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The truth about Power Staff

Hi guys.
Over the past 6 months i’ve seen a lot of Topics about autoattack Wizard builds. Most of those builds were aiming for a specific item the “Power staff”.

The problem with this itme was that there were only view informations about it.
This item drops from the 280 world boss Demon Lord Marnox cube.

Yesterday i was able to drop and craft this item. So i started to test how it exactly works.
First some info about my build.
I’m a level 277 wiz1/pyro1/Linker1/Thauma3/Featherfoot1
(only white 220 gear)
with all my buffs activated i have ~600 p attack and ~1300 m attack.

When i hit truffle (level 221 monster) with the C attack of the staff i dealt ~3000 dmg in a single damage line and ~3200 crit.
So from this values we can see that even when 200% magic dmg is added to the attack the dmg is calculated as (pattack with all calculations)+(mattack with all its calculations)

So with this calculation in mind i tested further synergies. Here is a List with what i tested.

-Lethargie 100% bonus strike dmg attribut.Only works for the p attack part. Ignores the m attack part.(tested)

-Slithering & Highkick (+200% strike dmg) should be the same as with Lethargie (not tested)

-Running Shot Has no effect on the dmg of the c attacks at all. Guess it simply has no effect on subweapon attacks.(tested)

-Quick cast 50% magic dmg attribute. I think it will not work cause it does not increase the magic attack in the stat screen. but i might be wrong. (Not Tested got no wiz3 on 220)

-Crit as said aboth only works for the p attack part of the attack(tested)

-Swell Left arm p attack and m attack get increased.(tested)

-Swell Right arm as the Power staff is a 2H weapon this buffs gives only 24% evade from attribute. (tested)

-Swell Brain increases Int->magic attack-> increases dmg of the m attack part of the staff. (tested)

-Quicken woked. speeds up the attackspeed (tested)

Personal Conclusion:
Basicly all interesting synergies with spells do not work for this weapon. even if quick cast could work it would still be only ~3900 dmg each attack.
Wich might sound high at first but at lvl 210+ enemys have mostly ~100.000 life which would result in 25 hits to kill. That would be to slow and in my opinion not worth it .

The only builds i see a use for this weapon are

  1. Damage build with lot of down time due to cooldowns. so you can autoattack while waiting for spells.
  2. wiz1/pyro1/Linker2/Chrono3 build with high int. Cause it anyways has only autoattacks to deal dmg.

I hope i could light up som of the mysteries around the Power staff and help people who have considererd an autoattack wizard.


Interesting, since i saw that item long ago, thought Linker would be a good pair for it, i got a Pyro C1 > Linker C2 > Chrono C3 and i think that Staff could be a good item for me lol, I got some mixed stats (1xx CON, 1xx INT (still increasing it) and 75 SPR), also i can see any set that provide additional damage like Cafrisun be a good gear for it, hopefully some new sets will come later on that can substitute cafrisun for that matter.

Thanks for the testing and detailed info eterlik.

I am interested on this staff. Have you tried it using Ice Wall? It might make a huge difference.

No i haven’t tried it with icewall but i also dont know which special interatcion would be between icewall and powerstaff?

Autoatack inside the icewall and you will hit 3000x50.

You should keep in mind that you use aoe attack ratio with the basic attacks. Without items you have 3 aoe attackratio and ice wall got 1 def ratio per tile. so each attack would only hit 3 tiles without items and you would not be able to hit any further mobs with that attack. Also as far as i know the damage of ice wall shards determinded by your ice wall level not by the damage you hit the wall with. The m attack is also only added to your direct hit so far and not to any spells damage (ice wall shards are connected to the icewall spell )

You can easly test that be taking any staff ingame and hit the ice wall.

I tried casting icewall with just an ordinary staff with the sorc buff +5 attack ratio and I am only hitting at most 4 icewalls. I don’t think attack ratio plays a role in here but I could be mistaken.

That would make it even worse =/ so there wouldnt even be the option to increase the hits =/