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Uphill Extreme Hard (XH)

Hi, im here sitting in long flight journey and i guess i will write my idea again bout this game to make me feels sleepy
this time its about harder level of uphill

Uphill Extreme Hard (XH) difficulty

  • level requirement 440+
  • revamp the map a tiny bit to add more jumping slope to flexibly moving from top/left/right. there is currently path but make it a tiny bit more clear especially one that require tricky jump
  • fix so jumping from lower to higher ground or some path where its possible to be easier and does not require two or more attempts.also add more slope for bonus stage difficulty.
  • also fix where the mobs including boss kind of ignoring you even though you dps them hard already
  • keep it 15 stages cause if its longer it makes people sick, or maybe if time given each stage is longer due to the higher difficulty make it 10 stages
  • no fire collection. no boost, stockade etcs.its rather useless anyway except for dmg boost. mid can stay empty and everyone can roam in more leecher or free-rider for this difficulty.
  • mobs and boss more tanky.
  • mobs doable with 2 geared player or 1 high end geared player aoe/cc focus.
  • boss doable with 2-3 geared player each lane, or 2 high end geared bossing focus. dont let only 1 high end geared needed to solo boss in the given time.
  • each spot spawn mobs or boss, top can no longer afk
  • boss appears each stage
  • only one boss appears each stage either at top/right/left
  • the lane with boss certainly will need assistance as it needs more people. therefore a mobile assist is a must

There will also 1 bonus stage. In this bonus stage:

  • add new monster assasin bomber, mad witch and elite foxes
  • there will be three kind of variation one each sides: 100 fox raid, bomber&witch, and boss

– 100 fox raid

  • apply buff to all party member “fox slayer” that last for 10 sec
  • the buff refresh each time a fox killed
  • instead of spawning in spawning spot 100 foxes will spawn toghther in one side of area from the spawning spot to entrance of mid
  • ofc they are tankier than very hard one, make them thicker
  • they have no interest in approaching crystal (at least for now)
  • they are non aggressive mob
  • each time killing a fox will reduce 1 buff stack of boss defense
  • each time killing 20 foxes will reduce the buff stack of assasin bomber movement speed buff
  • killing 100 foxes will remove invisible state of assasin bomber
  • killing 100 foxes will also increase spawn rate of assasin bomber & mad witch
  • to prevent leaving foxes alive to keep spawn rate of assasin&witch if 100 foxes killed, the buff timer will comes in play. if the buff disappear which means no foxes killed in 10 sec, all the foxes will disappear and there will respawn another fresh 100 foxes altogether. this also reset the increased defense buff of boss back to 100!. also apply one stack of buff to all party member “foxes wrath” each time 100 foxes respawn
  • if stacks of foxes wrath reach 3 spawns 100 red elite foxes instead and they will storming altogether to destroy crystal=game over
  • make the killing 100 foxes not taking less than half of stage duration even for high end gear player or high aoe focus player
  • so in the end the fox slayers must timing their kill, not too fast and not that slow too


  • mad witch will not approaching to mid, there are more than one witch appear at once, perhaps 4 or 5 in each lane at once, they appear randomly nearby players and not far from assasin bomber, along the routes from mid to initial spawn spot.
  • mad witch casting slow webs, after casting slow they disappear.
  • mad witch is squishier, they are kill-able but doing so will give you shock for 5 seconds, thats enough for one assasin bomber to approach mid so better watch where you hit and timing and dodge the slow web
  • assasin bomber will start appearing quite often in random spot instead of initial spot but not that close to mid entrance, at least first road from mid is safe
  • assasin bomber appear silently without any spawning visual effect
  • all of them are in cloaking/fade effect state. still spot-able but just harder.
  • they move a slower than the regular bomb one, compensated with 5 stack of buff movement speed +1
  • perhaps 3 or 2 bombs hit enough to destroy the crystal and failed the bonus stage
  • it either make them tankier but slower a bit, or spawn more often squishier and move normal
  • due to disturbance of mad witch the maps need more slope or perhaps make it possible to jump from lower platform to higher one but no require more than two jump attempt


  • the boss spawn in this stage even more tankier and going to require 3 geared players or 2 high end bossing one
  • make it thick but not hitting hard, with buff of 100 stacks of increased defense with 2% increase per stack
  • make reducing boss defense is a must to complete the stage in the given time
  • the buff reduced according to number of foxes killed
  • make the boss slower and also fix the ignoring threat/dps and just runaway boss

there will also another hidden ultimate bonus stage if you manage to kill the bonus stage in certain duration.and yes make it ultimately hard

  • there will be title for the first party complete the ultimate bonus stage in the server
  • dont let a method to cheese this ultimate stage, in fact ban some skill in this uphill if needed

honestly i was asleep and wake up arrived at my destination before i can even post this