TOS Video Stars: Community Creator Contest


If you have a popular build and some good advice on how to use it or a fun idea for a video, here’s your chance to become a certified TOS community creator!


interesting :3


Thanks! I was waiting this kind of event for so long!

#Doppelsoeldner #Klaipeda Server


I only have

Cleric #4 Kabba > Oracle > Priest


I laughed so hard.

  1. Video with grammar mistakes - 1st, 2st, 3st.
  2. The whole idea is… what, making already popular builds even more popular?
  3. Every velcoffer Scout build having a Linker XD Top-3rd Velcoffer Scout build being a farm build. Top-6 Challenge Scout builds having a Linker and Top-7th being another farm build. Some of the builds having GODDAMN SQUIRE xD


Not being on the list for Scout almost feels like a mark of quality.

Tl;dr: Please remove requirement for “one of the builds presented on the video”, it is just stupid.



" Players with characters currently advanced into one of the top 10 class combinations in each class tree"

Aaaaalright. What makes you think Pyro-Ele-Tao is popular? Because it’s fun to play? Because it allows for in-depth strategic play? Nope. You put a few skills on your quick slot bar and press buttons just to wipe your opponents. As long as you have a big d… err… I mean weapon.

Nonono you don’t get it quite right. Incoming vids of Bokor-Sorc-Necro AFKing in Baubas cave would be more fun! :smiley:

“Why play this build? Well… drumroll… because THE BUILD PLAYS FOR YOU!” :haha:


Would be extremely more profitable to show less popular but way more effective builds. Especially for Scouts. I don’t think 99% of people who play Scout go for BM, which is a requirement if you want to participate as Scout. This is stupid.


can you put the guide/explenation/etc for class as text in your thread if you cant do video editing?
so the video will be only some raid run clip


Yeah like the laser gunner (Wugu-Cannon with Wastrel Cannon) build they recently posted in ktos thread. I am 100% sure it is not on the list, but it is inventive and uses clever synergy.

I would’ve made a humorous video about my build being a no-brainer two-button iframe abuse and used footage of me suiciding into Insanity guild and being mocked “iframe god” xD


a would like to see an afk necro farmer build guide…


I want to see a monk and nak muay powerfull, so when you, IMC, will do changes on these class, PLISSSSS !!! make monk and nak muay nice to play, and is you can make a martial arts tree too where them are in home, <3 <3 <3 D:<!!!

  • Staff sees that balancing didn’t work and out of 560 build options, over 50% of the players use the same 10 builds

  • instead of forwarding balance suggestions, we get an event to promote using the top 10 builds to everyone

  • people fall for the propagation of the top builds, change their builds to the top 10 builds and thus produce less negative feedback

  • no more problem if 70% of the available Classes are no longer used by the players, thus no need to balance them


The incredible ur character can do ( AFK ALL DAY WITH A BOKOR ) or set macro/bots or the tons of RMT players and show everyone there r 0 @STAFF working on problems. That should get more ppl to the game.
OR maybe the skills that have a bug yes that should get tons of new players.


Just make a video of bokor afk and u done with this game. The last build everyone needs. or a Bot guide works too anyway there r no one taking care of the game at all.

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