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[Vacant Spot]Spanish Translation of ToS/Traducción al Español de ToS -

Hello, everyone!
Seeing as how most of the attempts at translating ToS to spanish have either halted or stopped updating, a fellow user and I have decided to gather people who can manage both languages well and have the time to participate in a new translation attempt.

This fellow user’s name on the forums is @dyland_1995.

We have decided that approximately 8~ people should be enough, counting @dyland_1995 and me. This is because otherwise, coordination would be impossible.

We would be happy to answer any question you have about this.

Everybody is welcome!
However, like I mentioned above, you should be able to manage yourself with both languages, and have some time to spare in your daily life. This entails that you can read a text in english and translate it at least decently. Being a group, we can always discuss the accuracy of translations, and the english files get updated frequently, so it’s expected that we should update our files frequently as well.

If you do want to join, that’s great! Just send a PM to @dyland_1995 or me.

We hope to deliver a high-quality translation! Thank you all for your time.


Maybe people are reluctant to join because of how spectacularly the last attempt fell apart.

Glossing over the github, seems it was updated for about two days only, and the last time someone touched it was around over 3 months ago.
In my opinion it’d probably be a better move to start from scratch, all things considered.

Thoughts on this?

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Hey there! Thanks for replying~ :relaxed:

Of course, like you said, we are thinking on starting from scratch.
Besides, since it’s their translation, I don’t think it’s ethical to just take it and use it as a base for our own translation without asking them. And judging from the fact that no one replied in the other thread, I’m guessing they aren’t even active in the forums anymore, so asking them might take a long time.

We’d like to start as soon as possible.

I can understand why people are doubtful. Even if our translation has nothing to do with the others, I would be doubtful as well. And there’s nothing we can do to ease those doubts right now, since we are on the planning stage of the project.

I am, however, confident in my skills, and in @dyland_1995’s skills. I think we can lead this project to fruition.

We’re trying to complete this so we can help ToS gain more popularity in spanish-speaking countries, and to help the game’s overall community. We also want to enjoy ourselves while doing something productive. So, to you, the person reading this - whoever you are -, if that’s up your alley, then you should consider joining~

Hey Marin, I could help you. Just need to get more info. I can start helping you next week cause I have an exam on monday.

I’d join if this was a well coordinated official translating team.

Sorry but these teams usually die after some weeks.

There’s no need to apologize. That kind of thought is completely understandable, really. Not just in general, but in this specific case as well (considering how many other translation teams backed down)

However, even the english translation, despite being coordinated by IMC, is composed from commits (contributions) from one hundred people. Which means, the only real consistency is that the contributions have to be approved by IMC, but even now they still change the translation script frequently. Anyone can make a contribution, so there’s no real “team”.

We are going for the team approach, though, because it is easier to coordinate the translations that way. To give a lazy example, say we want to translate "monster". We think “monstruo” is a bit odd-sounding, so we translate it as “criatura”. We want “monster” to be translated as “criatura” in every ocassion, so all we have to do is discuss it with our teammates. We decide “criatura” goes, and now all of our teammates know what to translate “monster” to whenever they encounter it.

Anyway, I won’t ask you to join if you think it’s going to be a waste of time, and I’m certainly not going to push you to change your mind, either. But don’t dismiss us right away (specially when we started this topic barely 3 days ago, haha~)

None of us want to waste our time, either.


There’s a problem with what you suggest; the game has no official translation team for any language. At most, there’s an official GitHub repository for the English translation, which has been used as the source for all other translations, but even that was kick-started and put in motion by the community.

In fact, all translations being worked on (with the exception of said English one) so far have the particularity of being preemptive efforts, of sorts: the English translation isn’t done yet, and it won’t be complete until some more (possibly a lot more) time. Only once this is ready, will the issue of translating to other languages surface as something that needs to be addressed officially by IMC.

Something I do agree with you completely on, though, is how often these translation teams die out after some time. That’s already readily apparent to anyone that has taken some time to check for different translation threads, so I definitely get where you’re coming from. It’s pretty natural to feel that way, and I’m pretty sure I’d think the same if I were in your shoes.

On the other hand, and at the risk of sounding repetitive, what @MarinZep said also holds true. In my opinion, a small team not only helps with coordination, but also facilitates working with each other, which I feel is incredibly important for projects of this kind.

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You guys are right. I apologize for my last reply, it wasn’t constructive or useful at all.
The thing is, as anyone else here, I’m really hyped for the game and I’d love to help with anything I can, and since I can’t translate Korean to English, the only thing I can help with is translating it to Spanish.

I’m just worried this “project” dies too soon or that maybe they don’t translate the game to Spanish at all so all our work is wasted.

But rather than worrying, I should step up and help you and make sure this doesn’t die :blush:
Who knows, maybe it does work!

I like that it’s going to be a small team, that way it’ll be easier to spot inactive people and replace them.

Count on me! What do I need to do? Still need to send you a PM?

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Haha, I feel the exact same way. I also want to help the community grow, and I also suffer from the frustration of not knowing Korean! :sweat_smile:
And I like your attitude! To be honest, I was not expecting that kind of reply~ Pleasant surprise, I must say. (Also, like I mentioned earlier, there’s no need to apologize! haha)
Yes, all you need to do is send me or @dyland_1995 a PM ~

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i can help if needed english-spanish

I’m glad to hear that! It’s great that you think our effort to help bring this game to more people is something worth joining.

We’re still on the planning stages; initial preparations are most of what we’ve discussed among us so far, so any and all help is certainly appreciated. Things are starting to shape up, albeit slowly. Honestly, this is why all this previous chatter is so important: we don’t want this project to fall flat on its face as soon as we start.

In any case, here’s hoping we have a good head on our shoulders by the time the translation starts rolling out.

By all means, please feel free to send @MarinZep or @dyland_1995 a message so they can work some voodoo and get you to speed.

PM sent! Looking forward to start working with you guys :blush:

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If you need help, i’m up for it.

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You know the drill!
If you want to help, all you have to do is send me a PM :B Oh, and, attach a translation of the first post in this thread to it.

I would love to help you guys.
I have already done some job with the translation of a card game so i have some experience.

This translation is gong to be entirely made by the community right? IMC isn’t going to support anything of the spanish translation?

@Tro1ka Oh, great! I’m glad you want to help :B And I’d also like to hear more about this card game translation you did. All you have to do is send me a PM, like specified above!

@kataklismo96 I’m afraid not, at least not for now. I’d like to send them a message at some point, yes, when the translation begins to take off and we have enough content translated, but right now, that’s looking a bit too far into the future.

Hi everyone!

I have been working for almost two years now in the industry as a Localisation QA tester, proofreader and now video game translator ENG to SPA. I would like to have more information on how would this work.

Would we use excel as tool for translating all the strings? Is there a glossary?

I’ve been following this game since the beginning and I would like to participate in this :smiley:

Hello everyone!
I am currently the director of this project and as such want to give a preview of the organization:

We do not work with excel

The reason for this is that if you need to find a specific line in virtualization engine database is used. (Like NoSQL)

The project has a high life expectancy. I do not want to become some daily routine but is something sporadic and of high quality.

I have worked in national projects and hope to have the power to bring forth this. If failure to have an “official” patch to Spanish, I have the knowledge to create a patch fully “fanmade”.

We are working with content “Local” and “Cloud” (GitHub). Should be abandoned will be possible for other people resume.

Sorry for my English but I come from a test of programming and costs me write great lines of text.


Actually, there’s something I found not long ago that can shed some light on this. I’d like to address this somewhat recent post made by someone from the IMC high command, regarding fan-translation support in the future:

Basically, it’s been all but confirmed (for some time now, unbeknown to us) that they’d like to rely on the community for future translations to other languages as well, which will start receiving official support at a later date and only after the heavy lifting (that is, the English translation) is done.
Naturally, things are bound to go much more smoothly if they simply dedicate themselves to helping the game get translated to English first, which also helps with the translation to other languages (since as it’s been said, it’s obviously easier to translate using English as a base, rather than Korean).

The way I see things, this is great news for us. This means we can start work on our project without having to worry about getting confirmation on whether other translations will get any support later on or not, as it’s clear they more than likely will. Even better, in a worst case scenario where IMC throws the idea of bringing forth official translations for other languages out of the window for whatever reasons (such as time and cost, which sound like the most probable in the not-very-probable case this happens), our work would not go to waste: as we can gather from the post I’m quoting, they’re going to make it so people would still be able to run the client using our translation even with no official support on their part whatsoever.

I hope this can help alleviate some of the incertitude surrounding the issue of official support. Also, I apologize for abusing the bold font. Boldly typing like this is kind of fun.

My regards.

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