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The game is DYING!

That’s WHY I said that ALL topics have to be modified, not only PvP award, but the balancement of all PVP… And we already have a PVP mode, with some good awards (gemstone), and everyone can participate, not only the top players, so your arguments are simply trash… But it’s not a socialist game, is it? If you can’t PvP, GO GRIND and gets your stuffs… that’s why RAID CAN’T BE THAT EXPENSIVE.

By the way: SILENCE IS NOT BAD? WHAT THE HELL? Hahahahaha’ Man, with 10 seconds, I use all the rotation of my skills… With 10 seconds, I watch a full running of Usain Bolt… With 10 seconds, you can do a lot of things… No debuff should keep that long.

sounds like a poor guy here
moreover you cant even research on future updates.
at least if youre poor be a lil smarter
go grab those popo free raid stones
PVP balance? keep dreaming.

Even a casual player can sustain an raid stone pool to do raid daily.

Slender you could stop play only pvp and do your dailies. Do I need say what you do outside game in discords? You could stop bother others in forums and start making some positive feedback since you do it all the time…

I feel ashamed for you, really sorry.

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The only problem is optimization. People posting a lot of bologna lately. The content is decent, the gameplay has outstanding potential, the RNG (unofficial softcaps) and Pay2Win of Endgame can be achieved Free2Play w/ Hardwork and dedication.


silence can be counter by a card you get in the lvl 50 dungeon, by pain barrier, beak mask and literally any skill that nullyfies lvl 1 debuffs, and the savi set (the beak mask set)

Just FYI Shadowgaler Card doesn’t stop the Shield Push silence, because it isn’t coded as a silence, it is a bug.


the game has 1k players, is already dead since 1 year ago

The Rodelero unbalancing(silence) can’t be nullified by anything… its prob a rank 99 debuff.

there is no content to do anymore.
everyday i make 3 salus, 4 raids, 4 cms and nothing more, i don’t have sierra powder to do anything i want/need, dropping more is a nightmare and i can’t farm enough mats/silver to make an hour worth more than 10m CM5…

and i have 15 chars, just no content to do anything on them, pvp is dead, farm is ■■■■, not enough people to play anything.
imc should free the contents a little more.


i barely have time to play after doing the summer festa eventstuff with my meager 3-4hours of free time Owo;

how long do you guys play in a day anyways owO?

the next update with the guild hangout thingy is coming soon though Owo

face palm while ppl complaining about pvp when they dont do pvp.
Shield push can be counter by many thing except the silence resist card , because it doesn’t register as silent.

Why not make 1 swordman with rode and conquer tbl/gemfued and prove it is op than genbu+ shadow.

Because it can’t win against an Shadow/Omni lol, I can say (not always but…) the full combo of a rode/reti can’t break genbu before the net CC end and they just run away with all the options that broken class have.

This is what pushed me away from the game too. Back in the day I would spend hours farming fields with a Corsair because you could get monster drops that were actually worth something. Rare recipes and mats, monster gems, etc. Now all of that is basically gone (and Corsair doesn’t get extra drops anymore anyway) and all of the worthwhile things to farm are confined to dailies. There’s no motivation to play the game for more than an hour unless you want to level a dozen alts.


I second this. Good old days of farming fields.

Everyone knows that genbu/sm is utter horseshit and it is getting the nerf bat in various ways. Shield push in small-scale pvp is (lol) unbalanced, and needs to be fixed as well.


15 characters? Where is the rest of 11cms? If you do it solo With farming gears you will ended up with at least 200 red powders every two runs. Also uphill velcoffer new legend raid gemstone

Flooding the forums with negativity threads won’t make the situation any better, if anything just worse


Spraying airfreshner on a pile of ■■■■ won’t do anything either lol.


one man’s :tired: is another man’s :prince:


All i want to know is if the big patch will be 15/10 or 22/10…
Just that.

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