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Weapon/Sub Skill Gem >> Accessories Skill Gem

turning accessories into offensive gear is nice, but i think theres still more you can do which is adding gem slot to it. 1 for bracelet 2 for necklace/2 slots each/idk you decide. i ll say 1 each is lacking, total of 4 is fair, and 6+ is just awesome

as for what gem can be added into accessories gem slot, you can change all weapon slot skill gems into accessory slot.

reason to implement this are:

  1. it felt like a trap option.
    skill gem in weapon/sub is sacrificing patk/matk that can boost all skills. you can use 4 skill gems at minimum in armors slot and you can go more with weapon/sub but you will sacrifice patk/matk overall increase and this option is rarely chosen by any even top players, at max they will use 1~2 in weapon/sub or even switch weapon/sub/armors

  2. many skill gems become less valuable.
    some skill gems become less valuable because with 3 classes and at minimum 10 dpses skill, and majority only wear 4 skill gems, that makes many skill gems, thats even so rare because it doesnt drop from field, become cheap unvaluable item, even just fodder. by changing weapon slot skill gem into accessory slot skill gem, we are up to more option to optimize our build and these previously neglected skill gems can become more valuable.

  3. theres no 3.i just love the sound of 3rd reason. maybe because we need improvement

also OOT, heres my other suggestions


Hello neechan,

We truly appreciate your enthusiasm for the game by providing us your feedback suggestions. Rest assured that it will receive proper attention, as we develop future contents and updates.

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