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What casual content would you want like to see in the future in TOS?


Just jumping in to say Thank you for such topic. Don’t have much ideas myself (that people didnt already say), but i appreciate that you took the time to come and ask for stuff :satisfaction:

On another note, guys when you’re asked about what kind of casual/fun stuff you’d like to see, dont come out here and say stuff like “fix bugs” :tired:


how do you guys define causal?
is it content for people who play casually?
or is it content thats meant to be done casually?

if i were to take for the latter here are my suggestions.

Bot quizzing, basically a system which quizzes players every 4 - X hours (its randomized so it can be exploited via botting),if the quiz is failed the recipient gets instantly banned for a week, this should also extend to players being able to quiz other non afk players every 4 hours, a player cant be quizzed again after they have recently completed one, this will help the community police themselves and clear out bots and help the GM’s with screening out bots.

but exceptions should be in place , players or the game cant quiz other players inside dungeons or when they are engaged with a boss monster(to prevent bs during world bosses)

easier access to special consumables, eg. pots that give crit boosts and speed ups, they should be more easily affordable and craftable by alchemists,

toggle cosmetic alterations that are made to a character via skills, basically the dragoon and murmillo helmets should get a 0 cost attribute which lets you toggle thier appearances, same with thaumas swell skills and any other future classes which can alter your characters appearance.

  • Daily Jump Quest with different maps of varying difficulty that give out random collection items for rewards
  • A town bulletin board in each town where players can use a item to leave a message (maybe with a level limit of 200+ or something to avoid bot spam)
  • Complete removal of the 1 week trading restriction for new players
  • The monster orbs right now are pretty useless, it would be a good idea to be able to use them to craft a custom monster pet (to be able to sell them would be good too)
  • A new town that’s farther from the main regions and harder to get to (maybe requiring a boat or some transport similar to Maple Story)
  • Also on the main TOS website better collection of game lore and game history would be really nice since the lore in this game is really good
  • Maybe add a option for event titles to be moved to other characters because sometimes we get these on other characters by accident


The pet race idea is actually pretty good, have it trigger every couple hours like TBL so it’s easy for players to queue, then in the actual race the only things that move are the pets and all the player has to do is hit a button to make them jump over obstacles etc


By casual we mean more along the lines of “Life Content.”
For example, we introduced fishing into TOS; that is something we would consider to be causal “Life Content.”


I am 100% for this.


1. Cooking Mechanic

I love this mechanic same with others that suggested this… wish we had a poll for this… Not Squire buffs but literally let us cook items. Also suggest a required item. ceramic cooking stove.

Silver Fish x1 + Doyer Leaf Bunch x1 + x1 steamer = Sakura Steam Fish
Popolion Meat x1 + Kepa Stem x1 + Chinency Leaf x1 + Pan = x1 Popolion Steak with Vegtables

Popolion Steak with Vegtables +1 STR 30min
Sakura Steamed Fish + 1 INT for 30min

Cooking Pet Food

Suggest this so pets can enjoy delicious and beneficial food too.
(with a hunger system) over feeding will die, underfeeding will run away.

Oven Tool

Flour x10 + Water x10 + Salt x1 + Sugar x1 = Bread x 20 ( restores HP every 2 seconds. 200 HP is restored over 15 seconds. Right-click to use. Cooldown of 15 seconds.)

Drake Meat x1 + Wild Ginger Plant x1 = Roasted Drake Meat x1 (STR +1 for 30 min.)

Bread x1 + Roasted Drake Meat x1 + Sauce x1 = Dragon Sandwich (+5 STR for 30min.)

As you can see just a small little item that can be cooked with a cooking skill perhaps. Steamer and Pan can be used x10 uses before disappearing. Also Suggestion using fish from fishing game for cooking.

2. Housing in the Lodge and Crafting

This is also a great Idea why not really let us use miscellaneous items for making furniture.
Recipe can be purchased via furniture NPC.

Also put a restriction how many items can be placed in the lodge.

Give small benefits on having furniture to the player. like +1 loot chance? + 1 Dodge? and so on.

Visual Appeal is necessary.


Sturdy Branch x4 + Dense Hardwood x2 = Hard Table x1 (4x4 size) (+1 to Food stats)
Dry Thorn Forest Wood x8 + Kugheri Zeuni’s Cloth Piece x12 = Victorian Table w/ Linens (4x6 size) (+3 to Food Stats)

3. Fishing

Open fishing to every part of the map with a body of water in it.
Different Fish. for each location. and Different Fish per 3 Months in line with the seasons.

Able to feed fish to penguin mounts.
Able to cook fish in different recipes.
More Rod Options to be buy in TP or Silver
Add Lures for increase benefits.


Bring back the old ways of catching creatures to be pets with pet items that drop from other monsters for taming.

Pet the Hannaming
Pet the Popolion.
Pet Chupakabra
Pet Pokubu
Pet Truffle
Just to name a few.

Able to feed pet with food from the cooking options.

Thanks in advance for adding the hair salon and the Tailor. That’s a start already.

This is how casual it would be for me. I know it will be to good to be true if this will be implemented… but at least I give a suggestion… :smiley: so im good.


  1. Make more shield designs pls… like a transparent round shield or a guard (small shield), or make hat shields like a SAKKAT for a shield oh I missed this hat as a hat too… XD


Make a billboard in major towns (Klai/Fedi/Orsha), where you can leave a custom message of your liking one per day per team.
This would be really good for buying/selling requests. I’m tired of shouting “WTB: this and that for this and that” like 4-5 times a day because that person who I could trade with could miss the shout.

Having a billboard that has custom messages would be great for tons of stuff such as:
-Guild recruiting
-Pickup groups (ET, CM, Saalus)
-Hosting social events if someone feels like it :haha:


Cough cough…

@Tk_Magnus Just tagging…

Cough cough…


A wedding/couple system.

The partners could have slight bonuses together, specific skills unlocked with some kind of “love level”, the ability to warp to one another.

The wedding could give these feature to prevent abuse for TP.
The base feature would be a simple couple, and to take it further one could get a wedding ring to unlock the warping or some more special skills. Power of love and stuff, do not underestimate!


Being able to have your own house would be great, be it in Klai, Orsha, Fedi… They could be something to sell so players can buy or sell them for a price (more silver sinks are welcome), but to keep it casual the price would have a limit.

They would need to be actually useful, with some kind of unique feature in it like @game8bravo suggested, you could have your own oven, kitchen, an auction market access, storage (a chest or closet in your own house wouldn’t be out of the context).
I would also enjoy a specific house pet, like a cat or some other popular field monster that people would like to tame.

We could also have some kind of “rest bonus”, making it so that when you disconnect for more than some hours in the house (mostly when you go to sleep irl), when you log back, you get a “well rested” buff that gives you an additional exp, loot chance or various other bonuses for maybe an hour.

Costume alteration.

Being able to change a costume’s color would be neat, many of them are already really good looking but sometimes you just lack that headgear whose colors go finely with it.

Fishing system update.

Allow us to fish everywhere in the map with different spots of water, each map having its unique species, allowing you to cook them for different bonuses or even drop other kind of useful high-level recipe materials.


Miner, cook/baker, forger, agricultor, lumberjack… So many things that could allow people to get a modest amount of money by making these items usable in various consumables and gear recipes.


Add more towns. The world is big, yet everyone stays in KlaipedaOrsha is bigger, has a lot of accessible space, same for Fedimian, each town should be accessible depending on level with each one of them having their own special feature.

I would also really welcome some kind of bar or tavern like the one we see in the character creation, with seats and drinks.

Improve collection bonuses.

Having to sacrifice 0.30% headgears, 0.09% items or precious recipe materials to get +2 evasion or +2 magical attack is not very satisfying.

Dungeon counts.

I know I already suggested this, but make dungeons only 1 run a day but make it so that they give 3 times more exp (the end is the same, just more time saved), it would make dungeons, especially lower level ones, a lot more useful, because spending 1h30 in a dun 180 to get 5 levels, it’s really meh.

Multiply tokens would increase the exp obtained.

BUT MOST OF ALL : Change the non-token user restriction.

Remove the time it takes to learn attributes, the 1 item market listing to 5, cut down the tax by 15% (selling a hard earned practonium as a casual player without a token and losing 30% of the selling from it feels bad), get rid of items becoming untradable that does nothing but ruin player’s live for no impact on botting and RMTing.


Not race cars, thats for sure. glares at Kim

  • Housing System is an obvious choice.

  • Fishing Expanded upon, it was implemented then never updated, its hardly a part of the game in the first place.

  • Revised Pet system, make mounts able to be considered a companion or something that is treated more like Ragnarok onlines pet system or something more in depth and unique. Just anything more than what we have now, Pets are incredibly stupid, clunky, and barely actually do anything other than be used to ride (sometimes if even, find the damn thing getting stuck 90% of the time).



Alchemist rework:

  • To make it more usefull in combat: Allow alchemists to make untradeable itens exclusive to the class to use in combat with cooldown and maybe atribute related to the itens.
  • To make it a better crafter: Allow potions that scale with user stats to make competition for better crafters, maybe make them via a AFK shop too similar to gem roasting so people can search for the better crafter.
  • Change homunculos and allow to craft Specific homunculos with different bonuses for combat like an homunculus able to heal allies, homunculos specialized in ice magic, fire magic, buffer, etc. Allow us to trigger their skills and target them via a homunculus skill tab at f3 similar to how the new raid skills will be.

Chaplain rework:

  • Change capella to make it more usefull than a perma stone skin provider.

Content suggestions:

  • Marriage/dating: Allow to marry players with their loved ones. May provide costumes and extra visual effects while in party with the loved one. Allow same gender marriage/dating. No stat nor exp bonus.

  • Player challenges: Allow players to make their own challenges. Players can make them with a in-game fee and players may try them. If they suceed, the challenger gains itens used for the challenge shop while the one who made the ghallenge receives a part of the silver fee. Challenges varies in difficult with harder ones being more expensive but more rewarding. The player who made the challenge get the silver even in case of fail. Players vote for the challenges and report them allowing for player base control. Those challenges can include player made dungeons with puzzles, monster and etc. Monsters, maps and puzzle pieces can be bought at the challenge shop.

  • Maybe add @Tk_Magnus card game in the game and expand it… I think it has potential.

  • Housing system: Allow players to make their own house with benefits such as garden to plant seeds obtained at the guild mission and templar master shop. Pet raising system to raise guinea pig and future pets. Crafting station to allow crafting classes to craft their stuff while you play with another character. Edit the house to the user liking with tables, chair, etc which we can make/buy.

  • More mini-game itens like the throwing coin pot.

  • Photo booth so people can take pictures with their favorite NPCs, monsters or even bosses.

  • Hire mercenaries: Allow players to custumize an ai character based on their own characters and leave them to be hired by others. Mercenary characters are temporary, give bonus, and have a limited skill set similar to homuncculos’s. With players able to custumize how the mercenary act and allow the playing hiring them to check the Ai, it can be usefull to beginners. Level scales with the player hiring the mercenary.

Edit: Also add the cooking system. It seems good too those suggestions.

  • Mergen/BM Master’s Hairstyle.
  • ClassC3 costumes.
  • Master Class or buff some C3 Circles with a unique attribute/skill like Rogue getting a C3 attribute that makes his attacks have a chance to be registered as rear attacks.
  • Unique interaction between skills from different Class Tree.
  • I would love a increase in max members a Party can have, or maybe make a Raid specific party function.
  • Also, PLEASE give a cooldown time to all Boss skills.
  • As for content, something using the Holy Trinity and party coop.
  • Unique instanced dungeon that ignores your Refine and Trans.
  • Wedding (team-based) would be nice.


how about item transmutation? (changing item appearance)
GW2 system is pretty cool, you take two items, select the stats of one and the appearance of the other and voila, you have a cool looking weapon with good stats :slight_smile: (no gear lvl requirements).


Ohhhh… @STAFF_Amy I know this is long overdue but it’d be great if Closed Beta Testers and Founders get titles and armbands.

It’s not a lot but it might at least cause some long-gone players to actually check out the game again even for a few minutes, and in those few minutes might make them realize the game has actually improved which eventually could make them play the game again.

Armbands for new players too (untradeable so that you don’t get bombarded with dummy accounts just for the sake of armbands).


The only thing i have in mind for now is…
A PvE content in which stats are normalized, and gears don’t matter. Meaning you’ll deal the same damage whether you wield a five hammer or a masinios mace. Rewards should be good but not OP. If you are familiar with Dragon Nest’s Heroes’ Battlefield, this should be the general idea.


Nice suggestion.

I’d like to add that they should bring back the standardized-gear version of TBL, perhaps as a non-ranked option allowing new players to experience group-based PVP content without having to fully gear up first or reach cap level.

Make PVP fun again for everyone (not just the fully-geared ones)!

  • A better Card Game System
  • Pet Cosmetics and Skins
  • Cooking and Mining System
  • Capes for the Wing Slot



More variety of DGs for up, more variety of weapons for classes, example: 2-hand axe, pair of weapons (axes, mace, sword, dagger), and the possibility of changing appearance by any weapon of the game in a new skill of the alchemist.


X more costumes. A leticias cube only with costumes( beautiful ones)

X more sinergy between all classes. More classes of rank 4,5,6 making good sinergy with higher ranks and more options and variety of builds.

X Open a map for pvp, with a ranking PVP all day in that map or place, so people who like pvp can play not only in a fix time but any time he wants, keep the ranked pvp like it is nowadays. With a marked time

X pvp is so so unbalanced right now= I know that you are trying to fix it, but you are going the wrong way= You have to create a class and go by yourselves in pvp, see what is wrong.

nowadays the pvp is 70% Psickokino and cleric

I can make a list for all classes

But we don’t see cronomancer, doppelsoldner

why? Because it’s so easy tocome with your psikokino uses raise and give them a lot damage for so long or spam imolation.

-You enter pvp, player use raises you are dead
-zealot damage is too high

  • lancer certain death is too strong 15 sec cooldown for a IK skill? Dragon fall is 50 sec no overheat 4x cooldown. SOmething is wrong? Who will play dragon? Doppel? No one it’s so much better to use IronHook that make the player useless for 10 sec

-The pvp problem is CC- CROWD CONTROL is destroying the game.

X Reduce all cc for 3 sec like deathrone

imagine gvg, the team is going to be made by 20 psickokinos and it’s won, you have to change this quickly

-For example in ragnarok the only class that can crowd control the group is sorcerer with “web prison” that last 3sc, and tornado that can be make useless with another sorcerer, in Tos we have the dammed raise, stop, all psickokino skills, freeze from criomancer, freeze for frostlord, slow in area, ice wall, iron hook

You should reduce all CC to the same duration of deathrone 3 sec, it will CC the group but to kill them you have to be quickly and good, nowadays raise duration last so long that everybody dies with no action, this is ridiculous, you should have a team only for pvp development, make the class usefull, for example we do not see many classes in pvp make them interact with easy other, i have many many ideas, I discuss with my friend about these everyday, we have SO MUCH good ideas for all classes , i wish a could make this ideas real, this game would be so crowd, so crowd, everybody will play it.

X war like ragnarok

CHange the effect of status

Sleep can last 15 sec= this should be like there> you got hit you wake up

Freeze= you got hit you unfrozen

X kills this card called frostlord this CANCER TO THIS GAME

More dgs

More events

We would aprecciate to see gm in game

Leticias cube with a big variety of hairs styles

No more penalty tax in market raising the variety of stuff and prices

X marriage system and daily login itens


soccer tbl, no fighting, just soccer