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The [Re:Build] announcements have finally arrived!


Let’s be real here: matches with 200k hits are nowhere near the “time out” type of match.

A player should never be able to kill other with one attack. If the fight ends in the first punch, there’s no fun.


Maybe so, but there are multiple factors to consider i.e. the opponents gear. If there are 200k hits and the person is decked out in +11 stage10 lvl 350+ armor, then I agree.

Hard to tell from those videos so the jury is still out in my eyes.


OK, with all that armor maybe the damage is reduced to the half? 260k /2=130K is still alot, and the half of 130k is still enough to kill almost any not good gear char, so is still too much damage for a FUN pvp match…

I don’t see any other class with that exaggerated damage, maybe BM with smash bullet DOT?

And Ret is the only Green icon in the swordmand tree whats that means?

Pull rete still have the dodge reduction and the silence atri O_O, now I’m sure IMC forgot to touch Ret at all -_-

Edit: (again)
Now I think this is a Bug, the damage are only extreme with the pull rete debuff -_-
(I guess thats the damage over a leather armor X_x)

Maybe a Lvl 1 char without gear?



As someone who like complexity I really liked the now old rank system, seeing the simplification saddens me.

My main character was very fun to build, and now will not be itself anymore, it was good while lasted, farewell and thank you.


I’m gonna take the bait this time,

You created Impetus guild in September 2016, and im talking about Crimson May-July 2016, I participated in GBLs with different guilds back in the day(June 2016 to be specific), until i decided it was simply a waste of time. This was in the era of Crimson vs Desu.

You still don’t realize that people don’t want to participate on a GvG content with a shitty optimization, which was the point of my post. And that applies not just to GBL, but also TBL(5v5), Territory wars and probably any other “many people” content which is funny, cause people lag the hell out on this game just with 10 people casting stuff on the screen, i mean the average players, not someone with a GTX 1080ti and Intel i7-8700k, j-christ.

Now you’re pointing out that my guild and “a bunch of other guilds decided to be ass-hurt” where the ■■■■ are you getting your facts? I kept going to Territory wars, and i’m not that kind of leader who impose decisions to their members to participate on a GvG content which they had the chance to decide by themselfs if it was worth the time invested. I don’t know and i don’t ■■■■■■■ care what you do with Impetus or other guilds do with their guilds, but stop assuming what guilds are supposed to do even if they aren’t pvp focused guilds, Who the the fck do you think you are? .
And i have all the rights to b
tch about the state of the game and GvG anytime i want and you won’t stop me, i’m telling you that.


I missed out a lot of info but i appreciate if someone could answer this. Will summons still be based on SPR since the stat allocation will be automated? Thank you.


As far as I know they will still be based on SPR, that is why the Summon classes have so much SPR to begin with. Not sure how they balance the damage as you currently get much more SPR, but we will have to see.


and introduces 2 new zombie types :man_facepalming:t6:

but on top of that, bokor is based on faith so idk why thats a wizard as well :man_facepalming:t6: :man_facepalming:t6:


Any images of new zombies?_?

Bo-korok. . .



So with the weapon exchange, I was thinking:

If we grab a 1H Velc weapon now for 27 frags. Wait until balance patch, we can exchange for a 2H weapon. We essentially save 9 frags.

The only downside is you can’t really use it, you just got to sit on the weapon.


just nerf reti already and get it over with. too many complains about reti / they don’t deserve that much damage >:3

I wish I could say I was joking, one hit for instant kill on trans10 plate is just absurd from a one hand weapon, so you get a shield and can hit harder than a lancer WITH A 2HANDER spear kek

games in beta


Main reason is that you can strip the shield of the enemy and that you render the enemy completely defenseless within the net as on the contrary, Lancer doesn’t even do anything to deserve the damageoutput he has. E.g. Joust should be a charge attack similar to ROs Knights Charge attack where you charge longer and deal more damage the greater the distance between you and the target is.

Want to see what a long lance can do in melee range? Just play some Mount&Blade and you will see that the Lance in melee does nothing, you always need the momentum, and Lancer has ± no momentum at all in his skills so in fact the damage he deals is wayyyyyyyy too high and generously given for no effort at all.

IMO Lancer should be a ranged Class that needs to gain momentum/charge to deal damage and not a melee bulwark that just crushes people with a skill combo that would deal no damage at all under realistic circumstances.

I can live with getting netted and speared, but not by getting knockdowned>debuffed>insta-killed by someone why should’ve had some malus by not wearing a shield.


I am really looking forward to this! I love ToS since launch but I stopped since all my friends left. Also is ToS mobile dead or wut


Makes wish there was a class that uses plants to fight (outside druid). Treants are always great and you can do so much with the different plants and the plant monsters we have. =x

Certainly I can agree on the realism argument, Lance is something cavalry uses to increase damage during their charge, in Melee range its is cumbersome to use and difficult to deal damage with. At best you can block and push enemies back, but the big 2-handed lances are to heavy to actually pierce while standing. 1-hand lance is something different but that is not what we are talking about.


…i see you don’t play lancer, lancers have to land crush on you first then hit with quintain to do half lethal damage on trans10 +11 plate gear. oh please -_- reti’s are immune to this debuff if they are smart. still can 1 shot with a 1hander and plate, before and after rebuild. imo they need a nerf, and the one whom i consider to be the best reti also recognizes there needs to be an adjustment to the dmg

reti pushes 1 button now and still instant kills with a 1 hander post rebuild // i wish i could use a shield and still 1 shot people with a one hander at +16


Well… appra will do it better due to it being at range, can use shield that can be boosted with a skill with Qs, AND can be set up with Pied Piper global sleep/stun sooooooo… pick your poison…


In any case I would advise you not to judge pvp from a ktest video. We have messy gear in there.


Gotta stack shadowgaler cards and have full magical girl velcoffer set for the invincibility frames amirite

(I actually plan to do this)


I was actually considering mergaite again the other day, invincibility frames are OP. I’m wondering if it can be casted while disabled or CC’d. I’ve yet to test anything


Thats what the shadowgaler cards are for, 60% silence resist so when they pull me in I can pop Mergaite