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ToS haircuts cost more than real world haircuts

As you may have heard in the kOBT thread, or on Nexon’s Korean site, the kOBT cash shop is opening with four new haircuts:

300 TP costs 29,400 Nexon cash and 200 TP costs 19,600. ( At 1 NX=1 won, with the 1,166.8050 to the dollar exchange rate google posted just now, the TP costs $25.20 or $16.80. Looking up Nexon US prices, they said $10 for 10,000 NX cash, which would be $30/$20 for the haircuts. $29.40/$19.60 if you don’t count the leftover points.

Meanwhile, a nearby salon starts volumetric registered trademark fancy gimmick haircuts for women at $27.95. My childhood friend’s last haircut was $16. After informing him of what an oppressive patriarch he is for getting cheap haircuts, and not burning a bra because they cost $54, I noticed $16 was less than the ToS cash shop haircuts. (Nobody’s going to pay $54 for a ToS costume, not even if it’s push-up, so don’t get any ideas, imc)

You may proceed to use this thread to complain about TP, but you’ll need 1 TP for a megaphone for each post.


I personally don’t have a problem with cosmetics being expensive and all.

If IMC implement this at international server, then take my money. They can think of it as a credit and donation to make the game better than the current condition.


The rates are truly horrible
Even the token/premium services cost is really horrible and double of that I usually spend for PSO2 SEA monthly for premium services and it’s not even that worth the cost ._.

As for the prices though, I doubt IMC was the one who decided for the prices of these things but the verdict lies upon Nexon. I have no solid basis regarding this speculation but my gut feeling tells me so :open_mouth:


Even tho with all the fuss happening right now in the ‘K’ side of things, we should keep in mind that things may be diff in the ‘I’ side of things. Theres (a dim) hope, but still.

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my last simple hair cut is $40 tho…
thinking this is a permanent costume hairstyle, the price is ok…

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It is Nexon we are talking about. But I wonder whether IMC will implement the same thing at the international server or not.

@Gunnr yeah I agree. The “system” we are talking about is the Korean server after all, not the international one. But I don’t blame the people who are worrying that the same “system” will be implemented in international server. I’m also a bit concerned myself.

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Its not expensive at all lol. Its just a cosmetic , how do people suppose game developers make money?

the vip stuff and the book on the other hand…

They’re trying to sell a 30 day premium for 20 USD, for a game that isn’t only unfinished, but completely unbalanced and bug-ridden. It’s not even worth it either, it’s just +3 walk speed + access to a bunch of features that EVERYONE should have but were cut, just so they could sell them back to you. Also, even premium accounts cannot trade anymore. YOU CANNOT 1:1 TRADE IN THIS GAME.

I understand that online games aren’t a charity and need to turn a profit, but this is honestly just not worth the price you’re paying for it.

If you support this, you’re part of the problem.

And about the haircuts, they don’t even look good.


would be sad to see ToS die internationally
the game is too good to be brought down by this monetization

i hope nexons marketing tactics dont rub off on IMC and they step their game up for us

otherwise, its time to wait for a private server lol


Well as a submissive beta male with too much of his parent’s disposable income, I have no problem with this. $30 for a pixel haircut? No problem. Paying for the privilege to grind? Whatever. I’m just going to view it as a donation. Nexon’s track record tells me they really know what they’re doing and have our best interests and the longevity of the game at heart. This corporation needs to make money after all, and the fact that it’s set up to get as much as possible in a short time frame is not suspicious at all.

Do you hear me, John? I want you to just charge me to death.

Somebody help me I can’t seem to wake up from this nightmare I’ve found myself in!

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Blame all the people who defended them since it first started. They tested the waters and observed the reaction of the playerbase & fans. People defended them and didn’t take it seriously, so they decided to become full on generic MMORPG P2W, now they will never stop… its to late, to many players white knighted them so much they could probably add in exclusive legendary equipment for $500 and get away with it.

All I am trying to say is if everyone discouraged this from the start we wouldn’t have any of this… instead of saying " This is necessary everyone, they can’t make money otherwise" people should of suggested optional methods everyone can respect, irresistible $20-40 PERM subs with countless attractive benefits so everyone would want one NOT P2W one of the irresistible things in the sub could of included unlimited costume customization and access to every hairstyle, im alone !? Guess so, instead people would rather whiteknight and enable the greed we’ve all seen in gaming companies. The community should have been totally outraged by the first sign of P2W. People should’ve boycotted kOBT

Yes, I am blaming us as consumers, not IMC… we all know how greedy game companies can turn out to be. No matter how much they promise to not be P2W if we enable them and make it seem like we’re okay its going to end up being P2W.

We’re making them lazy, greedy, they’re not going to work nearly as hard on ToS or turn it into the dream game we imagined when we first heard of it. Being controlled by Nexon is just an excuse, stop lying to yourself if you think otherwise. At the very least we should have access to everything in ToS for free right now and be seeing new super cool features that aren’t P2W for subs/cashers.

I didn’t expect things to go this route, whats worse is this is the beginning of the games life and it already is turning into a unhealthy game where the community only thinks about money instead of fun and socializing.

The mindset of some players defending them is the biggest problem in the gaming industry.


Well, your friend have to pay that $16 again to maintain the same hair cut after a period of time.

TOS hair cut is permanent (unless you change it)

And here I’ve never been to a hair salon…

I don’t care about hairstyle anyway,
so i’m okay with it as long as it doesn’t represent how other cash items will be priced.
But imho, $20 only for getting a new virtual hairstyle is not worth it, unless we can switch back to it again later.

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yes u can
as i saw from other post, the cashshop hairstyle is a costume , its in the costume slot above ur weapon slot. so u can take it in and off

I don’t understand why people are complaining about slightly expensive cosmetics in a Nexon KR game. They’re cosmetics are always highly priced, like in Closers KR.

Those prices don’t always/usually translate into International/local servers outside of Korea.

In fact, having a near purely cosmetic cash shop is what’s interesting.

But what is ridiculous is the 30% exp boost (with infinite stamina) costing $1+, and sub being $20+. That’s ridiculous. It’s $15 to buy sub on average for sub based MMO’s. I’m not going to pay more to sub for a game that isn’t even meant to be sub based.


This is bad business. Slashing those costs by 10x is probably going to increase profits, even despite transaction fees.

Microtransaction items should be kept cosmetic and for things like name changes, face changes and perhaps even respecs (as long as reasonably priced).

They practically created a subscription model ON TOP of microtransactions with the token system and the subscription model is an expensive one (15-20$/month) : It will keep a significant number of players from playing the game and seems to me like TOS has a rather small devoted community, they very much need to attract new players to make this game a success.

Rather than a pseudo-subscription model, if they can’t afford further development of the game with microtransactions alone, then it’d be preferable to charge for new game content (i.e. expansions).

Sighs, man, this thread is funny, really funny. All these chicken-littles running around screaming that the sky is falling, over prices and numbers based off the Korean currency for THEIR version of the game.

Ok youngins, lemme give it to ya straight, just because they, when converted to our currency, appears to be expensive for them, and its a cash shop, for them, does not mean its gonna be the exact same for us. The model they got going for Koreas Cash shop now is what they know works for them, give it some time, wait and see what kinda prices and model they make for us, then if it looks bad, go around screaming its the end of the world.

Kids these days fretting and gettin wound up so easily. Yeesh.


“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
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Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”


yea ok mr. conspiracist, seen plenty of asian mmos do different models for different audiences, the laughing stock PSO2 is an example, check the differences of the cash shops between the JP and the SEA versions.

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