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[VIDEO STARS] #Doppelsoeldner

Server Name: Klaipeda

Team Name: Vau

Character Name: Vau


Video Description : This was a personal goal i had after rebuild: To Solo Velcoffer with my Barbarian-Highlander-Doppelsoeldner long time build, which i accomplished after the 2nd attempt.
Shared on the Games tips and strategies forum section:
Velcoffer Videos

Video Link :


Video Description : Barbarian-Highlander-Doppelsoeldner performing Boruta GvG right after its release, 6 hours long full of Fun 2 Youtube video parts. (Can still be 3 parts if i decide to make a 3rd video)

Video Links :

Boruta part 1 #Barbarian-Highlander-Doppelsoeldner

Boruta part 2 #Barbarian-Highlander-Doppelsoeldner

                                            **GEM FEUD**

Video Description: Barbarian-Highlander-Doppelsoeldner performing on Gem feud after re:build.

Video Link:

Currently planning to make a guide for fellow Doppelsoeldners around iTOS, who will focus on both PvE and PvP content just like myself!