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The [Re:Build] announcements have finally arrived!


I hope the staff recognizes that netcode and pvp remain unchanged with this update, so this update is 1 step forward with 2 other steps that need to happen to actually drive players back to your game.

Anyone who left TOS due to performance frustrations, and lack of meaningful pvp will remain gone.


@staff I am going to be straight with you. As someone who tolerated the RNG Velco/ichor system for 2 sets of gear, you are making a huge mistake if the seal system is another RNG system with a chance to have the item completely destroyed and a small chance of success.

To be frank, no one is going to do this content you are spending all of these development resources on, because this is exactly as bad as the ichor system if not worse, and exactly the same as legendary cards. You continue to add such absurdly random and punishing systems without realizing that this is hurting your game as badly as class balance.

You cannot have group content, with a small number of rewards for ONE person at a time in the group, which relies so heavily on RNG with a chance for the item to be destroyed. It will be a waste of everyone’s time. You acknowledged that the ichor system was a mistake, yet you clearly have no intention of acting on fixing it and continue to add systems which serve no purpose but to frustrate 99% of users and punish the 1% who bothers doing it.

So many people wanted GVG/PVP content to be added and I’m so excited to see it, but the reward system is terrible and yet again, no one is going to want to do it. You have to make this content at least slightly accessible. I’m not saying make it super casual–again, I plowed through Velco and did my time to get a great set of gear. But it wasn’t fun. Rewards for difficult content should be fun first and foremost.

If I see this smug face one more time I swear to god


inb4 stage 5 seal is a 5% chance of success, so there will be that one player who does it and completely dominates all content, causing everyone else to just get pissed and stop playing.


Farming specific gear was always nice as you knew that eventually you are going to get your best in Slot item that you won’t loose outside you selling it to the vendor or discarding it.
I agree with you, some RNG isn’t bad but if it takes over the game it just gets annoying and suffocates the playerbase.
Do these systems even make them money?


@STAFF_Bob “- On the date of the [Re:Build] update, all existing class costumes in your inventory are replaced with ‘Class Costume Vouchers’, that can be retrieved from your Market Retrieve tab.”

I have an Archer Christmas Costume (Female) from 2016 Christmas. These costumes will be an exception? Because I don’t wanna lost it.


It doesn’t seem to be listed:

But hopefully he answers your questions. =)


Can we put the Unlock Voucher Selection Boxes on Team Storage? Or are they bound for that specific character only? I’m asking for a Swordsman with Shinobi and Nak Muay unlocked.


So boruto is a large scale raid monster?
Man I still have bad memories just doing normal worldbosses because the channel would always crash
I don think this game is made to work with large scale anything really


Props to IMC for this fast official announcement Re-build update. Even though it just came out on Ktos.


the water is hitting on the butt :tired:


Hello, I would like to ask about weapon exchange. It’s stated that it only applies to Legendary and Unique Raid weapon.

What about the weapon I got from the current (and also previous) Invite Friends event? The lv 350 weapon box gives us +10 and T5 weapon but it’s purple. I forgot the term but not unique. Is that mean I can’t exchange it? Cause it can’t be transferred via Team Storage either, so if I change my class to one that uses totally different weapon, I basically lose a weapon and have one that’s basically useless? Sorry I was a new player when I get the weapon and still working my way to get better weapon when this Re:Build info came.

I hope there’s a solution to this. The weapon from the event is pretty good for newbie. I already got Primus lv 380 weapon but still working towards enhancing & transcending it.


At this moment, I cannot even do dungeon or CM runs without my 120+ FPS (<0.01 ping) drop to zero every time someone kills two mobs on the screen because of server lag. So large scale raid…

I don’t understand why they don’t reapply the optimization patch that has been done earlier this year and lost during the r10 update. Adding new content in this state is not really helpful…


“All characters not included in your guild become exposed to your attacks.”

Making Borutas a GvG world boss with the current game situation is going to piss off the rest of your playerbase, eventually.
Ever heard of Crimson monopolizing Guild battle league in 2016 until no guilds wanted to participate? Aight, expect insert 2018/2019 guild to do the same with Borutas until everyone gives up.

Good job to the ■■■■■■■ genius who came up with this idea.


Don’t you see the logical problem in your statement? It seems that the “so many people” do not want GVG/PVP content, they simply want rewards for greed reasons. If I where here for GvG/PvP the fun would be reward for me, because I simply playing the fraking game for fun.


Because PVP was never particularly fun in ToS. You can clearly see that with how the only time PVP (GVG) was somewhat active/popular was when it rewarded free TP.

This can be said about the rest of the game too when I think about it, seeing how popular the popolion event is (AFK event, free stuff just for keeping your account(s) logged in 24/7).

Rewards are everything in ToS.


Not sure about that…
GvG and TBL wasn’t popular because of bad optimalization and balance
You cant tell how it will be after rebuild
keep in mind that not everyone is into pvp

also everyone like free stuff in any game so it doesnt make sense


Honestly, I personally don’t know. But aren’t these weapons for immediate use anyway? You are playing the character so the weapon will become outdated soon and the event where you can switch classes will go on for a month at minimum I believe.
The weapons you get from the events are insane for a player that doesn’t have them.

Can you transfer the box or the weapon you choose out of the box? Never did those events just have seen some of the weapons people get (extremely high damage wise).


Grats, you and me and like 5 other people total like PVP even if the rewards suck.

Now what?

People need a reward to do anything in this game even if they “like” PVP. That’s kind of obvious. Good luck trying to get a guild of 15-20 to do that thing you want to do for the one reward that you’re probably going to destroy several times and invest billions of silver on–when they don’t get anything, or can’t invest the billions of silver into it.

No, but I do remember Lotus and my guild sitting in queue for an hour every single night for a month because everyone was dodging Lotus and we had already had our match for the week. All you (or anyone) had to do was actually participate without win-trading.

edit: Just like you could have participated in the last 2-3 GVG tests, on that note. But you and a bunch of other guilds decided to be ass-hurt instead of pool resources together and try to accomplish anything. Hell I give Forbidden and FullMoon and Untold more credit. They at least participated instead of bitched about the state of GVG from the safety of the forums.


If pvp is open on all maps.
I’ll stop to play… izi.


Imagine a complete individual PVP system where you would could rebuild every time you enter the match but PVP only, kind of like a separate alt, and you could choose any eq you want for this alt. You gain score or token playing this PVP and exchange for some goodie for PVE.
A most fair fight of build and skills, this would be PVP I like to participate