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The Ultimate Monster Tamer: Round 3

The Ultimate Monster Tamer has returned! Once again, tame up to 3 monsters of your choosing to conquer the mission boss and obtain even better rewards!

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at this point it’s kinda hard to think that you don’t have the forum open 24/7

xD I do I leave it open even on my cell even if am not actually on :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Ultimate Bug Tamer: Round 3

So we have to choose the weakest boss possible to claim the most rewards now?


The event seems bugged, you only get one blue fragment regardless of monster level (at least 20 levels over the boss level don’t add a single blue fragment to the spoils, and it was 20 levels on all 3 monsters)…

Help to require a change in the event:

Try it the other way around, go with boss 10-20 levels above your own monsters and see if even they are confused about the mechanics of their own event.

Oh, nice, good that I still had not tried it I guess…!

You jest I think, doing it the other way around is simply impossible thanks to IMCs stupid monster scaling. 80k HP within 5 minutes with monsters that deal like 30-50 dmg per hit is impossible.

The only way to clear this event is by choosing a low level boss that is way lower than your own monsters, and you don’t get the promised rewards for it.

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Why would you get more rewards for using high level pokemons that would make the fight easier?

Yeah, exactly. That doesn’t sound right. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the other way round.

Well the previous versions of this event actually rewarded you with more fragments if the boss’s level is higher than your monster’s, so I think it works the same as before. And you know how IMC barely plays their own game so they can’t really say for sure if what they wrote in the event page works the same in game.

I know, but the previous versions didn’t have a steep increase of monster energy consumption to level your monsters.

it’s also wayne considering you can fight at best a monster on a level 100 levels above your highest monster, so you can at best get 10 additional fragments per run (maybe 30 if all monsters count towards the number).
That’s a hard cap of max 30 or 90 additional fragments per day.
Given the event only lasts for 22 days, that would be max 722 or 2042 fragments.

Seeing the prices in the shop for items, I doubt the event can be this unrewarding, especially since it’s pointless to level your monsters to max level[lvl 100 in a party of 5 should be enough to kill a lvl 200 boss]…

It’s not the case this time, at least not if in a party. I’ve partied with people to kill level 100 boss with level 15 pets and I always get 1 fragment, while people in the party with higher level pets get more. So I presume it’s more like min(pet level /10, diff between boss level and pet level / 10).

Can someone please explain me how the ■■■■ do i get more fragments in this event? I’ve read the event descriptions a thousand times and it says that the more levels my pet monsters have above the boss levels the more fragments i get

10 levels = +1 fragment
Since my monsters are lvl 82, wouldn’t that mean that if i kill a lvl 2 boss i would get (80 = 8 fragments)?? But that’s not working so…

1st: level your pet
2nd choose a boss that’s in level 10 intervals starting from level 12 (since min is level 2, you need lvl 12 for 1 additional fragment, 22 for 2 fragments and so on)
3rd: kill the boss and gain level/10 additional fragments for every 10 levels your monsters and the boss are over level 12;
If the boss level is higher than your pets, your max gain is limited by your monsters level/10, so watch out for that.

Imo killing stronger bosses and farming fragments isn’t really worth the trouble, only the cubes are worth something and most of the times you still get useless crap from them so gg

might as well spam 3x level 2 bosses a day

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Anyone else unable to use the tamer’s blue orb today for some reason? It was working fine a few days ago

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