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Monster Tamer: Round 3, Suggestion

I particularly like the event, but it’s a fact that the previous 2 versions were problematic and poorly organized. In this version 3 I liked when I read the rules, because there would be players selling tickets to carry others and could not exploit, in that you were well.

but with this sudden change in rewards it was unfeasible to attend the event. After editing the rewards everyone I know ended up giving up the event, including me.

I’ll try to help with numbers:

Farm monster energy in challenge mode = + -100 in 30 minutes
1 pet monster level 100 = 1050 monster energy = 5:30 hours
1 pet monster level 300 = 9150 monster energy = 45:45 hours

Event Rainbow Trek = + - 1400 attribute points per day in 15 minutes.

Monster Tamer: Round 3 Event:
Whereas we meet other people with pets of the same level:
pet and boss level 100 = 1 Blue Cube + 10 fragments (nothing)
pet and boss level 300 = 1 Blue Cube + 30 fragments (2 megaphones)

That is, this reward is very, very, very wrong.

My suggestion is to acknowledge the mistake, apologize and correct. Bring back the rewards as it was originally because such an effort (45 hours x 3 pet) needs a much greater reward. And do an extension of the event in 1 week to compensate, because in those early days NOBODY is investing time in the event, he is dead.

Thank you

in reality i just think the reward isnt that wrong, the only thing that kinda sucks is you only gets 1/10 frags of your pokemons levels, maybe more frag on higher levels would be better


This was the original reward.
They edited the text and changed it to 1 frag / 10 level
The original reward was a good size.

I spotted one more serious error at the event.

The Blue Orb Dungeon Coin allows you to enter 2 or 3 times a day, but nothing prevents players from accumulating the coins and use them all in the last few days when the Monsters are stronger.

My suggestion is to remove these Coins and make a simple limit of 1 entry per day.

Why? Isn’t it good that we can choose to accumulate the entries until we have strong enough monsters for better rewards?

1 - we have no rewards, the event is not worth it, was the first thing said.
2 - Events are usually created so that the player interacts every day, they are made to get out of the usual routine.

Obviously it would be more advantageous to us if the reward was good everyone would do it, accumulate coins to do the races in the last days, but it escapes the proposal that an event should bring.

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