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The game is DYING!

IMC, please, do something… We’re having one of the baddest weekends on ToS in terms of player’s quantity… People are quitting 'cause of LITTLE points that can be EASILY adjusted… Don’t let the ANCIENT MINDS on your staff turns off the game for MANY PEOPLE.

First: we have Asio, Wastrel, Ignas, Skiaclipse and other unique raids that a lot of player WOULD LIKE to do with their friends, but it’s been too expensive for the most of players to do it… For exemple, for ONE ENTRY on whitecrow, it requires 90 SIERRAS… What the ■■■■, 1 entry… and it increases in the second, third, etc. So, WHAT THE HELL? Why do someone would choose a MMORPG that RESTRAIN people from doing their content?

Second: Unbalanced Shadow + Omny (genbu) and 10 seconds silence from Sword.

Third: No PVP award… So what you do when you get to endgame? Stop playing? Or have a lot of fun with your friends and enemies on the game?


remember 2 things:
1 - in the future it will become 3 sierra per raid stone.
2 - Next patch popo point shot will be back making raid stones more accessible to some degree.

My only problem with the raids right now is the lack of recipe drop rate… already with 15 ignas stones and 0 random recipes so far.

meh, another boring topic.yet im questioning myself why i reply cause it will stay on top for a while now,but hey i got a bus to wait and 2 minute to type

title>where have you been?

1st.the restraint is needed.its to limit those crazy hardcore players.its also not good for the economy. beside many stuffs against this statement such as per character instead per team raid stone consumption, they gonna reduce the cost of raid stone recipe like 1/5 of, you can gain recipe/card/item to sell to get more stones.i never have problem with stone cost.i do dozens of runs a week,not only skia,also ignas and 1st refugee, selling what i dont need for cheap, get money back, use it to buy stone again.simple.

2.honestly i dont care.not into PVP.what so funny is ppl expecting “balance” PVP.and what worse is IMC ruin so many build a lot not only in PVP but PVE because of this dream of PVP balance.wake up IMC.

3.PVP supposed to be GTW which supposed to be cooler and rewarding.and PVE supposed to be boruta but turned out they made it into guild raid so… maybe those demon lord that can be killed in like 3 minute or less.
and btw bout PVP award, you can check klaipedia top.there are 5 statue of whale there.not that i care though.

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more kawaii stuff must be dropped or stuff that can help to make kawaii stuff


So you’re saying that the game needs to die 'cause of 1 or 2% of the community that are hardcore players? I don’t care 'bout hardcore players… and if they play 10h or 20h on the day, it’s their advantage, in the other hand, we have the ones that have a lot of money to spend on the game. And I don’t care if you like to kill mobs all day… I like PVP and a lot of players likes it too, and we don’t want to wait until GTW to actually doing what we like…

Anyway, if you’re a softcore player… that’s okay, not everyone has been born to compete.

The game has been dying since it came out, where have you been?


I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not.

4 or 6 raid stones is not hardcore. I don’t care how long you’ve been playing. Most people are selling crafted raid stones cheaper than the sierra cost. You also get that much sierra from a couple CMs or just extremely casual farming.

You are going to have to play the game more than 20 minutes a day if you want to accomplish anything, as is the case with every MMO I can think of.


Since I don’t want to repeat myself, I will quote myself again. I do not like the PVP or Raids, however there are people who do and compete in it, it would simply be another way to play this game.

gosh.i knew you re triggered but you gotta learn to read.

look who complaining yadda yadda because of raid stone cost and end up saying game is thing for sure you cant even read but hastily triggered lol. talk bout compete… smarter dude

yeah.probably joking.or he`s a joke


here comes another slender posts.

tbh the game has been dying since 2016, and continues to decline as time passes by.
all of your complaints are already posted.
your sierra/raid stone issue is already being resolve (although it may arrive by december or a little later, still a solution) and oh boy you have to play a while to have better gears. 1 primus drop can net 25 - 50 sierra ~ what do you want accessible everything without doing something trust me thats more boring and will ruin it more than what it is now. Besides casual raids are coming with less cost. so theres that

genbu is being nerfed

pvp is for whales (due to those elixirs some players are demon lords disguised as Players lmao when theyre about to hit 0hp they suddenly heal full hp thats the 2nd phase only difference is they dont drop anything lol) although its being touched slowly by imc patches. they are getting there even if its slow af theyre doing something. (tho most of what they do makes it worst somehow) .


I like PVP but i can say that even with balance class, if you just have a purple gear, your not gonna survive even a sec. I want to play and win with just a purple, normal gear.

Class balance in PVP can be done by separating its effect between PVP and PVE. They did separated the skill effect in dungeon and gave some class skill limitation in TBL and feud. I also don’t see 50% pot will go away from pvp arena because whale use it like drinking water. Kinda sad when we hit some1 just few hundreds hp away, and he just drink his 50% pot.

Basically, pvp is for whales.

For people like this guy who complain about stupid stuff we are getting casual mode and ■■■■.
I´ll just say one thing no matter how easy they made the game you if you are bad now you ll be bad then :
You dont have to pvp for literally anything and GTW pvp its chaos so its doesnt matter+ all the boruta stuff is getting cheaper…
Genbu is getting nerf soon ( cant be soon enought but at least… )
Crying about the cost of raids… for … sake just do 1 of each daily do cm with your friends use the money to buy raid stones or the sierra from primus items you get on the cm to craft stones …

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The Game Dying?? maybe YES!
player average now is always under 1k (4 server and Internatial/Global Server) and its a MMO, its not dying but Dead.

but who care, if you still can enjoying the game keep playing, and if you can’t enjoying the game leave it.
but my predicition is this game still can survive maybe for 2-3 years xD.

Tos endgame content is Giltine Wings


Crappy as it is, RO survive for 14 years and going… We still have a long way to go.

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we want a new fresh start
go back from classic TOS 3 yrs ago.
new classic server maybe? just like what happened to Ragnarok Online

i just want to say :…the game is dying, all my guildmate leave the game

PvP is the true endgame of ToS. PvP and GTW is nothing but who can outgear who in this game.

outnumber is a strong factor in GTW…

b-but… all you did is complaining in forum without any real action, have you really contacted any GM or admin? or better, fly to korea and apply job at ToS HQ, be Kim’s assistant and change the game?


i do complain but not about stupid ■■■■ like:

you just want imc to hand you every reward with no investment…

This is a good complain:

altho the swordie silence is not that bad the genbu and shadow on the other hand is something totally broken just like tao/chrono garbage

Another good point :

imagine if they give rewards for pvp and you actually have to play against that awful meta ( kino/genbu/shadow) without a way to counter it cuz theres literally no way to counter it, imc need to first fix those classes or rebalance pvp from scratch, like give us 2 skill trees 1 for pvp 1 for pve and balance thing around that that way they can focus on balance pvp and pve separetly cuz theres no way they can balance skills to work both on pve and pvp theres just no way

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