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The Re:Build Survival Guide


The Re:Build update for TOS will finally be arriving on January 15th 2019.

A lot has changed with the new update, so we have summarized the key points that you need to take note of before playing!

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff



is it better to unequip all my stuff before rebuild update? or there hasnt been any issue with the auto displacement of the equipments?


Actually quite an aesthetically pleasing and well edited video that can help returning players understand what Re:build is.

Great job :satisfaction:


I feel bullied by this because, like many players, I lost a lot of millions in the market problems and never recovered it. So technically, yes I was robbed by IMC

anyway I am trying to comeback so pls do not ruin this. It’s like the sixth chance that I give you


D: title sounds spooky…

I don’t want to die :sad:


When you say all items, do you mean ALL items or just gear and stuff like that…

I mention it cause I doubt market has space for ALL my items and getting them back would get annoying an might as well leave them there :expressionless:


You know Re:Build is gonna be hardcore if you need a deym SURVIVAL GUIDE for it


I just notice…

They stole our Pros… I mean our punk… I mean Scout master from Orsha :heeey:

I know she was hiding in a corner of Orsha (prob from the law) and the whole thing of visiting klaipeda to welcome the change…

But please send her back home :sad:


this is getting more and more exciting.

I once again have hope.






Items that will be placed in the market retrieve tab are the items equipped on your character at the time of the maintenance start. All items that were in your inventory should be fine except for the ones that will be replaced by selection boxes or stuff like that corresponding to the changes in the game


are the items unequipped for that character only used for that character? The reason I asked this is because the class I am on (Shinobi) got moved to the Scout class. Will I have to retrieve the items on my scout in order to get back to the Shinobi class?


I presume that your Shinobi character will be reset into the base Swordsman class and all your equipped items will be found in your market retrieve tab. If you want to keep playing Shinobi you can change into the new class tree by visiting the Class Tree Change Helper NPC we will set up in Klaipeda and Orsha


Ok, I’ll meet Re:Build naked.


hey i would like to use this important time that is Re:Build to suggest that the game make every single skill or item tool tip to be clear.

and most importantly scaling, how SPR interact with summon, how MATK interact with something how crit interact with something etc etc.

i think this is important. clarity is always important.

edit: the percentages, the multipliers and so on i mean.


To be ready for re:build, I’m gonna make a survival trek with Mike Horn in the Sahara Desert for a few days! :haha:


Is there any minimum amount of attribute points that can be extracted?

E.g. you can only extract them in multiples of 100?


Will be possible to exchange Shields for Weapons on Re-Build?