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The [Re:Build] announcements have finally arrived!


well, the reward for TBL is acceptable in my opinion, its random and can get up to 1000 attribute points… The only problem i can see that scares ppl out are oppressive one-shot-tank meta builds(that may or may not die after Re:Build).

An instance that gives you flat itens with no attributes seems a fun way to give some space for skills, but thats a thing i know a LOT of ppl will hate over sinse they grinded the hell out for equips just to crush everyone and try to become the one army man.


This pretty much sums it up. Atm gem feud is popular because it gives blessed gem and ichor kits. If it didn’t, I know for a fact almost no one would play it.

Pvp is just terrible in this game, I dunno why or how anyone takes it seriously. Not even talking about the horrible balancing, but the amount of crap code and desync issues and lag make it basically futile to try.

I know so many people in gem feud who used to try and pvp and now just worry about farming crystals instead because they eventually realized how dumb pvp is.


I also like the current types of PvP in itos… and i share your view of the oppressive one-shot-tank meta builds, hope they change them, so far it seems it may be true, but i fear that infinite CC and extreme tankiness will be the new PvP Cancer… Heres to hope…



I’ve been playing since beta and i have no idea what those gem feud messages are, that’s how much i’m interested in pvp


The problem of Boruto isn’t the gvg,is the fact that it’s a grief driven event.

If he’s too easy Guild #1 will try to monopolize and the real challenge will be not get stopped by smaller guilds.This encourages the worst kind of gameplay from everyone(competitive+petty).

If he’s so hard that everyone kinda has to join on, people won’t make an effort just to give the strongest guild the prize.

These kinds of bosses have to give everyone a reward.

It’s kinda hard to see an MMO dev that still didn’t grasp that players only operate in a time>benefit basis, nothing else.


uhh so you can attack people in the Boruto raid if they are not in your guild right?

man i can imagine someone joining a guild, going into the raid, quitting the guild then proceed to fight their former guildmates and troll lol.


Lets be honest… there are more pve oriented players than pvp so they are trying to make content where pve players have to be aware of pvp players

I like tactical potenital of this content where you have to fight dragon and he will be probably chasing higest dps targets and someone could just knockback you into his aoe and thats it

You can combine your strenght with other guilds to beat top guild (everyone could equip pink/green dumpling or any other costume so u dont mistook them)

I agree that reward system behind RNG wall is garbage but its possible to enjoy this content


I think we will get a meta of CC baiting depending on teams combined with longer fights depending on who you face as you can’t stack CON and damage as easily anymore.

Yeah, these type of fights are really difficult to make fair because players will always screw something or someone over. =/


"When Boruta awakes from his slumber, his longstanding hatred towards goddesses and humans causes the very unity between Saviors to falter. ****All characters not included in your guild become exposed to your attacks."

I think there was a misunderstanding here. In my opinion, what the writer meant, is that the stats of the boruta will affect all that are not in his guild, not that it will be a guild vs guild. Just think, It makes no sense guild vs guild if everyone will be facing this powerful monster and the goal of it is to join forces against the boss. I think the writer has described ambiguously giving it seems that anyone who is not in the guild x will be attacked by the guild y, but he really wanted to say that the stats of boruta will affect the players without a guild walking by on the field. I can be worng, but this is how i understand.


There’s already an image provided with that text:


Pls IMC don’t forget to nerf Reti combo in PVP is too much…

Look how tanky the Murm are…


I just had a simple suggestion why not when we doing daily dungeon we earn talt and by using this talt we exchange for equipments .this will enable all player had some (at least) minimum requirement equipment for raids which required higher damage and defences.And the most stupid things imc ever did is raid needs tokens which already had a weekly refresh limit and so much more other stuff inchor (very time wasting and silver wastage),implement new things when the current ones still had so much problem,they limiting everythings like drops rate of materials(when you would like to craft low level stuff when the requirement for materials so high and drop rate is like 0.02 brainless really).I’ll stop here no need to reply me thanks just blurt my dissatisfaction on current drop rate on materials and equips with ridiculous RNG.


lmao, IMC, really?

You removed CD on zombie capsules after bringing Bokor over to Wizard?

Come on, you can’t be serious.

Cleric players had to suffer with bad Bokor and Taoist mechanics but for your favorite Wizard you overhaul the bad things?


If they change one part of the system it would be better to just change every part into a different direction. They could remove the daily limits on most modes, change what they drop (removing the cubes and simply let them drop stuff normally for each player) and let players grind. At the same time they change mechanics in dungeons and raids so they take more time, naturally limiting how much a play can farm in a day even if they play all day.


Hi, I don’t know where to write for the developer to see my message.
I wanted to ask, is it possible to make it so that when the “target lock” function is turned on in the game, the sight of the skill is automatically aimed at the target, because with the gamepad it is very slow and not accurate to hit the target, compared to who does it with a mouse .


I believe there is a Suggestion section in the forum, but it also could be a Bug and thus going into the Bug section of the Forum. There is a sub-section for things related to problems and changes in the game.
I understand what you mean and want, but wouldn’t that make it too easy? I guess they should increase the “scrolling” speed of how fast your character aims so you have an easier time to fight.


seems like reti was the only people capable of scoring kills, so more like other classes need a boost at least based on that snip of video

unless you enjoy all matches going to time out


Increased speed does not help, control of the sight becomes simply uncontrollable …


The problem is how easy it can catch you and kill with a single hit, I understand that maybe in a glass cannon class but in a extremely hard to kill class is far to be “balanced”


That pelt - murm - reti was a one-trick pony, just waiting for net + finish to be off cooldown while being super tanky. There are ways to fight against that simply by watching him and expecting the net.

While I agree they can tone down finisher a bit, if they go too far then no one will be able to kill anyone.

EDIT: That, or tone down pull rete’s hit box so it doesnt cover the whole screen.