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The Re:Build Survival Guide


Why would we ever want to meet the class master? We don’t need to talk to one to use/buy attribute points or buy the consumables for the classes unless the basic masters in Klaipeda. So…why would we want to “go to master” unless to buy time to get to place B?
Will there be submasters in Orsha/Fedimian so we get to “live” in the city we like the most?



it’ll be nice if we can learn quest based exclusive skill and or quest based exclusive outfits for all classes from class master or other fun things.


Nice one, although some of the information on the video is a bit outdated already. I’m a bit concerned about what Re:Build version will be arriving on iTOS next Tuesday and how long will we have to wait to get all the adjusments you’ve been doing on the korean server.


I have a lot of friends/guildmates who reset their characters months ago down to rank 1 with all of their class exp cards before going into hibernation. What’s going to happen in these situations? I am concerned that the transition to re:build will see that the characters are rank 1 with 0 class exp and they will lose all that progress.


They could rush some troll build just to have a proper reset with everyone. If they can’t do it in time…oh well…
Being serious, I think there won’t be major problems.


We just had reset bonanza event, there are tons of ppl with characters being reset. I doubt IMC could screw this one.


could you sai something about the missing items ? after get my things from the market i lost everything on the inventory except equipment and premium items.


all this item stories are terrifying me D: am a looter so I got a lot lot of items D: am so afraid of even going into the game @STAFF_Bob


Can you reopened that base class tree helper NPC?.. I still not get used to it with new classes slot in.


It is mentioned in this post that you can only change your class tree twice… I’d like to clarify if this is twice per day or just twice all in all?


it is twice all in all


oof I definitely screwed up. :frowning:


i hope that you don’t chose wizz jajaja :haha:


I thought I can test other classes for the duration of the support so I changed to another then reverted… oof


all my consumables itens in 1 character are gone, and everything i get disapear, o lost my class card xp, potions, etc, and my fletcher crafting is bugged