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The [Re:Build] announcements have finally arrived!


Greetings, Saviors.

We know that you have been eagerly waiting for the official announcements for the [Re:Build] update, so here they are! The game is going to experience an extreme makeover so read carefully through the posts and, here, we will try our best to address any further questions that you may have to the best of our knowledge.

  1. Rank System Changes Pt. 1

  2. Rank System Changes Pt. 2

  3. New Content: Borutas Kapas & Astral Tower Closed Quarters

  4. FAQ

  5. Compatibility Issues & Solutions


P.S. Just a couple of disclaimers! Specific skill allocation and detailed info regarding skills will be released as actual patch notes on the same week as the maintenance for the Re:Build update!

P.P.S. Remember that the announcements are more a general plan for things to come with the update and the details are subject to constant changes :wink:



Perfect timing :satisfaction:

Time to start Reading :distinguished:


4) ‘Weapon Type Change’ for special Legend-grade weapons (Lolopanther, Solmiki and Velcoffer) and Unique Raid weapons.


Unique Raid Weapons

  • Stats of items from before the update are not maintained. They will be replaced with new item stats.
  • Due to potential and maximum socket adjustments, items may be different before and after the update.

Just checking: will we be able to change raid weapons (like asio staff-> asio bow) during the patch? Because that kinda of changes a lot of the economy right now, for example, all recipes will now have a similar price (not complaining, just an observation).


I find the class stat specialization for Magic Def in Swordsman really weird, isn’t it supposed belongs to Wizard class? Wizard have no Magic Def is really not making sense.


That’s a lot of new things here

Looks like I would left all my characters reseted and then learn all the sh*t again with a new one

Nice job IMC, this is what would totally make me back to the game


What about our primus weapon users :slight_smile:


In range attacks, the enemy with the highest AoE defense ratio is the first to be selected as the target.

What if that enemy is super far away, one of the things that are supper frustrating right now is been mobbed by 10 enemies while your character is trying to aim at a random enemy almost outside of the screen :frowning:

Why not always select the enemy that is closest to you aka the closest threat to your life…


Please provide a list of skill change also if possible, many thanks


I think it’s because they’re trying to revive the trinity of roles (support / tank / damages). They’re trying to make swordsmen more tanky, and thus also have magic defense and being able to block it.
Wizards are supposed to wear cloth, which offers good protection against magical attacks. But Wizards aren’t supposed to be near invincible to magic.

I have a difficult time with the stats being locked behind the classes you choose and not something you can freely play with… or at least play a minimum with.
But it might be because SPR was always my savior and I loved to put it on all my characters :confused:

RIP my Sadhu-Taoist. I loved you. I could solo everything with you. You were my babe with your beautiful pink flowers branch. I’ll find you a good new class, don’t worry !

Those changes seem interesting, and I know a lot of players are planning on playing TOS again because of it.
We’ll see how it goes~
downloads TOS again


That only applies on targets with hitboxes stacked on each other. Basically anything within the affected range of whatever attack or skill you use, it will prioritize the higher aoe def targets.


When this update hits, all regular and monster gems will be extracted from equipment items penalty-free and sent to the corresponding character’s Market Retrieve tab.

Uhh, I don’t see an option to change our gem colors to other types…

For example, I’m using mostly green on almost all of my characters because they are physical dps focusing on crit rate.

Now they’re useless and turned into mage gems, hello?


They might have forgotten to translate it but in the korean notes you could feed a level 8 gem to a different color gem to make it level 8 as well. Dunno if it’s a permanent feature or limited time event though.

EDIT: Oops it’s in the last section lol


Ah that’s fine then, more than enough to change what’s needed

otherwise I would’ve gone mad having made several level 8 greens.


Go to Support Existing item No.3 Gems

The solutions might going to update a bit more when actual apply comes to iTos.


Hey i have a question
I Currently play Hackapell, and thus invested heavily on a Transcended X-bow AND a Sword
but after the update Hackapell is being moved to the Sword tree so i will have no use for my x-bow (since i have no other archer characters)

I’m sure there is alot of other players facing similar issues, especially about other classes being moved to the scout tree (let’s say i used to have a Linker-Thauma and invested a lot of money in a Staff but now those classes are moving to a completely different tree)

Is there a way to compensate these players? Maybe let them exchange for weapons they will actually use?


It’s also in their support section I think (I initially though these things were supposed to be in FAQs)

but if you’re not using legend tier, idk either


it includes unique raid and unique random stat weapons


sorry for u haka losing his x-bow gabectografia,
well u can make a archer character and gave it to him/her, or just sell it / trade it . more than one player must have this problem and i may need new weapons so is a nice time to trading i supose

hey, im gonna buy some costumes in the market now to exchange them lather for ones i really want and are more rare to find when they get reset :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


is 100x more annoying with archer :angry:

Hope it gets fixed on re:build