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Warning on Abusive behavior on 2020 is Here Event

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Warning on Abusive behavior on 2020 is Here Event’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

punishing players for bug in event?? what if somebody got thousand of events coin without knowing the limit or the bug existed?

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i just play this game for 3 week and i spend quite TP already, now you banned me without notice and detail?
you tell me to quit play this game for this weird issue @system ?

if you abused the event then obviously you are going to get banned.

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gem feud


wow. your comments everywhere or your old account comment that got banned continously make me disgust of your way of thinking.
you should just play tetris dude.

just accept ur punishment n maybe try another game that fits u more

dude srsly…

Anyone can confirm? i guess the bug is once you get 6000 coins you still get more even if you hit the limit? if so its better just stop to play and wait for the reset?

so who all logged in or played for long hours during the event(a nice new year gift) will probably get banned…thats stupid. what they really need to do is remove the coin and items from the players or do a 1 day rollback…

just remove their coins no need to ban, but ya they are dumbasses if they farmed over 100k coins lol :tired:

if i use your word back then its only some stpd player who cant even read the event page,event details on board or use newyear feature to know the limit is 5k a day.
when they bypass the content limit they shouldve know its a bug
and abusing a bug is a violation
and why so protecting those abusers btw? are you one of them?
somewhere you try to be whiteknight for newbies who actually chill and now you try to protect abusers…
i honestly dont care what happen to them
removing the coin?and the used stuffs that already transferred to gears like anvil, magnifiers etc?
thats another level of stpdity

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type /greedisnotgood
the story i heard of is: someone found that you can get 500 coin just by afk for x minute in some DG, and he shouted it. Suddenly the DG queue become very lively with greedy player. My informant even get 80k coin using this method since 2PM server time (2 AM in my real time). My informant got banned silently already tho, 2 hour after sharing me this story. Deepest condolence
What an interesting story to start the 1st day of 2020!

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Starting the decade by purging the Telsians.
Good start.


guys please calm down , IMC just want you guys do something more productive and spend all your money and time for something that really worth it. IMC just being nice to you guys, cmon look at the bright side. 596444558594670603


I, too love spending money on a game and getting banned the day after OMEGAPOPO

IMC, can you help me to refund the TP I reloaded yesterday? Reloaded, haven’t used… But I can’t login now due to some reasons… According to steam regulations, since it’s less than 2 weeks and haven’t been used… It is supposed to be refundable. If possible, refund my last 3 transections, all 3 of them are not* consumed yet. Thanks.

Sorry buddy, but thats not true.

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Oh, but it’s still possible right? I bought the TP like 20 hours ago (less than 48) … And haven’t spent yet… Was waiting for pp point to reset~

Geralt: Hmm…slowly but sure, one by one, the banned abuser unconsciously coming to this thread demanding a justice. Some name even considered above-mid player in my server. Interesting!
Waiting for IMC next announcement for the ending of the abuser