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The [Re:Build] announcements have finally arrived!


About this:

“***** Ichor Extraction:** To prevent Ichors from losing their value due to extraction and main weapon type change, all players are provided with 100% Ichor Extraction Voucher on the following grounds:**
** 100% Fixed Stat Ichor Extraction Voucher for where fixed stat ichors are used**
** 100% Random Stat Ichor Extraction Voucher for where random stat ichors are used**”

Miss resolving the case of velcoffer armor.
How will imc do in the case of people who have spent a lot of money to apply ichor on armor?
Now with so many changes this ichor may not be interesting, I would like a solution to those cases as well.


oh that issue, yeah it’s a targeting bug or something and it really made me hate going QS or enchanter for r10. That has nothing to do with the AoE ratio change though lol


It was the wording it makes it seem as like the first target your character will try to attack with always be max def thingy and it would create same problem…

So I hope it can be fixed so your character always aims at the closest enemy to your character unless you are lock on and then like you said if 2 mobs are on same range target the one with higher defense thingy…

I prefer to move closer to my enemy of choice than move away from it to go kill some random one away from what I really want to kill :expressionless:



I have questions regarding to patch note below.

  1. Do you include sub-weapon to this exchange?
  2. Do you consider shield as sub-weapon and can exchange too?



So correct me if I’m wrong.

I can exchange +16 t10 Masinios staff for another +16 t10 Masinios weapon?



concerned on the class costumes as well as special costumes that are not included in the list. (special costumes and class christmas costumes)

i also have this concern with the boruta mechanics Owo; @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Bob

won’t this tempt players to leave their guilds and switch to top contributing guilds for the rewards?


They don’t change armor… correct me if I’m wrong.


Boruta Hp is 8b! Ok… jk jk… idk how difficult it will be. I did think about jumping to stronger guild after seeing boruta.


Besides the cost reductions, one important change is the addition of Enhance attributes to buff skills. Important enhancing attributes will no longer be an exclusive feature of attack skills, becoming useful to support classes as well.

With the enhance attributes that are made for buff skills in the Re:Build update, supporters can further increase the effectiveness of their build.

Yeah and then you exempted the Majority of buff skills in the Cleric tree from having any enhancement attribute at all.
Divine Might, Revenged Sevenfold, Fade, Kagura, Clap, Revive, Healing Factor, Barrier, Visible Talent,Paraclitus Time,Invulnerable, Fanaticism, Engkrateia, Prana, Sterea Troph, Iron Skin, Golden Bell Shield, Foretell, Counter Spell, Daino, Broom and Melstis are completely devoid of enhancement attributes.

This doesn’t even include the debuff skills like Gevura that could need a power up vie Enhancement attribute as well.

It’s bad to speak of buff skills if you didn’t buff all buff skills.
In fact not even all stat boost buffs have an enhancement attribute,
let alone those skills with special effects.

I think it’s bad design if not every buff has some kind of enhancement to invest in, especially if there are similar skills on other Classes that feature enhancement attributes for their skills.
So far for boosting the power of “buff” skills.

It also is pretty gruesome to expect someone to invest 103462 attribute points into a buff that’s deliberately made bad like e.g. Ein Sof [nerfed to increase max HP only by 30% regardless of skill level] just to have a decent effect.

And it’s not nice to exempt buff skills from having +10% effect when maxing the attribute,too.

All in all IMC again showed the buff intensive Classes a red card, featuring ± no damage and bad buffs that require high amounts of investments to be decent.

There goes your 560 build options out of the window into the trash bin.

The patch was already released on Ktest so why not showcasing the changes?
Scared by the backlash of the players to abandon ship before the patch even applies, because not every player actually uses the forum?

I know that the developers are still re-balancing but aside of red circle Classes having CD time and SFR changes, I don’t see the developers doing anything significant for the green/yellow/blue icon Classes at all.

It feels as if you try to keep the iTOS players out of the discussion completely by not informing them on the actual changes to their Classes.

I doubt the developers are willing to change a lot of things once they are done with the balancing on their side and the patch is scheduled to be released on iTOS.
People who didn’t frequented the forums will be shocked or devastated by some of the changes.

It’s time to play with open cards so players can decide if they want to continue playing your game or not considering the major changes to character game play.


How abt people are using Primus Weapon lvl380 or Berthas Weapon?
I’m using Primus bow lvl380 +16, trans 10. After update i wanna change to Canoneer.
But i cant change my Bow to Canon. Pls support poor people. Why only Legend Weapon and Unique Weapon?


Ktest is still receiving patches. Can u wait a little bit?

Ktest is still receiving patches. Can u wait a little bit? (2)

Losses are felt at least twice as hard than winnings. If u accept it, for a little bit, it will make your day a little brighter.

What I missed was a clearer date of release for the patch. Or something like “We will get all these changes live on iToS and jToS before Christmas or New Year”. Wait and wait is just boring and unpleasant.


why shields skin appearance will not return to normal after this patch why it only work for weapons?


From a management stand point it’s easier to do a big test with a smaller pool of users than with the entire community.
That said, feel free to join kTEST and give your feedback over there. Or discuss your opinions with some of the iTOS members that also participate in kTEST


Off topic… i love your site.

On topic… is that true? Solmiki 11+ weapon can beat 16+ primus 380?


I wonder what are the chance that we get the Rebuild update very shortly [a week or 2] after it goes live in Ktos?


please, eliminate the missions of mini-games, to obtain the suits of the hidden classes, they are not entertaining, they are a headache, they only make me want to stop playing

or at least replace them with normal missions, without mini-games, they are a nuisance and only generate anger and not fun



Is there a limit on how many times we can exchange unique random stat weapon types???

ty in advance



Please include a character name reset event. :sad:



:sad::sad::sad:please please please please


Never have I’ve spent so much time reading TOS’ patch notes.
Thank you, Im really looking forward to these updates.

Will squeeze ALL JUICE from my 40 chars into couple of mains.