accessories (potential upselling of cubes)
  • Comment that the character is tired after prolong farming/grinding (promote healthy gaming habits)
  • Random comment on other characters within the player’s team/family.

With this in place it is also good to give the player the ability to key in each character birthday in the character creation/edit screen. This will be covered later in the post.

So what does decoupling the character and the controller (player) have to do with housing/lodging?

If the characters have thoughts on their own and can comment on other characters, they can interact with each other within the family/team too. This goes to the main meat of the post.

Upgrading the character selection lodge

What makes ToS so unique is the vast array of classes it has for the player to choose. What we can do to further emphasise on this unique aspect is to further integrate it to other systems. The proposal is to have a character lodge/house that expands the more characters the player has for his/her account.

The lodge starts with a simple 1 living room, and with each new character created, a new room will be created. The interesting play on this is the new room created inherits one of the class characteristics the character comes with, for example:

  • A character created with Miko within the class build can have a mini prayer shrine in the room;

  • A character created with Squire within the class build can model that room to be a kitchen;

  • A character with Nak May will have a punching bag in the room they come with;

  • Necromancers get a bubbling cauldron;

  • Archers get a shooting range style room;

  • Bullet Markers can get a room with pistols hung on walls to admire;

  • Alchemists get a laboratory so on and forth.

Players can freely interchange the style of the room when the visit the lodge, add furniture attained via questing/TP cubes/events to the main living room or any of the character rooms.

But all these will be dead and lonely with little to no interaction, which is why the character/player perspective comes in as a topic before this.

With characters able to interact within the character lodge itself, the lodge becomes alive, just like a home.

Characters within the lodge can be seen interacting with furniture or other characters. To give examples using the above:

  • Miko can be seen practicing caligraphy in her own room, with numerous crumpled paper stewn across the floor. Presumely practising so she wouldn’t waste any materials while writing her amulets;

  • Squire can been seen helping the Bullet marker maintaining his gun, with the bullet marker giving pointers beside him;

  • Nak May is practising with the punching bag;

  • Necromancer is lying sick on the bed in her own room, with the cauldron beside here giving a smoke with a skull sign;

  • Archer and Alchemist are seen chilling and talking in the living room, with speech bubbles talking about random stuff like new ToS events and news, upcoming gacha or general ToS topics.

Characters can also interact with the furniture that is placed by the player. Some will garner comments by some characters. Premium TP bought ones can have premium character interactions (animated) and such.

When the player visits the lodge at a different time, the characters move around the lodge doing different things. Remember the birthday customisation which I mentioned before? During days where it is a character’s birthday, the lodge will be decorated to celebrate that character’s birthday. The lodge theme will also change itself based off the events IMC has prepared, like Xmas, Lunar New Year decorations so on and forth.

Pros of the proposed system:

  • Ability for IMC to inform players on events/news in a fun and integrated way
  • Potential to sell new products such as housing furnitures and lodge tile sets
  • Breathe life the game’s diversity of classes, which is the game’s selling point. Give players more reasons to roll new characters to add to their family/team.
  • Ability to incorporate new things that players can discover, like hiding a new skill that is going to be implemented soon (foreshadowing). Eg. Nak May can be seen practising a new attack animation in lodge.


  • More work is needed to be done as compared to normal, static housing systems where players just collect furnitures and play dollhouse.

Let us talk about the Guilds, lets try improve this one

I was just almost finished collecting ideas :tired:
yay! - I’ll add this up too. :haha:


Yay I made it in time. Thank you for the hard work.


Oh its not done yet, I’ll open this thread until Wednesday. EST, 23:59 The time line is still up, but I think something like pareto chart, most of biggest information would come from the first three, four days. So I was gather & organizing the ideas first. will going to finalize this after wednesday though Still, can’t deny the ideas from above will going to, or will be stimulate and inspire someone to come up with another ideas.


“What casual content would you want like to see in the future in TOS?”

Make the game more casual.
(Jk, just there is no or little “casual” content, the majority of the content is end-game, and end-game stuff/tokens costs so much)

More NEW cosmetic items/accessories/content that can be obtained in-game without paying TP all the time would be appreciated though.


Now this is a flat out LIE. Most of the content is easily accessible, the actually hard content is (currently) challenge mode stage 6 and 7, world bosses, and arguably pvp; the rest is accessible to any player with barely decent equipment and build


Was joking haha, just poking at the staff where they can see it since thread about to end. I’ll stop there since this isn’t the thread for that.


More quest-related missions.

Currently, there’s only one of such things (Formal Fantasy Library dungeon)… and nobody is ever doing that. Thanks to one person gathering a party, I discovered this mission recently and with proper rewards, it would be fun to break the constant saalus/CM routine with story-related content.


can you make Motocycle to pet like this pict?

About Costume maybe : Cowboy Set have toy such as : Gun, Rope



I’m sorry but that’s a terrible idea, I always hated it when Asian MMOs jumped the shark and started throwing in cars and motorbikes and other dumb sh*t into a fantasy world… it’s so gaudy and just completely ruins the immersion. I can swallow school uniforms and a few other body cosmetics but there eventually has to be a line somewhere :x


Ok! it’s not the ghost of yuri coming to hunt me… :yum:

I feel like what the majority wants is to get marry and have a house with a bed they can do lewd stuff on :blush:

which I approve of :wink:


You should let us make monster farms. Capture a pair of monsters, breed them, and get a limited number of offspring we can kill for drops every day. Then feed them stuff to increase their level so they have more babies. Then maybe the monsters give gifts at certain levels of affection and can be brought along to fight.


At this point, I’ll just repeat many suggestions people already gave here, but here we go:

  • Marriage system with actual progression (love level): bonus EXP and other benefits like stronger buffs with increased duration for the married couple based on their love level;
  • Master & Apprentice system; different rewards for each milestone based on the number of “graduated” apprentices
  • NPC costumes as a reward for completing all quests in a map or a region;
  • More fishing ponds with different kinds of fish with different buffs (silver fish is good with the SP regen, but more variety would be great too); also, add a Fishing collection with different fish species that rewards the player with a better fishing rod while you’re at it
  • Hidden quests with hair accessories as a reward (will we ever discover the mystery behind the Kateen Forest Hair Ornament?)
  • Turn the Fedimian old Mercenary Post into an adventurer guild or something like that with places to sit and interact with other players and a bulletin where players are able to create a personal request
  • Give more meaning to other cities, turn Saalus convent in a small hub with the basic NPCs (storage, item merchant, market, etc.); bring the raids to Orsha (expedition NPCs where people gather to enter raids) and bring the ET and their NPCs to Fedimian (and the “adventurer guild”)
  • Personal requests: a system where players put requests for certain items with item rewards for anyone who finishes them (e.g., request for a Solmiki Leather Armor, reward: 1000 blessed shards)
  • Upgradeable Guild Hangout (more than just more spots to plant seeds)
  • Improvements to the Lodge (decorations)
  • Casual PvP improvements: party vs party, open arena map for free PvP


Not so sure if you still getting opinions here, but here we go:

Farming system as a GUILD feature.
I would really enjoy an farming system that was limited to a big farm sustained by the whole clan.

My idea was add to every monster, or most of it, a chance of drop some seeds. One time any clan member got a seed, they can go to the farm and put the seed in the ground. Every clan member can water the field 1x per day, so a big clan could bloom stuff faster. As soon the seed grows, everyclan member can harvest the seed 1 time per day, or 1 time only.

So the clan’s farm can be used by everybody, and everybody needs to help too. It would be much more fun to have a guild that way.
We could also have animals, and if we take care of them, they could put some eggs or things like that. Drop some good food to fed them from random monsters would be nice too. Well fed cows or chickens could gave us better milk/eggs with better effects. Or we could just kill them and make a tasty dinner. Non stop fun!

Those itens from the farm could give us buffs like +5% of xp for an hour, attk or speed movement. Maybe a rare chance of getting a 1 week token or some super rare stuff.
A big clan with a big farm would mean tons of good buffs for your characters. Tons of hard work too. Also, giving random monster a chance of drop rare seeds would make even weak and small clans have the oportunity of get a good buff. Everybody happy!

Also, I would enjoy some stuff to make the characters more unique. Like some super hard quests to change the colors, or that gave us some unique hat or title, something that stands out and when you see it you can think; wow, if this guy has this color, he probably made a super hard quest!

Maybe adding all monster in the game a 0.01% chance of drop a random quest, that when made (no tradable) could give some nice stuff for the character only (and that everybody could see it). So you start a character, drop an item from a popolion right in the beginning, and when you about to get lv 330, you finaly finish this super hard quest and get a cool reward that anybody can see it. It would be nice have something hard to get to stand out. Some funny cosmetics like a chicken-like helmet or so would be nice.

Also, a daily penguin race where everybody that have a ticket could enter and bet in a penguin. Each ticket 1 bet and the winner could take pure silver or other relevant itens. Maybe an open chat during the race could be nice too.


They have already been mentioned, but I would love to see a housing system with furniture etc. as well. I’ve seen a lot of good ideas for such a system in this thread.
I’d also love a more complex gardening system. One with not only useful herbs, but flowers or fruit/vegetables ;3; which could have a rare chance to drop cute flower/leaf/fruit/vegetable hair accessories when harvested. There could even be a stat related to harvesting chance which can help with getting more or rarer materials/items.


More options to recieve special titles

e.g. by spending time on certain maps, recieving certain types of items, by completing all collections of a certain region [as maps are all specified as being part of a region, completing all collections of a region should award the player with a special environmental title like e.g. “First flower of spring” or “Forest aurora” or “Wind in the valley”, something that’s poetic and capturing the underlying beauty of TOS’s map design]

Personal Quests

We have a lot of quests about the world and its inhabitants, except for ourselves.
Adding some personal quests that come over as some kind of ingame survey, the players could be allowed to personalize their characters more [e.g. by granting the ability to set your displayed job as anything from your Class advancements (as a reward for creating your own backstory via a certain personal quest)]
Adding specific reactions to NPCs, depending on your character profile, could be a nice experience as the roleplaying part gets quite the short end of the stick currently.

Useless items

Items like Ferret Marauder Shell or Ferret Marauder Horns have 0 use ingame, but still exist nonetheless.
The items description even states it can be used as material for something, or that it’s rare and worth a lot.
Such joke items could be utilized for unlocking specific new gestures via achievements (e.g. finding both the Marauder horns and the Marauder Shell unlocks a gesture that displays silver coins in your eyes instead of the pupils)

More 3rd Circle Class Costumes

There are a lot of people still waiting for their favorite Classes to recieve a 3rd Circle costume with some special effects. It’s nice that you put out more and more costume variations for Rank 8 Classes, but there is a huge amount of players who still likes their Circle 3 Rank7 and below Classes&their costumes more (and some don’t even have a single Rank 8 Class in their build [yet]).
This is actually something that creates revenue even from the normally free-to-play-players…