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Weekly Raid Boss Thread

Some parts of the Wiki may be using old/outdated/wrong translation
ingame Nebulas is female now and

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Ah rip, time to make some edit/changes. outdated information hit me hard.

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Well not that it matters much xD

But great job again on another great guide xD

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Yeah bro Nebulas is a female. She even has a chest. She’s second wiafu right after Orsha storage keeper.

Weekly Raid Boss: Froster Lord - The Frozen Terminator

froster lord
This weekly raid boss is Froster Lord, a reagent for a world destroyed Giltine that has frozen over. One legend says that Froster Lord used the power of Giltine to freeze over the world of the dragons a long time ago. He is a Plant-type and Lightning attribute with plate armor type. I recommend picking up Legend Marnox card for a high minimum critical chance to deal with high critical resistance.

➤ Froster Lord has two abilities that apply Frostbite debuff, which Slows the target with cold waves and amplifies ice-property damage. The continual exposure to Frostbite may lead to the Freeze debuff effect. The freeze effect can be extremely deadly if it plays in the wrong hand while fighting against Froster Lord.


➤ Froster Lord also has the shotgun-like ability, which takes at least 1-2 seconds to charge up. Based on my experiences, it doesn’t seem to be a huge threat if you move away from Froster Lord, and the damage isn’t significant either.



➤ Froster Lord’s Hail ability is one of the most dangerous abilities since it can apply Frostbite debuff. I recommend moving the boss away from Hail as soon as possible! It may take a few seconds, but it’s definitely worth the time. DO NOT try to fight Froster Lord along with Hail.


frot nova

Frost nova
➤ Froster Lord also has a burst AoE attack, which can be extremely deadly if it plays in the wrong hand. Based on my experiences, It does a decent amount of damage, and the AoE will wave in toward your character consistently. Watch out for the message “Froster Lord casts Ice Wave”.


fl kil
➤ Froster Lord’s first pattern skill is Overcharge, which creates an active field that increases damage by 50% if both character and boss is in the same area. The area will be overload after one minute, the overcharge area will apply additional damage over time, reduce healing effects, but also increase damage done by 200% to the boss.

➤ Froster Lord’s second skill pattern is Thunderbolt. He will summons multiple thunderbolts from the sky, dealing a decent amount of damage, but also has a chance to remove buffs from the target. I recommend jumping or moving away from the attack to avoid taking damage as much as possible. Players can also tank the thunderbolts as long as they have enough HP and defenses.

➤ Froster Lord’s third skill pattern is Breath. He will summon a dimensional cube that can spread deadly attacks in four different directions. Standing on top of the cube can completely melt your character’s HP, so move away to avoid the attack as soon as possible.

➤ Froster Lord’s fourth skill pattern is Rune of Anguish. He will summon a magic circle, which reduces accuracy but also increase critical rate, and critical damage. The buff can apply up to 20 stacks. The rune magic circle skill is quite useful to deal with Froster Lord with plant-type, take advantage of the buff as much as possible!

➤ Lastly, Froster Lord has a basic-attack specialty, which boosts Froster Lord’s auto-attack. Based on my experiences, Froster Lord barely uses his basic attack, and it doesn’t hurt as much as other weekly raid bosses.

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➤ Froster Lord (Weekly Raid Version Stats):
➤ Exorcist - Sadhu - Crusader Skills Build:
➤ Vaivora 2H Mace Stats:
:white_check_mark: Video Timestamp :white_check_mark:
➤ 0:00 - 0:35 | Froster Lord Overview & Stats
➤ 0:36 - 2:02 | Weekly Froster Lord’s Skills Patterns
➤ 2:03 - 3:15 | Froster Lord’s Personal Skills (Danger & Avoid)
➤ 3:16 - 3:50 | Recommend Cards
➤ 3:51 - 4:08 | Recommend Legend Cards
➤ 4:09 - 4:43 | Recommend Potions + Buffs
➤ 4:44 - 4:59 | Recommend Ichors
➤ 5:00 - 5:43 | Equipment & Cards
➤ 5:44 - 5:58 | Assister Combos
➤ 5:59 - 6:32 | Skills Build
➤ 6:33 - 13:51 | Weekly Raid Boss - Froster Lord Full Gameplay


I noticed that when I get hit by ice wave I get up to 3 stacks of debuff that reduces dmg dealt by 30% per stack for 30 seconds, tho I don’t see this debuff icon in your video when you get hit. Is there any way to reliably dodge the ice wave so I won’t get these stacks?

Hmm, I tried to jump over the waves, but I still get hit. I think the only way to dodge is either using Iframe skill or stun the boss as soon as possible before he cast it.

only way to not get the debuff that lowers damage is to hide behind one of the ice pillars that spawn around the battle field

To avoid waves, either

  1. Stay under Froster Lord.
  2. Stay behind Ice Pillars.
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Thanks so much for this !!

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Does anyone know how I can make the lightning strike in the middle of the map?

That’s a bit impossible in my opinion. I tried to sit in the corner of the map and I still get hit by the lightning.

Look at this gif… There is a way to do… but i tried everything and didn’t make it

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She is actually the Academic in Dragon Nest from the future XD

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Its hard to see whats going on in the gif. But i know for sure that invisibility effects (Like fade from cleric) will re-direct lightning strikes, as long as you were invis when the thunderbolts started happening.

Weekly Raid Boss: Bramble - The Nature Whisper

This weekly raid boss is Bramble, he is considered the least ingenious. Gesti, who favors simpler personalities, however, granted him higher authority. He is a Mutant-type and Earth attribute with ghost armor type. I recommend picking up Legend Marnox card for a high minimum critical chance or Boruta card for extra boss damage.


Bramble has 3,300 critical defense as default, and his type as a Mutant type amplifies his resistance stats a bit higher (1.3 CR Multiplier), as well as his physical and magic defenses! Almost all Demon Lord Bramble attacks are physical, so make sure to stack up the physical defense as high as possible! Legend Zaura is also optional to deal with Bramble.


➤ Bramble has knockback/down ability, so try to capitalize Gazing Golem cards as much as possible for the Pain Barrier effect. Demon Lord usually charges up and slams into the ground while releasing multiple spike attacks. Players can also move back to avoid the attack or use knockdown immunity ability.


➤ Bramble has a shotgun attack, and it does a decent amount of damage if your character stands in the center of the attack. Based on experiences, Demon Lord Bramble damage isn’t worth mentioning, but it’s strong enough to take out your character if you aren’t cautious!


tree 22
➤ Bramble’s first pattern skill is Rockslide. He will summon a large number of rocks falling from the sky, and it deals a decent amount of damage. Moreover, the Rockslide will also apply to decrease healing debuff, which reduces healing by 1% per stack. I recommend avoiding taking Rockslide damage as much as possible for non-healing classes.

➤ Bramble’s second skill pattern is Death Rune. Bramble will summon a magic circle under neat your character, and it does a huge chunk amount of damage. Be aware that Death Rune also has a debuff/side effect, which reduces your character accuracy. If your character has accuracy stats on the main weapon ichor, then you don’t have to worry about the debuff, but you might want to avoid taking damage.

➤ Bramble’s third skill pattern is Void Explosion. Bramble will charge up and release a powerful attack. The void explosion also has a blind effect, and the explosion only occurs in front of Bramble, so try to bait out a few seconds before he cast void explosion, and then run behind the boss.

➤ Bramble’s fourth skill pattern is Star Fall. As you fight Demon Lord Bramble, he will drop five different stars, and each star reduces your skill cooldown by 10%. I recommend capturing these stars to maximize your damage output as much as possible! Stop attacking the boss and capture the stars!

➤ Lastly, Bramble has a critical resistance specialty, which boosts Bramble’s critical resistance further. I recommend using Glacia Leader ichors to increase your critical rate or use Demon Lord Marnox card for extra minimum critical chance to deal with his thick critical resistance.
:white_check_mark: Other Related Sources :white_check_mark:
➤ Bramble (Weekly Raid Version Stats):
➤ Exorcist - Druid - Crusader Skills Build:
➤ Vaivora 2H Mace Stats:
:white_check_mark: Video Timestamp :white_check_mark:
➤ 0:00 - 0:35 | Bramble Overview & Stats
➤ 0:36 - 1:56 | Bramble’s Skills Patterns
➤ 1:57 - 2:30 | Bramble’s Personal Skills (Danger & Avoid)
➤ 2:31 - 3:06 | Recommend Cards
➤ 3:07 - 3:23 | Recommend Legend Cards
➤ 3:24 - 3:59 | Recommend Potions + Buffs
➤ 4:00 - 4:14 | Recommend Ichors
➤ 4:15 - 5:05 | Equipment & Cards
➤ 5:05 - 5:16 | Assister Combos
➤ 5:17 - 5:44 | Skills Build
➤ 5:45 - 12:56 | Weekly Raid Boss - Bramble Full Gameplay


Weekly Raid Boss: Warpulis - The Faceless Jester

boss 1
This weekly raid boss is Warpulis, Warpulis is one that gets along nicely with Demon King Kartas as they both have fickle personalities. He is an Insect-type and Dark attribute with Leather armor type. I recommend picking up Legend Boruta card for extra boss damage or Legend Skiaclipse for Insect bonus.

Warpulis has 3,300 critical defense as default, and his type as an Insect-type reduce his resistance stats a bit higher (0.6 CR Multiplier), as well as his physical and magic defenses! Almost all Demon Lord Warpulis attacks are physical, so make sure to stack up the physical defense as high as possible! Legend Zaura is also optional to deal with Warpulis.
Warpulis has a lot of AoE abilities, and it can do a lot of damage if he has Rune of Magic stack. The following clip is a great example of Rune of Magic. He can easily melt my character less than 2-3 seconds with a big AoE attack, so make sure to prevent him from getting the magic stack as much as possible.
Warpulis also has a huge AoE shotgun ability, and it takes 1-2 seconds to cast it. Players can also dodge the attack by standing behind Warpulis while he’s channeling.
Warpulis has a DoT ground attack, which allows him to cast multiple small dots on the ground. These dots do a lot of damage, so I recommend avoiding/luring the boss away from the location. Additionally, It has a light teal color, so It can also blend in with the environment.
Among many Warpulis’ attacks, he also has burst skill that can easily melt your character if you stand close to him. Based on my experiences, as long as you don’t stand close to him or in the middle, then you should be fine. However, It also may depend on your luck whether he lands any critical attack or not.
Warpulis synergy extremely well with the Ice Wall skill pattern thanks to his shotgun attack. He can send multiple Ice shards from far away to deal damage and apply extra chance to freeze your character. As I mentioned earlier, you might want to consider luring the boss away from the Ice wall as much as possible to reduce your chance of getting frozen.
Unlike other Demon Lord, Warpulis has a teleport ability that does damage with knock-up effect, and players can utilize his skill set to move him away from the Rune of Magic. However, his teleport attack can also become the deadliest weapon on the battlefield. The following clips are a great example of the teleportation.
As you continue to fight Warpulis, he usually drops his orb on the field from time to time. These orbs do a lot of damage whenever your character touches it. However, Demon Lord Warpulis will start pulling all his orbs and spin them around him. I recommend avoiding getting any stack from Rune of Magic since It will be difficult to deal with all Warpulis’ attacks at the same time.
➤ Warpulis’s first pattern skill is Ice Wall. He will summon a large vertical or horizontal Ice wall to block the enemy, dealing a small amount of damage, and has a chance to freeze for a short time. I recommend luring Warpulis away from the Ice wall as much as possible to reduce your chance of getting frozen.

➤ Warpulis’s second skill pattern is Overload. Warpulis will summon an unknown black orb that will follow your character until it explodes or slightly touches by walking through it. The black orb also applies sp drain debuff if your character gets hit by it. I recommend stocking up SP elixir and potions to deal with Overload. Running away and luring the orb is also optional.

➤ Warpulis’s third skill pattern is Death Rune. Warpulis will summon a magic circle, dealing a large amount of damage, and reduce your character accuracy. You don’t have to worry about the debuff as long as your character has an accuracy bonus from assister or weapon ichor. However, the damage is still huge, so prepared to chunk down some HP potions.

➤ Warpulis’s fourth skill pattern is Rune of Magic. He will summon a red magic circle, which boosts skill damage for both player and boss. DO NOT let Warpulis gain any stacks from the magic circle, otherwise he will deal an insane amount of damage with the majority of his abilities. Lure the boss away from the magic circle as far as possible.

➤ Lastly, Warpulis has a critical rate/damage specialty, which boosts Warpulis’ critical rate/damage further. Based on my experiences, the speciality is not a problem at all, but it might be a problem if Warpulis gain the buff from Rune of Magic while landing a critical attack.
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➤ Warpulis (Weekly Raid Version Stats):
➤ Exorcist - Druid - Crusader Skills Build:
➤ Vaivora 2H Mace Stats:
:white_check_mark: Video Timestamp :white_check_mark:
➤ 0:00 - 0:35 | Warpulis Overview & Stats
➤ 0:36 - 1:56 | Warpulis’ Skills Patterns
➤ 1:57 - 3:38 | Warpulis’ Personal Skills (Danger & Avoid)
➤ 3:39 - 4:14 | Recommend Cards
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➤ 6:07 - 6:16 | Assister Combos
➤ 6:17 - 7:04 | Skills Build
➤ 7:05 - 14:25 | Weekly Raid Boss - Warpulis Full Gameplay


Weekly Raid Boss: Mirtis - The Burning Region

boss 1
This weekly raid boss is Mirtis. Mirtis is considered a low-ranked Demon Lord of all the others, and she is a Devil-type and Holy attribute with cloth armor type. Moreover, the Holy attribute is weak against the Dark attribute, so Exorcist and Shadowmancer classes have an upper-hand in the ranking. I recommend picking up Legend Boruta card for extra boss damage!

Mirtis has 3,300 critical defense as default, and his type as a Devil type reduce her resistance stats a bit higher (0.7 CR Multiplier), but she has high magic defenses! Almost all Demon Lord Mirtis attacks are magic (except for auto-attack), so make sure to stack up the magic defense as high as possible! Legend Nuaele is also optional to deal with Mirtis.


Among all Mirtis’ magic attacks, she has one where she lands multiple lightning strikes. However, if she lands all lightning strikes at one specific point, she can potentially one-shot your character. As long as you have enough magic defense, then you should be fine!


Full Light
Mirtis most powerful magic attack is where she created a lightning loop attack. Be careful when you’re fighting her at close range, these lightning damage can stack up if you accidentally stand on top of MIRTIS location. The following clip is a good example when you’re fighting Mirtis on Overload area, keep your distance, while absorbing damage from both lightning and area.


Mirtis does have a knockback effect from most of her abilities, which can be annoying sometimes without having any Gazing golem cards. So make sure to pick up 3x Gazing golem cards while fighting Mirtis!


Positioning the meteor shower is the most important factor while fighting Demon Lord Mirtis. I always try to keep the meteor shower in the previous overcharge area as much as possible, so I don’t have to worry about the next one. Keep in mind that the Overcharge area activates in counter-clockwise, so eventually, you will come back to the first one.


➤ Mirtis’ first pattern skill is Overcharge. An active region will active periodically, and your character will deal with 50% more damage as long your character and boss are in the same area. However, the area will Overload after one minute, the Overload area will increase damage by 200%, but your character will take damage over time, along with reduced healing debuff.

➤ Mirtis’ second skill pattern is Sequoia Flame. She will summon a small fire minion, which grows over time and eventually explode, dealing a huge amount of damage and apply reduced block debuff. If you see a small flame, try to kill it as soon as possible.

➤ Mirtis’ third skill pattern is Meteor Shower. Several meteors will fall periodically. The number of meteors will increase as time goes, and each meteor will leave a tile that inflicts DoT fire damage. I recommend to stack up the meteor tiles in a single area so it doesn’t spread out.

➤ Mirtis’ fourth skill pattern is Magic Absorption. She will summons three different portals, and each portal applies to different buffs. The blue one gives a magic defense, the gray gives a physical defense, and the red one gives damage buff. I recommend picking up blue for magic DPS builds, and gray for physical DPS builds.

➤ Lastly, Mirtis has an accuracy specialty, which boosts Mirtis accuracy to break through any high evasion builds. I recommend picking up block ichors for 1h + shield build classes, and Nuaele cards to stack up the magic defense as high as possible for 2h builds.
:white_check_mark: Other Related Sources :white_check_mark:
➤ Mirtis (Weekly Raid Version Stats):
➤ Exorcist - Druid - Crusader Skills Build:
➤ Vaivora 2H Mace Stats:
:white_check_mark: Video Timestamp :white_check_mark:
➤ 0:00 - 0:35 | Mirtis Overview & Stats
➤ 0:36 - 2:06 | Mirtis’ Skills Patterns
➤ 2:07 - 3:02 | Mirtis’ Personal Skills (Danger & Avoid)
➤ 3:03 - 3:37 | Recommend Cards
➤ 3:38 - 3:55 | Recommend Legend Cards
➤ 3:56 - 4:30 | Recommend Potions + Buffs
➤ 4:31 - 4:45 | Recommend Ichors
➤ 4:56 - 5:32 | Equipment & Cards
➤ 5:33 - 5:47 | Assister Combos
➤ 5:48 - 6:21 | Skills Build
➤ 6:22 - 13:40 | Weekly Raid Boss - Mirtis Full Gameplay


I used 3 Zaura cards as a wizard. The meteor fire does physical pierce damage and feels like the highest source of damage in this fight.

Also, this week was the first time I managed to kill the weekly boss. Seems like once it gets to under 5% HP, the next hit will heal it up to near full:

You keep your accumulated damage of course.


you should burst the boss during the last 4% and finally break the game