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What casual content would you want like to see in the future in TOS?


Wow, that would be awesome! dont need to be the same style, but some kind of nice and fast card battles in the game! I would exemplify the card battle from digimon world 3 game for ps1. Simple, direct and improve the replay factor of the game a lot.

Other sugestions:

Sorcerer class needs more attention. More summoning options and synergy with others classes and some buffs. (the thauma attribute wasnt good)


Some improvements to squire
an a better use to one-hand sword + shield builds (most builds use one-hand spear + shield)


Some Ideas you should read:

- Skills Levelling

Repairs, Fishing, Item Identifications, Armor Buffs, Weapon Buffs, Potion Crafting… All these should have a Skill Levelling mechanic. Everytime someone uses your Shop you gain Skill XP. Once you had enough skill XP,
your skill increases a level. (Everytime you craft potions you gain skill XP too). More skill level = More Shop/Potions benefits. Higher Levels = More XP Required.

These benefits are: Increases on the Repair Exceed Duration chance; A chance for the Potion to recover some little % above other potions; Chances of the Identification gives your Weapon more Durability; Etc…
The % should be very little. Pots should have the crafter Team Name so players can identify them.

There should be a Skill Level Cap though. For a player to exceed it will be needed a quest. A complicated one, meant only for those who really want to get more levels. There should be a quest Every 100 Skill levels.

This Mechanism will transform the shop/pot system into a meritocracy and players will be able to sell their effort.

- Field Boss Costumes

Every Field Boss should have an Unique Costume that gives little Stats.
For Example:
Rexipher Hood Hat Costume 1: +1 Int
Succubus Lens: +1 DEX.

This will raise Field Bosses Hunting interest. These Itens should not come from Boxes though.

They should drop from the boss, randomly, for one of the 5 players that get the the field boss cube. For Demon Lords it should drop for one player between the five parties that get the cube.

The % should be very low, like a Legend Card. Every Field Boss should have this kind of Drop.

- More Card Albums

Additional Card Albuns would raise the need for most cards. Two Monster Albums are needed. Many players today don’t use some Boss Cards not because of it’s effect, but because of the cost of card removal. There are cards good for some specific situation and those aren’t worth when there are other great cards that are usefull for most situations

This problem is a little better now that we can remove cards using silver but this is not enough. There should be a High Level Quest for characters that have completed their Monster Album.

When a 360 Character uses all it’s card slots (including Legendary) a hidden quest should be unlocked. This will lead to a NPC that could give a second Monster Card Album on the quest completion. The quest must be a hard one, meant only for those who really want the Additional Album.

- Cooking System

Cooking System would give the game others buffs possibilities and raise the pot market. One must complete a hidden quest to learn how to Cook and then become one of the " World Chefs ". After this the character will get the Cooking Skill.
Cooking Skill will allow the character to make some types of food. Every different kind will have it’s own buffs and ingredients.

Herbs, plants, monsters materials all should be used to make the food. Better Materials = Better Food Buff

This would work the same as the Skill Levelling System.
Fishing System will have impact here too. Better Fishing Skills = Better Fishes = Better Food Buff

This will lead the material market to a whole new level.

- Guild Castles

Guilds should be able to build a Fort Structure on conquered maps. The Fort will begin as a little house and everytime the Guild is capable of defending the position on the Territory Wars, the house would raise. If they loose the war, their castle will be destroyed. One Guild can have only one Fort.

When a guild has a Fort it will became their new Hangout. Members will have the ability to set Shops, Farm and Craft Faster inside the fort. Every Fort Level will give more benefits. The Fort level will affect on the War too. The time to conquer a bigger fort will be longer. And why not some sentries?

When it reaches the Max Level the guild would receive some additional % percentage of the silver farmed for all players on this map. Something between 1-2%. Like a TAX. But this won’t affect the actual player farm. It will just give an additional value to the guild.

Higher level maps = more silver per monster. There should be Territory Wars on many different level maps. Bigger Guilds will seek higher maps while smaller guilds seek lower ones.

- Towns

The game need more Towns and more individuality to each town. Fedimian and Orsha need to shine. All cities must have some specific events, hidden quests, dungeon maps etc…

- Masters Approching Quests

Most of the new players get confused about what class they should take next. I think every advancement should trigger quests that explain and show how the classes work. It would be good to add Skill Gifs on the Advancement Screen too.

I think this is it. Thank you for the attention!


I did not like the ideas they presented, most of them are too superficial, but I respect them.


1 - Replace Dungeons with missions with scheduled time.
At scheduled times (ex 17:00, 21:00, 23:00, 01:00) the mission is open for half an hour, all players would meet to play together. New dungeons could be introduced, change the rewards, add Tower Defense style dungeons (similar to Uphill), this would all make the game less monotonous.

2 - Adjust the difficulty of the game, it is very easy now, every game needs challenges.

3 - Remove Earth Tower, it’s too annoying.

  • Marriage/Dating System


Pet system

  1. Send them to explore each map for materials and items
  2. Pet that give buff after summoned, like Mp regen,boost looting,boost silver drop,etc
  3. Fight in Arena 1v1 or 3v3 at once (boost pet stats base on gear slot similar to companion)

Item from HG that’s can add potential line into identify gear and able to re-roll color of potential

Rare Special/legendary potential(color yellow/golden)
This potential will boost skills and effect
EX1: “skill name” +1 lvl
EX2: chance x to become invicible for 3 secs
Raffye 1% chance, Berthas 2% and Primus 3%

-Make AOE spell cast directly at target without dragging while lock target turn on. This will useful for some class like Sage.
-Maybe other AFK beside fishing

Sorry about my (poor) English


Casual PVP rooms would be nice, no rewards just enter a map that is fully PVP enabled.

Show the rank bubbles over the #1 rank in the PVP room as a bit of a bounty system, also when you enter it ports you to a random area of the room.

  1. I would like a Faction/Faith system, where one would ally themselves with Giltine or Laima or other Goddesses, that would give advantages and disadvantages, ability to use certain Costumes or Equipment restricted to other factions. To allign with a certain Faction, one would need to do a quest to unlock it, and do missions to advance or progress in whatever faction the char chose. There could give Titles, or Ranks, or Levels in it. Special skills just restricted to them.
    I think this idea can be expanded so much more. Let’s say this missions would be quite difficult. Maybe one could reach the point of having a “Hero” status, or “Legend”, and be able to cast like a goddess summon skill.

  2. More plataforms games! I loved the one you guys did for Xmas.

  3. Housing! Guild related. The more one contributes to the Guild, the more lodges one could unlock w/ benefits.


The best casual content they can implement
Is a Bar/Inn system where people can sit down along a table with others.
And talk with others.
While sitting in the area and paying a bit of silver people can get exp buf. Wherein the length is proportional on how long you were sitted down
You can order food for buffs as well like increased movespeed, increased damage, or increased defenses. Again, the length of the buff is proportional to how long you were sitting down in that bar/inn.
For every minute sitting down = 10 minutes of the buff as an example.


->Housing, with lots of customizations and QoL systems that you do there (crafting buffs etc)
->Marriage system
->Alchemist rework
->Companion/Monster customization and battle competition
->Field events like invasions
->Field systems like mining, harvesting or something like that


Allow us to ally with Giltine? That would be fun


I like the stuff that is going out in this game… I currently just wanted to have faster implement here in iTOS, continuos update to us, wait 3 months to get something, its boring and we quit in this midle time, just waiting for another content…



@STAFF_Amy something like this…? :distinguished: :distinguished: :distinguished:

on topic :

i welcome anything related with camping activities
broaden the activities we can do with basecamp qould be good, imho



Master-apprentice system where a veteran player (perhaps decided by team level e.g. 60-up) can coach a new player (decided by signup date or highest rank character e.g. rank 3-below) until they get a character to a certain level or rank (maybe until current max rank which is 9).

While in the master-apprentice status, both players get an exp boost when playing together in a party and can summon each other (outside of dungeons/missions) - maybe 1 hour CD and requires either to click YES on a prompt.

Master player can be awarded an untradeable armband and/or title once the milestone has been reached.


Premade PVP please.


Increase the Mob sound volume

I feel like everything in ToS have amazing sfx but the monsters, some of them doesnt make any sound or i barely hear them, i think adding sound or making the volume higher will make some monsters like demons or elites feel like they are really dangerous, and other with cute sounds.


To piggyback on that. All of the damage sound effects in the game are pretty terrible and need to be adjusted. When there is a ton of damage going out it actually messes with the sound channels to the point of distraction, and forces me to lower the SFX so I can still enjoy the BGM.


Yes please. I think it would be cool to have little perks to being married, like being able to share housing or being able to unlock larger housing to be shared with your partner.


make pvp fun for archer class too :slight_smile:

  1. Housing system for the guilds
  2. Craft systems where we can make costumes/weapons to use like visual
  3. Raid system where we can drop some special mounts
  4. Marriage system,
  5. New Classes for JUST for : crafting and gatheting materials.
  6. Taming system, transform some kind of monsters in pets
  7. Rework the pets AI, maybe open for creation and alteration of it (like the ragnarok allows it)
  8. Dye system, paint system, the dyes can be craftable
  9. More dificult dungeons where we will need the party with more specific roles (healer/dps/tank).

I think you should try to restart the disclosure, remake the bad impression of the game.