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What casual content would you want like to see in the future in TOS?


To not let the lower level gear go to waste especially their design, maybe make Alche’s Briquetting work as purely aesthetic skill and be usable as a shop. It can still reduce the resulting item’s potential but there could be a stone (like awakening) for it to not do so, acquired through events and tp shop.

For example, if I want my Masinios Crossbow to look like a Migantis Crossbow for whatever reason I can just open an Alchemist’s Briquetting shop, place my Masinios Crossbow as the primary item then the Migantis Crossbow as the aesthetic item then add the Briquetting stone if I have one. Some mats may be consumed on the Alchemist’s end.

Much better if this is usable on transcended and zero-potential (must have stone) gear since a lot of older players, especially those at lv.7-10 trans, may not want to let go of their hardwork just for looks.


-Master Circle

-New balance about class(Summon class, Alchemist, low rank archer:Hunter)

-New Weapon(e.g: ax,sickle,magic book)

-Weapon costume

-New Living System

-Improve Enhancement system


But, don’t be shy posting a ideas to here, I want ideas , we need more ideas, what you might like, what you could enjoy. Yeah we could think and plan by our own but there is no reason we can’t asking what people want you know. well it might also inspire us to more better ideas who knows? and Who knows how many Ideas could come in to light? I need as many Ideas as possible. so don’t be shy :haha:


Oh one other thing, custom class animations for skills that can be purchased from TP shop! Maybe start with the more popular classes - flashy moves, more FPS-dropping shimmering lights, explosions and stuff! :smiley:


For that one, we actually have plans for it. Can’t specify the details at this moment but yes, we do have plans regarding briquetting.

  • Put the past gacha items & exchange medal in proper clothing store.
  • 4th-6th Circle of Lower Class (unlock it like hidden class, heheh)
  • More Attributes Level especially for Lower Class (e.g. from max Lv 50 to Lv 100)
  • An Alchemist new skill to open ‘craft potion’ shop (Lv 1 only please), because it’s logically weird to see non-alchemist can ‘craft’ the potion (using anvil, lol).
  • Make the ability to Identify and Re-Identify only able to do in Appraiser NPC (and maybe Appraiser player too).
  • A hidden/complicated quests to get Companion (I want Tiger ;;A;; )
  • Housing system (in Lodge) where you can access each character’s Inventory/Private Warehouse. Including Team Warehouse too.


Yeah, they are planning to improve Briquetting, but they also removed the skill Briquetting from Alchemist players recently in kToS and are going to add an NPC with the improved version so Alchemist will get even less useful hahaha :slight_smile:

But seriously, I hope an Alchemist rework is coming, it’s depressing right now.

Some examples, some which are already mentioned in this thread:

  • Improved shop abilites, maybe potion shop too like @RishG mentioned, or make it easier to use awakening as a shop.
  • More Magnum Opus recipes, easier to add materials.
  • Improve the effect of awakening.
  • Most of all, make more potions worth crafting. It’s a shame Tincturing is mostly only used for HP/SP potions.


Oh I’m sure his time will also going to come. Alc *cough hemis *cough have *cough pla *cough n

Should I even keep Alchemist anymore?
  • Marriage: Enables special quests, teleport/summon partener skill, more exp and buffs when playing together.
  • Mining: Aside of the ores/gems it would be nice if we could get awakening stones from this mechanic, and who knows, maybe a jackpot diamond boss (or you could just add a few of them based on the value of the stone, diamond, pearl, ruby…etc) they could drop rare materials, and maybe money as well
  • Guild
    Guild buffs: In order to motivate small guilds to do raid/quest missions some sort of guild buffs should be added like, % looting chance, % dmg % def and mov speed and % exp, however in order to get said buffs. If something like this gets implemented a cap for max members should be added i think. (otherwise big guils would keep recruiting players and small ones most likely will die)
    Guild hall: Able to customize your guild hall, maybe add some mini games in there just for funs, to interact with the guild member from time to time.
  • Pets: Let us customize our pet’s appearance please, i’m tired of those generic penguins everywhere… it’s not hard to do… just let us put some hats and other stuff on them… PLEASE.
    Also pets are just kind of there, maybe add some sort of “pet training” “events” or “gimmicks” so we can rise our pets abilities as well, let pet have some useful skills that we can use, cause at the moment pet’s suck x.x
  • Housing/Lodge: Let us customize our personal lodge with good looking items and that kind of stuff, chars are kinda just there and i don’t feel motivated to visit another player lodge tbh.
  • More non-tp good looking hats/funny cool gestures/emotes available via EXPLORATION, cause there are a lot of beautiful maps out there to explore in TOS, but there’s no real reason to actually going through all of them. You guys keep adding emotes and hats via of TP only, and that’s not good, i know money it’s important but give us a reason to explore some long forgotten maps while getting cool but not broken stuff o.o maybe musical emotes/gestures or subweapons?.. maybe storage expansion as well
  • Improve collection bonus, they suck, not worth the time. I pointed this long time ago, the bonuses are outdated, if you guys are worried about how a OP a low level character can become with better bonus, just make them scale with level or better then, just lock them under a level restriction…
    Maybe more fun sub-weapons Like the defeated flag and that stuff, add them via exploration or fun quests/boss hunts :D, musical subweapons would be cool! (without stats, just for looks and to show off and play some music with your friends)

Also… i don’t know but i would like to learn more about TOS overall world… however i find quests pretty boring and slow… maybe add some secret cutscenes or … idk… :c more secrets that let us learn more about the lore of the game.


Not to suggest the same things for some reason I want some kind of hangout activities.

Could be something like jump rope where you have to press space the right time, could have some ranking too and minor rewards.
Revamped card battles of course!

I want a casual pvp event similar to the halloween event last year.
Maybe this time we could throw snow balls at each other. Or cause summer is coming it could be a water balloon or water gun, we could have a pool party. o-o

Make popolion race. More popolions everywhere.



I actually remember one of the user have card game for that one… that was quite brilliant plan too yes.


-new gimmick/craftable head accessories as those Nesting Chick, Boater, Flower Breach etc.
there were many players enjoy collecting those acc but no more new head accessories other than from TP shop or event.

  • adject shinobi’s ninja walk att: i think the ninja walking posture is pretty cool but i really hope that the shield would just remain on the character’s back

  • shinobi dual weapon :eyes:


YES PLEASE ADD THIS! casual and fun mini games, but don’t make them just as events, but a permanent thing… maybe let us play once a week or something like that… i remember playing water balloon fight in other game and it was super fun!!! as well as zombie infected mode - and the rewards can be timed event custom items (that have no impact in the end game, but just for fun)

There was also another game in wich you could go rafting and also hot-air ballons to explore while also protecting it!! it was super fun ;__; please add this kind of content but make it PARTY ORIENTED… so we have a reason to actually interact with other people or at least guildies.


How about doing some nasty mini-game inside the game, like a football match (insteady of typical PvP/TBL), where your goal is ofc to kick the ball to opponent’s gate, but in order to do so, you can use your available skills to knock enemies out for a moment (like CC skills). The idea is very similar to this old, good game:

What do you think?? :smiley: IMO this game is perfect for this!
Just imagine cryo summonig ice wall near the goal to shield it from the incoming ball, or psychokino making a total mess out of the match. :smiley:


Random dungeons.

Apart from very limited areas, everything is fixed in the game. You see the same places, fight the same monsters/bosses at the same spots and repeat indefinitely… Would be nice to break the monotony sometimes.

Also… weather. And day/night effects.

  • Add Wings, Special Effect Costume, and old hair accessories/costumes in medal shop :eyes:
  • Make Lens, Dye, Premium Hair Tradeable or atleast can be sold in Market like Token
  • Rework Alchemist Homunculus to be able to copy more skills, give it better AI and also make it permanent
  • Let Alchemist create 315-350 materials from Magnum Opus
  • Add new way to get gimmick items like Toy Hammer, Twinkle Rod etc
  • Costume Dyes!


Ok, time to post some ideas :slight_smile:

1. Faith system

The faith system lets you choose one main goddess, granting specific elemental boni based on the goddess you worship:
e.g. Giltine and Vakarine grant 5% dark property boost, Saule and Gabija 5% fire property boost, Zeymyna and Ausrine 5% Earth Property boost, Austeija and Jurate 5% Ice Property boost, Vaivora 5% Psychokinesis Property boost and Lada 5% non-property boost [e.g. Magic Missile, Micro Dimension] (forgive me if I missed one xD).
But that’s not all: If you are a faithful worshipper and often pray at your favorite goddesses altar[maybe sacrificing items could be made available?] and/or come and visit her, you can get special missions for titles, recipes[e.g. headgear accessories],new collections, etc.
Also, sacrificing items/praying at an altar could grant a useful buff [e.g. movement speed boost, AoE defence boost, evasion boost, etc, based on the goddess and your faith level].

The reason why I suggest a faith system is while the NPCs sure are faithful, the players don’t seem that way;
In contrast, since the players are supposedly stronger than the gods [because they repress/defeat all the demons], it looks as if the goddesses are actually worshipping the players.

A faith system could turn this around again, give you more reason to visit your favorite goddesses and would be a good way to intruduce new collections, expressions/emoticons (l like the Kupole version, but a mini/chibi version of Gabija,Giltine, Vakarine,etc. would be really cool :)] and other gimmicky stuff while making the world of TOS look more alive and fluctuating.

Also, it would be really cool if the Cleric Class could actually gain a passive 1% holy property boost for every goddess they rescued/helped throughout the main quest-storyline, because the Clerics look more atheistic than the other Classes currently (with Holy Property being the least-used and weakest property [skillwise]in the game; they basically seem to generate/funnel their powers through nature, not the gods, and rescuing a Goddess does not make a single difference).

2. Equipment fusion system

Since Briquetting is now gone and the new Belcoper set is all about transfering stats into Ichors and add those onto the new gear, I suggest creating a second type of Ichor, an Ability Ichor.

This type of Ichor is created by selecting an item of below level 300 that has a special ability (e.g. Krausas Mace, Ignition, Kaloo Hammer, Toy Hammer,Meteor,etc.) and create an Ability Ichor from it the same way you create a stat Ichor [i.e. you have a chance to draw out the unique ability of the weapon/armor and create an Ichor that allows you to transfer the ability to another weapon/armor piece of the same type , e.g. Krausas Mace will create Ability Ichor:Mace(Krausas Mace) that lets you transfer the ability to Belcoper Mace and possible new maces to come in the future].

This would allow the developers to make use of the cool and gimmicky weapons&armors that have long lost their value, increase their popularity and market value once more, and give players a reason to revisit all those locations again that they long left/never bothered to visit to make their equipment even more unique.

3. Companion System expansion

The current companion system needs an overhaul and expansion. Currently, the companions are too weak and have hardly any use aside from being a way to travel faster or increasing your aggro limit.
I’m not saying that they should become as strong as summons, but their value should increase based on the affection&time you fuel into them.
There’s e.g. an unused petting option to care for your companions, and feeding them does little more than boost their movement speed;

I suggest making use of these ressources and introduce a system that increases the trust between the companion every time you feed them and pet them [only when they display hearts, not every time you pet them or it could be abused].
This will increase thei trust level towards you, and once you’ve reached a certain threshold, the companions stats will grow over their limits [i.e. a stat multiplicator, so that stats you paid for and gain via equipment are worth more than currently].

At the same time, scrap those stat boni that characters gain via riding a companion and make them available to everyone once they bonded enough with their companions[e.g. via a new attribute you can buy from the companion trader once your trust level is high enough].
Also, please upgrade the “mount” option of the companion to unlock more abilities the more trust it has in you that allows every character to ride a companion without being dismounted when hit [all other actions that currently dismount you should still dismount you;
abilities that could be unlocked are: getting hit, getting knocked back, using a buff skill that is allowed while riding not resulting in dismount anymore] .

Other things to address in the companion system:

  • Allow companions to recieve Heal from Heal tiles when mounted on them
  • Make a breeding or companion fusion system that allows us to transfer the bonus abilities and equipment slots from one companion to another [it’s cool to have e.g. an Armadillo as a companion, but it’s way weaker than a Penguin because it has less slots and no special ability; by allowing them to breed/fuse, you could gain the bonus&sockets on the base companion you like while still requiring to have both companions anyway];
    Breeding/Fusing should give you the opportunity to choose a base [i.e. the model/type of companion] and a sub [the one it inherits the amount of equipment slots/passive boni from] which both get lost in the process, creating one new companion.


Appart from what is said about hairs, haircuts (please affordable and more cool SHORT HAIRS FOR GIRRRLS), lenses and costumes (I have so much faith on new boutique and barber crosses fingers)

Please make more friendly-social maps… I miss houses to interact and hang out, with real friends and also with NPC would be ok, like a bar, a tabern, since this game has pretty dark stuff maybe a drinkin game or somenthing.
Hotels, houses, places lost between monsters maps that surprise us maybe?? I want to interact more with maps, I’m thrilling to explore <3 I loved the details of the rides on cars or that mini-river, more of that pls! Sometimes maps look very restricted to me.

Also… I remember I was promised a customizable CHARACTER LODGE in beta times, and… I still don’t see it, just sayin :haha:


1.- married system sounds great. many mmorpgs add this and now is time to see it in ToS.

2.- Guild Request: random quest to do for guildies (1 or 2 per day) where you can get money/items and reputation/exp guild. maybe with some ranks quest category with strong bosses to made a party and get better rewards like exp guild.
(this can help to up a little more faster the guild and meet between them more easy)

3.- most important CM debuff day entry only applies when you rewards the boxes, many people are frusted when CM failed like ET for a bug map or many people disconected for sesyncs. but is more sad when people are out cause accidental the party go to the next step lvl and you was desync or disconected inmidle of the CM stage change.
Is this or when you success one stage you and you party was rewarded with 1 box, with this people can dare more away of there limits all progress are save it and if some is out they dont worry cause get his box and items.


ohhhhh i nearly forgot you can put some announcement table?

sometimes people has request and is not easy find people in the correct time and shout what you need.

maybe this can be a great help like the market but a table on the citys
you will need a item to post something in them but this system help a lot in many other games.

only 1 announcement per team. 1~3 day to expire message, no more than 500 characters per announcement (or a little more), Consume 1 Announcement Paper (maybe can purchase for 1 TP from shop)

example of visual:

Tittle: Need more Creto Feather!
From: GamerID-01 Date: 04-13-2018 at 12:34
I need to make my Laitas boots! I need 32 Creto feathers! pay in shards
please contact me in klaipedia at 9pm time server, Searching Practos too!


Tittle:New Guild need new members!
From:GamerID-02 Date: 04-12-2018: at 02:18
Popolion Lovers are searching new people who want to do wars!
interesed can find us in… bla bla bla…

just to do a example

or maybe i got a bad idea guys?