What are guilds? [v3.03] - Added Guild Territory War info(Re:Build Ready)

  • each normal mob has a ton of hps and every hit does poison tick for huge damage that lasts for a long time and is stackable
  • each portal has 250 mil hps, and you need to destroy 18 of them
  • and most of all… leaving is FINAL, you cannot re-enter the mission; this means no rebuffing/repairing when you die (or when required after time), and if you lag out (I cannot imagine the lag with more than 25 people) you’re out for good

There must be some strategy for this mission:

  • north part: there is one obelisk there with two crystals; I was told this is the reason monsters are uberpowerful and it should be destroyed; no idea what should be done here (destroy the obelisk? the crystals?)
  • village part: those ballistas seem to do tremendous damage… maybe lure bosses there for faster kill?
  • portal areas: I don’t remember if monsters simply spawn on the spot or come from the other areas, but if it’s the second case, it would be easy with some CC like ice walls to prevent monsters from interrupting while killing the portals

Anyway, the first thing to do is to bring more cannon fodder :wink:


Hm, interesting, so there is more things that didn’t appeared in the vídeo.
Can’t we use Antidotes to avoid the poison damage? I saw that Bong was with Templar on his party so maybe they were using it to share Bloodletting/Einsof and other usefull buffs.

The mission is supposed to not allow re-entrance or is it a bug? It seems really weird that we can’t reenter.

So bad my guild is still a long way to get lv.18 :frowning:


we have do a 1 hour video from the guild mission mishekan forest but was our first try :smiley:


Guild Change Name please? @STAFF_Yuri


You can share? And you already beat the final boss?


my guild will be reaching 18 today sometime, we’ll do a lvl 18 run sometime this week and see how it goes.


haha this is good “final boss” the first boss was hard and have not enough time.
time was gone :frowning:


We’re at 18. What exacly we should protect at the base? And the portals Hp are very strange. The monsters death seems to change their Max. Hp.


We try yesterday and the re-enter option Works fine


and have you complete it or fail? :smiley:


We fail. Its very hard to protect and destroy all the portals in the time. But, for that difficult, this mission should have some special drop. until now, I only know bong tos witch complete it


yes we have the same problem :smiley:


Do you guys find out what exclacly se should protect at the base?


yes we have a plan there are two obelisk you must kill it at the same time and then the portal have less HP.


I see, but at the village, where we can put some weapons, theres something to protect, and if you dont, the mission will fail. I dont understand what exactly we should protec from the monsters waves.


when you kill 5 out of 6 portals of each location of empty lots.
a boss will spawn that is quite high damage. its really tough xd

lots of turrents to def though

We also saw the obelisks but didnt really do anything with them for now. not sure what they do.
basically we timed out. not enough time to finish


Hi, i have some question.
How can i see the amount of time other guild mates log out ? or there some addon for it ?
thanks in advance.


As far as I know it’s always random. Usually when you quit your game and login, it tends to refresh most of their time. Once you start heading into dungeons and etc it doesn’t work properly anymore.


any tactic for guild raid level 18 ? what do the obelisks? how is this mission possible?


The big problem of this raid is that any mob has 3mil HP and any hit does a crapton of poison damage that ticks for a long time. I was under the impression that destroying the obelisks to the north was removing the poison damage and lowering the HP of mobs drastically. Couldn’t verify the theory, but if it’s the case, then a dedicated team should probably take care of them (note that if destroyed, the obelisks are rebuilt almost immediately…)

Defense is not a big deal once you’ve put down 50+ ballistas. Maybe lure the big bosses to them so speed up the process of killing those 300mil HP mountains?

On a side note: the bug that was preventing players to reenter after death/rebuffing/crash is now fixed.