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Weekly Question and Answer - June 10, 2016

Greetings, Saviors!

See the link below for our latest Weekly Q&A post:

Thank you.


Thank you to have finaly give a proper answer about the addons, I’m glad you didn’t decided to forbid any kind of addons and just the one that “exegerate” (like the example you gave).

I hope you plan to release more costumes soon since we’re a lot now with a lot of TP :innocent:

I’m looking foward for your futur optimisation patches.


How about [SA] Silute?

We need our server in south america.


info coming soon about rank 8 classes is really exciting!

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Woohoo, unique instanced dungeon BGMs!

Working in rank 8 is great.
Now a question: Swordsman will gain another for fun rank?

4.Will Monster Gems and Cards ever become tradable?

The original intention behind them was to encourage users to explore various fields and invest a certain amount of time to obtain the desired items. That is why we set them as untradeable. We have no plans to make them tradable yet.

No really? Encouraging users to explore all the same fields for 4-5 times making them annihilate dozens of thousands of monsters? With the same goddamn route each and every time? And if you get some gem you need on another character also? Seriously, this is the most idiotic excuse I have ever seen.

6.Lv 160 and Lv 175 dungeons are very stingy with EXP compared to other dungeons; are there any plans to revitalize them?

It is true that there are unpopular dungeons or mercenary missions. We believe that even if we simply adjust EXP and Silver yields from dungeons, it will only rearrange the popularity list and will not solve the problem fundamentally.

That is why in kTOS, we have included unique rewards that are dungeon-specific in certain dungeons. And we plan to expand such practice to other dungeons as well.

Oh, good for kTOS. At least someone has fun. And also, should I remind you that you’ve put untradable items to some of the unpopular dungeons (yes, Ledas Shield, I’m looking at you). Why? What’s the point?


It’s good and all to work on rank 8, really cool but…

Do you even plan to finish the game ? As in, continue the quests that abruptly stop at lvl 230 ?

Because, really, it looks like we’re still playing a beta version of the game…

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I’m still waiting for a decent way of making my opinions known by the devs.
Like, why would I comment on this QA when I’m 50% sure that only forum trolls will read my post ? (Sorry for you nice guy currently reading my post, I still like you.)
Proper bugtracker when ?

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No matter what medium they offer they will still be spamed by stupid, unconstrutive criticism anyway.

I’m pretty sure they are actually reading the forums even though they don’t comment in them.

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when will you open up pvp?


the most important questions were not answered
1°[quote=“mleo1, post:12, topic:293967, full:true”]
when will you open up pvp?

2°[quote=“guuheraffa, post:4, topic:293967”]
How about [SA] Silute?

3°when will occur skill balance ?

Common sense mate.

The quests stop at 230 to make it hard to get to the cap. Once a new rank gets available, new quests will be released to fill in the empty gaps while the next last 50 levels from the game will be questless, assuming that the next cap will be at 330, the game will possibly have quests up to 280.

The game will never get finished, MMOs are meant to have an infinite horizon.


You want pvp when you get 10 FPS in town ?
Aren’t you getting your priority wrong ?

PvP is only enjoyable when when you’re not fighting against lag and suttering.


Your displaying a lack of understanding of what the problems in this game are. Changing the dungeon xp won’t re prioritize dungeons. There is only one dungeon in each lvl range. Upping the xp would just mean they are used to lvl rather then abandoned and untouched. None trad able Monster Gems and Cards… do i really need to explain this to you? I would advise you have your staff play the game.


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IMC, here’s a link to Reddit feedback about that news if you’re interested:

You guys had your server on the South America and it didn’t work out for you guys.Did you even read the SA feedback about the server being in the SA region.

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I’d like to hear more on PvP 3v3 5v5 and GVG. Also i’d like an estimate on RANK 8 release or at least when we start to see info on it.

Like 1 month until info 2 months until release.
or 3 months until info 6 months until release lol

the same with the pvp stuff

ALSO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Fix warriors move attack. they can’t strafe and attack anymore which has damaged their gameplay completely

So Rank 8 will be available first in Ktos?

So…How about the 100% Map Explore Addon, which one is that? An allowed one or not? U can’t find out the parts u didnt explore from external information or between players, however its far from being an auto-play program or the NPC store on a field, like mentioned.