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Assisters Improvement

When i shouldve write my thesis with my netbook in this 5 hourst trip, i wrote this brainfart ideas cause i felt boring. Here are my ideas on how to improve assisters feature

beforehand i wrote this as ticket but im posting it here in forum too in case you have some time to read this long post. You can also post your idea in comment below about assister.also im not that good in english so you dont have to fix my grammar or any typing error if you find any.

also here are some terms in game:
evolution grade:1*,2*,3*

here are my ideas:

1.NEW FEATURE Delete -> Dismantle, Dismantle Bulk, Assister point

Back in assisters event, instead of deleting assisters and its gone to nothing, you can sort of dismantle it and get some sort of points to get another cards. Of course deleting should not be option when you can fusion them. But fusion only become worthy when its produce assister you need or getting higher grade assister especially from rare grade assisters. But then again I would say 90%+ asissters cards i have in inventory are common grades, and there are like 1k+ of them. its going to be a lot of work registering them 1 by 1,then fusioning, not to mention assisters capacity that gonna limit how much you can burn at once. Therefore we need some sort of feature to “dismantle” assisters easily.

Dismantle assisters will be a feature for assisters lady in Klaipeda in which letting you refund your assister into assister points.

the UI will be pretty much like dismantling gears (which i hate) or repairing gears (which i prefer lol).Also instead of putting it in dismantling tab 1 by 1 you can put it as bulk per assister by double right clicking it. When dismantling assisters, you will get assister points according to the assisters grade and evolution grade.

1*> common:1 rare:5 unique:10 legend[?]:100
2*> common:3 rare:15 unique:30
3*> common:9 rare:45 unique:90

Why no continuation of legend and why it comes with question mark, because it will be a rare scenario where you want to dismantle legend, but for the sake of making option, i think it can be exist.

So what is the function of assister points?
one of it is to use it as currency when “devolution” or “restore” assister [will be explained later]
another one is to use it in “assister shop”.

2.NEW FEATURE Assister Shop

a little more job for assister npc. With assister points, you can buy assisters grade-x album:selection.x is assisters grade from common to legend. here are the cost of assister grade-x album:selection will be:

asisster grade-common album:Selection = 3 assister points
asisster grade-rare album:Selection = 40 assister points
asisster grade-unique album:Selection = 200 assister points
asisster grade-legend album:Selection = 1000 assister points

this assister-grade album will be a fail-safe method of getting higher grade assister instead of fusioning which still can probably give you more higher grade with lower amount of assisters card needed if you are lucky (or not if you are badluck brian). So instead of burning 1000 common assisters in hope it will be fusioned to become some unique or even legend(or not at all), you can just dismantle them all easily and just buy 1 grade-legend album. it certainly cost more but its fair price of fail-safe method.

In addition, Assister shop will also sell

EXP Tomes 100% Increase = 50 assister points
EXP Orbs:Assisters = 20 assister points

3.NEW ITEM EXP Orb:Assisters

Just like how you can save exp in exp orb because you gain exp in maxed lv character so do assister. Simply right click the item to activate it.
Although there is condition to activate it:
-no active assisters in assister cabinet OR
-ALL assisters in assister cabinet are maxed level
-changing assister will deactivate EXP Orb:Assisters

When EXP Orb:Assisters full it will become like consumable item that when its consumed, it will:
-read assisters level in assister cabinet, if all of them maxed lv it become unable to use and prompt user
-if at least 1 assister not in maxed level, increase exp of all the assister by the amount saved equally. [exp/amount of active assister]

that means maxed assister can waste the exp saved if you make them as active assister along with one that you want to level with the orb.but if you only put that one assister in active tab, it will suck all the exp orb for itself.

4.NEW FEATURE Devolution

One of assister feature is assister cost which restrict combinations of assisters according to its evolution grade. Theres time when you want to combine assisters combo, whether for battle or for buff, but then you cant because you runout of assisters cost. the only way you can try the combo is to get another assisters you want and evolve them into lower evolution grade. It will be easy for common or rare assisters, but its going to be hard for unique and obviously legend. not to mention the limitation of assisters bag and the need of leveling them. of course its going to be great to remove this limitation but in other hand you can implement this new feature i so called “devolution”.

By using devolution feature, you can reduce evolution grade of assisters while keeping its level and its max evolution grade.

so the requirement of devolution is:
-assister evolution grade is 2 stars above
-assister points 20

the output of devolution assisters will be:
-assister with evolution grade of -1
-reduce stats according to its new evolution grade scale
-keep the maximum evolution grade
-keep the level

Devolved assister will have its degraded stars turn from yellow to grey, indicating its a devolved one. for example a Nueale will have its 3rd stars become grey when its devolved from 3* into 2* evolution grade.

Of course devolved assisters will not have access to skills of its higher evolution grade to keep its limitation nature. But in case you let it to use skills of its higher evolution graded in its devolved state, of course it will be pleasant for us since they also have weaker stats but its also questions the limitation consistency here.

Devolved assisters assister cannot be used as evolution material. its evolution grade needs to be “restored” first.

Devolution will be feature of assisters cabinet next to evolution.


Obviously when you can devolve assisters, there must be a way to restore its evolution grade. restore feature simply invert the devolved assister back to its maximum evolution grade or maybe +1 evolution grade and restore the stats back to its evolution grade scale.

so the requirement of restore is:
-assister is in devolved state
-assister points 20

the output of restore assisters will be:
-assister with evolution grade of +1 of its max evolution grade saved
-restored stats according to its new evolution grade scale

Restore will be feature of assisters cabinet next to Devolution.

6.NEW UI Assisters Party Info, Halt skill

When using assisters in battle whether in assister dungeon, solo cm or solo tel harsha, you cant see assisters hp in pleasant way. moreover you also cant see assisters skill cooldown. This really need an improvement which technically used what the game already have.

Party Info -> Assister Info
Instead of showing party member hp and so on, there will be small “>” icon next to party info tab which will replace party info with assister info. this icon only clickable in content where assisters battling. This Info tab will shows active assisters thumbnail,HP, buff icon, debuff icon, and also “skill CD icon”.

Skill CD icon will be a way for us to see how long an assister will take until its ready to perform its skills. each assister can have maximum 2 skill so there will only be 2 skill icons per assister. The icons image will be unified so its easier for us to identify it (also so you can save cost of making skill icons:p) so for example the skill icon be like [S1] for 2* evolution grade skill and [S2] for 3* evolution grade skill for every assisters. and the most important part is it has timer/counter that shows the skills cooldown in second.when the counter reach 0, remove skill CD icon and the assister gonna perform its skill.when its done performing its skill, the skill CD icon will be re-added.

Many times you want to halt assisters from performing its skill because of many reasons. For example they are in bad position like on top of enemy magic circle or its bad timing like when during enemy casting its deadly skill and the assister end up stuck performing its skill until the animation finished because you cant force stop the animation. Of course making them forced to move and stop skill animation will be nice, but then its kinda awkward, so how about halt its skill perfoming time.Its actually doable by moving assister non stop so its not gonna casting its skill unless its stay in a spot for more than like 1 sec but its not gonna possible under battle where positioning matters and limited area of movement.
Therefore we need new assister skills “halt”.
this skill will increase all assisters skills cooldown by 10 second and also increase skills cooldown counter by 10 as well.halt have 1 sec cooldown so you can halt as much as you can. Halt will increase both skill 2* and 3* of all assisters. Of course making it increase certain skill will be awesome. even more awesome make a certain assister only get the halt effect. for example you want to halt your healer assister from using it healing skill and use it later when its urgently needed.this will give much more control to assisters which is going to be great but if you want assisters to be less controlled by player, at least halt all can be bare minimum i can personally accept.

7.NEW ITEM Assister Card Album Recipe

Simple, combine 5 assister card album:selection to create assister card album.The recipe will be buy-able from town npc for cheap price. if you think theres supposed to be some “tax” for crafting this, i dont even mind as long as its less than like 10 album:selection required. This way i wont feel disappointed when i use the selection one and failed to get the legend one inside of it.

8.NEW PREMIUM ITEM Assister Album Box, Assister grade-x album, EXP orbs:Assister box, Assister Cost potion, Assister Capacity potion

Assister Album Box consist of 1 of each of Assister grade-x album from common to legend. S rank
Assister grade-x album gives you 5 grade-x instead of selection one in assister shop. legend and unique S, blue A, common B
EXP orbs:Assister box is box with 10 filled EXP orbs:Assister inside. S rank
Assister Cost potion increase your assister cost limit by 1. SSS most probably in top package
Assister Capacity potion increase assister bag capacity by 5 SSS

by the time i start to write this i honestly only have devolution and restore in mind but as i write i got more ideas :p. if any can be implemented from this list,please prioritize devolution and restore cause that will make combining/experimenting assisters for battle/buff more fun.
also the numbers are just an example. an assumption that i myself assume fair. ofc it will be imc job to judge that.
in case you read this far dev team, thank you and i hope you take account my ideas.

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