Tree of Savior

What casual content would you want like to see in the future in TOS?


Chat System!

Please do not forget to fix this game chat because it is really ridiculous the person can not move his doll to type something!
It’s outdated and no longer exists in any MMORPG
We are in the modern world and we will update this, please!
Deploying a more decent chat system, which the character can move and type at the same time, without having to press the ENTER key to enable chat, or without blocking the character with it, greatly disrupts the gameplay of people with this outdated system!
Sometimes I want to talk to my friends, I have to stay pressed ENTER to open the chat bar and stop what I was doing, imagine in the middle of enough monster on the map, how much should this mess up? My character dying because he was locked up without being able to move because of the chat!
You have no logic in this chat system!
Make it like the game bar of Ragnarok Online, it was so much more practical and fun!



maybe is not casual and maybe p2w but I like to make sellable goddess blessed cube and leticia’s secret cube in the market so free user can get the boxes too I think that will devaluate the price of cash stuff


Free for all pvp map


Man, I miss Teen Titans

The REAL Teen Titans


What do you mean? You have to press Enter to open chat in most MMOs… or are you talking about chat windows?

I liked Maple Story in that (IIRC) you can tap Enter to type and you could also have floating private chat rooms open and the two were completely separate. But then again this was vanilla hardcore maple about 200 million years ago, I don’t know what it’s like now


a ridable Mine Lever OwO


the reason you cant move or do anything is cause there is keyboard controls and texting uses guess what…

same buttons on your keyboard even the arrow keys are used on the making of a massage…


Hello @STAFF_Amy and ToS staff members.

I’d like to suggest that there was a collection of summon cards for sorcerer’s class. The player could equip all the devil cards on the grimoire and get some bonus for completing the collection. Well, it would be a lot of fun for players who play from sorcerer to collect the cards and have benefits in the game xD

Another suggestion would be to create an attribute for the summoning skill as Summoning: Enchance (Increases damage to an enemy with Summoning by 0.5% per attribute level) and the maximum level would be 50 or 30 depending on what is most appropriate for the class . Why I do not see much difference in the damage of summon card being level 1 or being level 10 and should be verified.

And finally on the Evocation skill, it could be removed or improved because sorcerer class cicle 3 skills do not have much damage. Or a suggestion from me could this skill be a way of summoning a second Summon Card and soon would have plenty of players to choose to follow the full sorcerer class.

From now on thanks for the attention and I hope the class of sorcerer can be improved even more, because it is my favorite class <3


There have been so many great suggestions already but just to add to the people who want the following two features and maybe give them more priority, I’m going to mention them again:

  • Wedding System
  • Casual Pvp Arena

As for something that has probably not been addressed in this form yet:

Awakening Dungeon
This is probably not quite casual content but I would love if the Awakening Dungeon was reworked into a fun mini game similar to the Item World in the Disgaea series.

You could create a system that takes an item name, required level and maybe its rarity as a seed to create random Awakening Dungeons with multiple floors to climb, treasure chests containing rare items and difficult monsters or even bosses dependent on the item level and rarity.
There are possibilites to make Awakening more fun even for casuals:

  • Make some interesting layouts where we have to jump over multiple platforms to reach a chest or the next floor
  • Increase a weighted bonus chance on a certain stat we can choose when we finish all monsters on a floor
  • Different challenges per floor, like luring monsters into a trap to obtain bonus rewards
  • Riddles
  • Give us the ability to clear the dungeon faster and don’t let us wait for the whole duration

Waiting for the monsters to spawn is BORING. Please avoid future content that makes us wait for a certain time without being able to speed it up.

Also, please make regular monsters more fun to fight against. Make them follow you further and increase the aggro limit. Being able to gather a big pack of monsters and finish them in one swoop is fun, be it casual or hardcore player. Please don’t just focus on side-content but also make sure the core content is fun and engaging.


talking about chat windows (Tree Of Savior)

What you just said is something very logical and we all know, there is no news, who plays knows it!
And for that reason, I ask you to deploy a better and different chat system
An example I mentioned was the Ragnarok Online game chat, the chat bar is always available then without pressing ENTER to appear or disappear when you want to type something, you only use the mouse pointing to the chat, and click once, in this you can type and walk at the same time!
The issue is not so much using skills but being able to move sideways to escape the monsters as you type!
And in addition, this Tree Of Savior chat system is ugly, has few features, a very old and outdated platform.


i want to see more events with DIAMOND ANVIL as a reward, cuz we didnt have one from like… 5 months now?


I don’t remember how RO chat worked, but I do remember having to stop to use it :confused:

one of us is miss-remembering it and am too lazy to hop into RO again :expressionless:


He is right, there was a ‘battle mode’ where you had to hit enter to talk, but you could also play with the chat always on and just use the FKeys for skills, and it was the default.


thanks for giving me that info that seems to have been lost to my memory :slight_smile:

uff now I won’t be tempted to download RO just for that xD


All added up! Seems like a times up now then :sad:
I’ll gather this and talk with devs about what they think, and find if this one be possible or not, could be seen on coming future and stuffs…

Thank you for all who participated on adding opinions, and ideas and such.
I’ll start carry this on from here.