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The freak show called BORUTA - STAFF please disable the content until it's fixed


I will update this post when everyone upload their vídeos.
But to sum it up:

  1. People abusing Tree of Sephirot bugged healing.
    When using Tree of Sephirot during invicibility the healing efect last forever and people are becoming almost invencible healing over 15k per sec.
    Edit: Aparently it’s not during invicibility but in the invicibility respawn spots, don’t know the exact way to reproduce, but since this is fixed in KTOS IMC is already aware of the problem.
    Implement the fix here ASAP.
  1. Mark currently bugged displaying as x1 but giving the effects of x2

  2. Intense VGA error when entering, there is a percentage higher than 50% when entering Suvilinas Lair to get VGA error.

  1. People stuck in the Lodge because they can’t login in Suvilinas Lair 100/100 (What’s the point of logging inside Sulivinas Lair when you are teleported back to Vedas?)
  1. The channel crashed and the PvP is now disabled and the dragon vanished. I hope this is some GM that saw what was happening and disabled the content. Please fix those things and erase the ranking before opening again.

@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Ethan please take a look



This is Sulivinas Lair right now, people just chilling inside.

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Your Guild has done this last week. And today the channel crashs, when your guild loses. Shame on you.



What my guild has to do with the channel crashing? If you don’t have anything useful to say please refrain from posting here.
Are you acusing us of abusing the healing when we didn’t know this? Please give us proof of your claimings.



Really ? every BUG in this game you guys from paradise USE and the imc dont do anything, when we play and make you guys lose you start to cry? and ■■■■ all the other players? shame dude… shame…



The hypocrisy of certain people is wonderful.



Despite your post stating the truth, its a fact that your guild has acess to premium hack accounts, you force crashed the channel because you lost the Boruta fight.

Also, you guys have been abusing this bug for years now, why only now you’re complaining about it here?

OH YEAH, its because one person from your guild told us about you abusing it.



I am not responding to flamme, sorry. If you want to flamme here instead of asking for the fix, be my guest, I will just ignore.



It’s just a BIG coincidence the channel crashing and boruta being disabled when your guild starts to lose something…
Now you guys gain points becoming literally afk on channel because for some reason the pvp are also disable on map…

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When the Paradise guild cast the bugged skill (allegedly) it is a feature, when other guild cast the same skill it is 100% a evil bug and all deserves to die in flames.

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I do not usually use forum, but I come here just to say that really the biggest pal does not have it. the guild that makes the most mistakes of the game come in the forum to complain about what it does.
If you make this topic to complain, I’ll use it for myself.

1: People abusing Tree of Sephirot had problems with healing.
By using the Tree of Sephirot during invincibility, the healing effect lasts forever and people are becoming almost invincible, healing more than 15k per second. (You did THE SAME THING IN ALL BORUTS)

2: Mark currently displaying as x1 but giving the effects of x2 (THIS WAS THE SAME THING WITH THE SKYLINE LAST WEEK)

3: Intense VGA error when entering, there is a percentage higher than 50% when entering Lair Suvilinas to get VGA error. (ALL WE TAKE VGA, your guild’s Dr.Cogumelo player understands much better than all of us)

4: People trapped in the Lodge because they can enter Suvilinas Lair 100/100 (What is the purpose of entering the Sulivinas Lair when you are teleported back to the Vedas?)

5: The channel has dropped and PvP is disabled and the dragon has disappeared. I hope this is a GM who saw what was happening and deactivated the content. Please correct these things and erase the rating before opening again. (You will have broken the channel for the lost week and made that week one more time)



Are you acusing us of being able to crash the channel and somehow disable Boruta? If yes, create your own thread and ask for investigation, this is not the post for it.

If you don’t mind, send proof of us intentionaly abusing this like half of your guild was today and I will shut up.



remember is living


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Arkantos is member of Paradise - Silute. A guild of bug abusers, people who share premium hack tools and abuse every single bug and RMT in the game.
You guys are cancer to our server, and you’re the reason why people don’t play the game. You’re not one, or two, or three hackers, you’re an entire, full, guild of abusers.



FIX the bug…or start the work now.



Funny … All who came here, only came to make empty accusations (without evidence) against Paradise. But at no time did they have, if they wanted decency and reasonableness, to defend themselves. Do as Arkantos and present images, videos and evidence of what they are claiming, so will be taken seriously in this post



It is impressive the amount of problems that this boruta already presented, you are sure that the programmers are doing a good job, where goes the money of the goddness cube and cubbies? The server is not holding up the amount of players, the Ch has 100 seats and a guild can have 95 members, The brands every week has a dysfunction in some guild that has it, did a good job re: build and are killing the game week after week again.



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Skyally uses other guilds to fill the 100/100 channel and prevent Paradise from entering, abusing a healing bug that apparently is his 2 week coming. Only come to add to the post constructive criticism to improve the boruta or concrete evidence of what is happening, as in the videos posted above, rest #tiradoneutro

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