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[Weapon Costume] Immanence // Silute


:sad: :hey: :satisfaction:


The crossbow is very nice


wow =O
compraria fácil alguns ai ein


wow I like ur skillz - pretty sketches


very beautiful concept, I hope IMC implements in the game


thank you (: @monsterrrous

@timoteosilvajorge ahaha valeu!

@linyue thanks linye ^^

@designstrukk thanks, I’m hoping~ too haha


*UPDATE: add the Musket, inspired on Bleak Chapparition

aand, this little gif.


Love it :3


Awesome. Brazil, I’m devasted with your talent <3


AHHHHAA <3 thanks allex


*Note: I had some feedback regarding the size of the musket’s barrel, that it should be longer.

I know the contest has ended yesterdat (27/11), but I’ve added a longer barrel version just to be registered among other designs, not to participate the contest — the valid one, by the rules, are the shorter/large shotgun-like version above.


These look very much like Monster Hunter weapons


I love ur style


thank you Geovane ^^


Maybe it’s a Diablo influence; I’ve never played Monster Hunter before ^^


wow really nice drawing skills


I really hope it’s the bow or musket that won, I want 'em so bad. :heart:


thanks mathias! (: glad you liked


Thanks! They are among my favourites too x)


If all of your submissions made it in to the game I wouldn’t be surprised. If only they could… Great work and creativity!