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The [Re:Build] announcements have finally arrived!


that’s nothing new actually lol


Hey, when the RE:build gonna out in [SA] Silute?


About the same time it hits iTOS. Probably at something between Christmas and Carnival.


This will either make or break the game.
I read the faqs (2), and most of the explanation were kinda vague and wordy.

“We’ve now turned our balancing plans around. Instead of basing balance around a uniform standard of performance, we want to focus on individual value. What we’re aiming for is a balancing system that allows classes to manifest their unique identity without threatening raw performance.”

I mean, what does that exactly mean? Are characters weaker in general, or the monsters harder to kill now?
Are the earlier ranks really stronger or the later ranks weaker?

I guess we will know once we actually start playing the game after rebuild is implemented.


In other words:
“we tried creating a balanced system with all Classes being ± equal in performance, but we failed, so we are now focusing on a system where every Class has its strengths and weaknesses, which can be combined in a way to accentuate strengths or to counter-balance weaknesses”

They actually never tried to achieve balance, which was quite obvious from the first patch on.
Instead, they are now focusing on balancing skills against each other instead of Classes, so that all Classes with similar roles perform similarly good in their respective role/niche.

This in turn means a lot of Classes will be weak and a lot of Classes will be strong, a lot of them won’t have any decent attack capabilities, resulting in lots of Class combinations being not viable for the game.

It’s basically the same system as pre-Re:build but a little better performance-wise, whilst requiring more investment on average now.

In general: the later ranked Classes are weaker on average and the earlier-ranked Classes are stronger on average.
However, the later-ranked Classes that were the strongest previously retained their power advantage over a majority of low-Ranked Classes [with a few exemptions], as they were designed to be the strongest on average.
The thing that changed is that now no Class is 100% useless anymore, but given the low number of Classes you can put into your build, a lot of them are still far from being viable for all the game contents.

The monsters were initially harder to kill, but now are ± easier to kill (except raid bosses and probably Demon Lords) with the right Class combination.
Some Classes will still struggle to deal with them like before, which is why you need to think a lot about which Classes to take on your character so your weaknesses won’t cripple your general gameplay experience.


Yeah I was thinking about class combinations and I can’t even imagine a pelta-barbarian-hop being stronger than a rode-murm-rete, murmillo and retiarius were designed to be the top tier swordsman, I don’t think things will change drastically as they want us to believe…


So… we have 4 classes and 4 base slots (5 cause of pet) will the game have another character slots added with other class addition?_?


Stop being stingy and buy some character slots


am not been stingy :heeey:

its not for me is for everyone to be able to test and compare all classes like now…


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The IMC should take advantage of the Re: build and change the refining system of the weapons which is the most frustrating thing in the game, you work hard to make an equipment and simply lose or spoil it in minutes trying to refine, this potential business is shot in the own foot


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100% agree. It’s just fundamentally obnoxious and ancient, should never be implemented in this way to begin with.



IMC never tries to balance crap.
Most MMO devs slack on this.
Difference between rebuild n previous is slightly less variables. They didnt try to balance c3s in the past.

Balance generally requires a lot of going back and making tweaks. The tweak doesnt take long to do but you do have to see if both sides level out. This can mean making a lot of tweaks.

IMO there should be more changes by now if theyre aggressively balancing the classes.

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