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Weekly Question and Answer - June 10, 2016

Will you guys make the stats reset potion purchasable like the skill reset potion through TP? i hope that you guys do! Thanks in advance.

am just waiting for 100 threads more asking the same questions answered there…


I have asked that question so much in this forum that I stopped asking :expressionless:


an add-on that SHOWS and HIGHLIGHT the unexplored sections of the map AND LET YOU KNOW what you are missing.



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Are there any hidden class available ingame aside from Rune Caster, Shinobi and Chaplain? This is answerable by a yes or no. I’d like to know this so that people can start searchin. :smiley:

I want to make a suggestion on working/ remaking and polishing 1-7 class skills that are not effective instead of making r8 skills that also might end up useless.

so far i’ve seen some pretty useless skills, and im worried about how useful r8 skills will be

Mate, im being kind, and yes, i have read.
U cant find information about parts missing on ur map with ur friends or websites.
I’d LOVE using it, but i wanna know if they are the ones allowed or not, simple as that.

4.Will Monster Gems and Cards ever become tradable?

The original intention behind them was to encourage users to explore various fields and invest a certain amount of time to obtain the desired items. That is why we set them as untradeable. We have no plans to make them tradable yet.

How naive. I understand your intentions, but your devs should be aware that you cant by no means hinder your players from trading when they want something.

Its ok to want people to grind for gems themself to have some unique stuff, but in reality, people will look for ways to trade these gems and cards anyways. Right now you are only making it really easy for scammers to scam naive players.

Since you seem to lack imagination, I will give you an example about how gems and cards are traded ingame.

Shout: WTB Templeshooter Card

Whisper: 200k/40 Talt, payable via market/trade. But be aware that we cant trade cards directly, so using talt would be a kind of waste. I’ve set up some overpriced mats in the market for your convenience though. Just buy 6 of the XXX for 25k each and the order is set. We will trade the cards afterwards. In case you lose a card in the process, this card will be fused with the Templeshooter immediately.

Shout: WTS XXX Gem

Whisper: I’d buy this gem for XXXk silver/XXtalt. But since we cant trade Gems directly, would you set the gem into Cafrisun parts beforehand? Since they are cheap and worn for a long time its not a waste to set them in there.


Whisper: I’d buy your gem for XXXk silver/XX Talt. But since we cant trade the gem directly, would you take my slotted high lvl item first, put the gem into it, and trade it back against talt please? It may lose 2 potentials due to that, but thats still better than wasting days killing an ridiculous amount of mobs to get that gem. And please don’t scam me!

Thats how I deal with that. Trade restrictions my @ss. You are just making it unecessarily difficult, NOT impossible. Its easy to scam people that way.

Seriously, face reality.


@STAFF_John I’m sorry my love! How could I ever ignore you? <3


Pure gold
This guy gets it

I’m more interested to know if saalus drop from lv 240 mission is able to transfer between team storage… Pls comment @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_John @STAFF_MAXSWIFE @STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_Max

There seems to be a growing number of users that tag “STAFF_MAXSWIFE”

I would like to remind you that that user is not a staff member but an impostor!
That user has been blocked so it would not be wise to tag that user.

Digression: No love for STAFF_John?


Ops… Noted… Anyway mind to answer my question too? @STAFF_John

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Hmmm… let me check and get back to you as soon as possible~

Well current is untradable… But my question if Dev intend to enable the transfer? As some recipe is totally useless to my char i.e.: swordsman class getting bow recipe. If it able to share between my own team. At least this will be little better.

Thanks in advance @STAFF_John

I just love how that staff replies… at least he’s not a robot just copy pasting stuff :joy:


Aww much love for you @STAFF_John

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Will the South America Server Silute ever come back to São Paulo or Level UP! Interactive will take care of it with the BR version?

Will take at least 1 year to they release the 8 ranks on kToS, and MAYBE 2 years to it be released to us… Soon imc style :sweat:

D: I call your name all the time…

maybe all the threads and post don’t let you see the ones that love you :yum:

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How about the 100% Map Explore Addon, which one is that? An allowed one or not? U can’t find out the parts u didnt explore from external information or between players, however its far from being an auto-play program or the NPC store on a field, like mentioned.

I really don’t see why not. It’s a slight improvement on already available functionality. You still need to explore the maps yourself and it doesn’t modify the functionality of the game in any way. It’s a visual aid, nothing more.

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