What are guilds? [v3.03] - Added Guild Territory War info(Re:Build Ready)


Oh it was a forge recipe and I agree that the raid isn’t worth doing compared to the new boss hunts if your looking for the items.


Thanks for confirming! I’ll add this to my list once I’m back and hopefully update the latest details of what we have hunted so far.


Academy is similar to forge, but instead of increasing your attack, it increases your magical attack instead. As of now it’s not usable at the moment as we don’t have the skill. It is speculated that c3 Templar will allow us to use this skill.


NVM: Found it was on Floo4. anyway thanks for your continuos update on this thread

To no waste this message, one legit question about breeding:

anyone within guild can feed the companion besides the owner of the companion? since anyone can water the crops i ask this so i can tell guildies to no overfeed the companions



Yes and anyone inside the guild can also release your companion xD also you need the breeding skill on your guild learned to be able to breed your pet in the hangout


Btw guys I’m not going to update on GvG anymore due to a possibility of IMC changing the entire process of GvG in the future.

Therefore to prevent any confusion in between I’ll refrain from sharing any information currently.


Chaffer boss is buged? i tryed … the cinematic appears and NO BOSS.


We have this as well time to time, how many people did you try to attempt it with?


10 players.
the problems is with THIS boss or just happens with all others time to time?


It happens randomly, we had about 10+ players in as well. Sometimes it works sometime it doesn’t


Shield Charge works only for 24hrs like forge? or will last until you loose the shield?
Works only in GvG / TBL?


Shield Charge works anywhere except for ET and TBL i believe. GvG it works and open field too.

It needs to charge at it starts with 0 and after 23 hours++ it’ll be about 140k+. however you will need to collect the shield otherwise it expires directly.


And will last until the shield get drained?


i believe there is no expiry, we have tested that it expires if someone doesn’t collect it, but we have not tried whether if the shield will expire after a certain period of time.

you can identify the person having a shield by seeing that they have one more grey bar above their health bar.


So the shield charger wont work in et? have you also tried the forge.


Forge works, shield doesn’t. I have not tried this before but previously when IMC introduced the shield’s, I recall ET will negate its effects


@ToiletMaster Honeypin Guild Boss drops 1 xShield Charge and 13x Earth Resist Pots as of 13Apos guild boss hunt 10th Mar 2017.


Wow this is a nice thread! :3


Thanks for making this guide really a needed one here! I know lots of people with vast knowledge of the game yet they still don’t know much or at least enough about guilds.

I have a question! Does bosses in boss quests/missions/raids drop cards? I ask this cause kToS added some guild quests with bosses unique to the guild system apart from normal field quests and when it comes to sorcerer I would love to know if these bosses could be acquired.



Thanks for the information, i’ve added this onto the first post and our latest information that we have so far.


Glad that you liked it! :blush:


Unfortunately i don’t think it happens here, we’ve done alot of guild events and not a single time a card drops within the guild events. Since they don’t drop any silver or gold nor exp, it may be quite safe to say that they don’t drop anything at all.


Tidy up the entire thread this time and made it to 1.05

added quite a few details including placing in all future historical guild information from IMC. This will help us all out to refer back to past patch notes with ease.

Additionally, alot of people have been asking me about shield chargers as well, i’ve dug out some information i recalled on R8 and added that in. If you guys have any information you’d like me to add in, feel free to let me know.




Updated to 1.06 with a few details on the new bosses.