What are guilds? [v3.03] - Added Guild Territory War info(Re:Build Ready)


0 for the last 60 tries.


In the last 20 days we got 4 times.
11, 10, 5, 6.


Are you sure you’re not talking about Mystical Cube recipes? I think @Mikumo asked for full Practonium, given @Seiryuu reply!
I’ve done it only a few times, 10-ish, no full Practonium drop yet. :confused:


ok so its really random drops, so far the guild im in, has killed it for around 2 months-3months ish
and we’ve gotten a total of like 35-30 practs spread over the kills


Yes, i’m talking about full pract not recipe.
It’s really random drop.
Last week we got 2 times, one day after other one.
First 2 times was 11 and 10, about one week diference between first and second.


11 and 10??
what guild lvl are you, my one is consistently 4 or 5



I hate you all.

I really do.


14, it’s just lucky.


@ToiletMaster You still play the game even without update this post?
How is your guild in game?


Day 70

0 practonium.

Can anyone beat this?


Is increasing participant for boss raid increase drop rate? or is it just increase boss’ HP with no benefit

opened #234


any good strategy for guild Level 18 the Mission Mishekan Forest?


Your guild is already level 18?

I’ve seen no info about the new raid, only the BongTOS vídeo :frowning:

My guild is still 25% to Lv.18


Yes, Teatime is Lvl 18.


Do you have any vídeos of them clearing the Raid or info about the Guild EXP / rewards obtained?


That is why Icarus was asking. “We” tried 2 times unsuccessfully to complete Lvl18 Mishekan Forest guild mission - maybe because I did not participate. Jokes aside, this mission is not easy.


i have see the BOSTong Video but there is nothing strategy to see it :frowning:

we have try it 2 times one time with 25 members last time with 11 members and its very very hard.


He finished with 32mins but I don’t know how strong is his guild (his character is certainly not strong)

He cut some parts of the vídeo but aside from Protecting the Villagers by killing the monster hordes, collecting materials/munition and building Balestras/Stockades then Killing the boss nothing else happened. How did you guys failed?


Hi everyone!

i was quite surprised people starting commenting even before I had time to revamp the entire guide! Currently I’m back to TOS and was suprised that the functionalities of the guild has changed significantly since my last visit. I’ve updated the guide to include some of these new features and removed the old and irrelevant ones.

However some information such as talt requirements to level up is missing as of this point. I believe this has been revamped before reducing the actual requirements to level up, if you happen to have those information please feel free to let me know and i’ll add it in accordingly as well as the loot table for the Guild Rewards from the boxes from the guild quest. I’m currently listing down the ones that we’ve opened and will share soon with everyone during this weekend when we do a massive opening of them all.

I’ve used the 2nd post to list down all the guild events that are available as well together with their rewards. Please feel free to let me know if you guys have any comments or if there’s any information that I’ve missed. I’ll continue to update this guide as we get more updates.