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The early access needs an EU server

In my own opinion, there will already be far too much founders to put in 1 server.
I don’t see your point about spliting the community? Isn’t this the usual business with all MMOs (several servers) CBT2 already had 3 or 4 servers.

And of course ideally, you should also have an SA server, NAW server and SEA servers…

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I think I didn’t put the words correctly. We have the founder’s server playerbase split into 3 servers.
The point of the Founder server is to test their servers, sure, it might not fit into one server, but they’d never know if they were to release it with 3 servers all at once.

The point of Founder Servers is not to test the servers you dingus. It’s to milk us… I mean for us to support the team with some money.

Once free to play hits I’m sure all the servers will get more players. Crying like a little b**ch about community being torn apart is the dumbest argument ever on this entire board.

Pretty sure that’s not the point of the founder server.
They already did lot of stress and limit testing in CBT2. (for whoever can remember those hellishd days)

If I could quote them :

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Damn, you sure don’t know how to discuss like a real human being. If you were any of the CBTs, you’d know how much of a hell the game was for the first few weeks because of server bugs and instability. If you think it’s just a milking opportunity, that’s fine. But I don’t think it is because I’ve been in one of the cbt releases.
I think I’ll just go mute you for now, have a good one!

Wow, people should really learn to be civil…
As an off-topic reminder :

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I Don’t see why people would be against this, unless if they’re not from Europe.
I do agree there are way too many posts about this issue on this forum and on Reddit etc. But I guess that proves that there is actual demand for it. I myself would obv prefer one myself as i ping over 200 to the East Coast server. Will not having a EU stop me from buying the Founder? No it won’t cause I have beenlooking forward to this game for so long that I would even enjoy it with some lagspikes as long as they are kept to a minimum. Who knows it might even work out just fine as FFXIV had their servers up on the East Coast aswell at the start and I had no real issues playing that game. But if I “had” the choice I would prefer playing on a EU server obv :slight_smile:

Either way I will see alot of you ingame in about 10 days :wink:

What are you talking about? FFXIV had massive delay/lag. You had to move out of the telegraphed AoE circles seconds (which is a long time when talking about dodging AoE) before you should have had to.

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I was talking from my own personal point of view. I had almost no issues on Titan for instance.

Hah. So we went from just being overly dedicated to becoming an agressive mob-leader now? What’s next, handing out some forks and torches when IMC doesn’t act to your liking?

Being dedicated is nice, but you’re overdoing it. Since you’re fighting on my behalf as well I should actually not mind you loading up all of that on your shoulders, but I’m starting to be ashamed of you as a fellow European.

Would you mind to dial it down a notch, for example by changing your eye cancer causing icon back to this overly annoyed sulking face?

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This entire thread has been like this

EU people

We want an EU server confirmation so we can safely buy the Founder Package! We want to support this game, but we want security in our monetary investment.

US people

  • Ping literally doesn’t matter I’m fine with 400 pings lolz
  • i’d never play with 400 ping EU server but lol im American so there xD
  • I don’t wanna be alone after 1 month… force all to 1 server plz!
  • No servers for you anyway LOL
  • LOOK AT NUMBERS oh wait…

Not sure if you mention Titan server (if there was one, can’t remember) or Titan boss. The game was playable because the endgame was extremely easy, but the lag/delay was massive.

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I was Referring to the giant Titan Earth Elemental with all the telegraphs :slight_smile:

Let them talk, they are not the ones getting 100+ ping, i don’t even mind the US people comments.

With my ping (even using WTFast) all bosses were still easy because they were extremely predictable, but I do remember on Titan for example, that if you did not predict the AoE spam ability (can’t remember what it was called) and instead moved on reaction, you were more or less guaranteed to be hit even though you had moved far away from the telegraph on your screen.
My point there was that yes, you could play the game, but you had to alter your playstyle to accomodate for the delay/lag, which you shouldn’t have had to do, and I really don’t want to do that again as a paying customer, now with ToS.

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As an EU player, my opinion on this matter is simple, asking for an EU server in a week before giving any money to IMC (or worse, “blackmail” your purchase of founder packs) is more a tantrum than anything else.

I agree that we need info and confirmation from IMC regarding transfert/migration in case they do not have the ressources to open an EU server in time for EA, as it is basic seller-customer relations.

But you have to agree that this thread went from “we want EU server info/confirmation” to “we want EU server now!”, which isn’t the same. As I already told you, do not forget that IMC doesn’t have a pulisher for this version, they have to allocate ressources on their own to pull this off.
This isn’t the way to make IMC confident about future relations with the EU playerbase…

Lobbying isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but we just started to give money to IMC, money needed by IMC to improve its service.


Need transfer system from US to EU server!

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You vote with your money, not with your words.

It isn’t blackmail at all.

Putting quotes on the word just proves even you don’t believe that.

If IMC had a kickstarter and showed that they actually were prepared at all for an international crowd, I’d happily support it. I mean even the international translations to the game are done by fans.

However they are selling a product already, in the beta stage of the game.

I hope the North American server has a healthy release, even if it is disguised as an international server. I’ll just be lurking next week for more info while at least American players can be happy they have a local ToS server to play in.

I used blackmail as expression for voting with your money in a negative way. The quotes as you noticed were to emphasise that it was an expression more than an accusation.

I absolutely agree with what you said after, like 100%. IMC made a mistake, they should have find a way to get our money before in order to have the ressources to optimise their service.
Nonetheless, I don’t think that not giving money and time for IMC to put an EU server up is the best thing to do. I suggested that we started on NA servers and IMC add a free transfert in the founder pack.

What? What exactly is negative in wanting an EU server?

I personally have simply lost faith, and this is coming from someone who has over 300 hours in this game from the last beta, someone who applied for the first beta but didn’t get an invite. I’ve been following this game for 3 whole years with high hopes.

I’m just some dingus from EU who contributed in the betas and after the 3 month early access was changed to 1 month, I was all ready to buy the founders package, until they said no EU servers planned.

It’s the lack of communication regarding further details as well. It’s the weekend right now, so I don’t expect them to be in the office but still.

It’s already been “confirmed” (edit: in PM, but still) there will be no transferring. If you buy the Founders Pack right now, it will only apply to the NA server. I’ve already gotten my answer, but it came from another users PM, not an official announcement or anything.

I’m not the only one mad at this either. Most of us are upset since they gave us 0 information about EU/SEA/West Coast servers and just went ahead and opened the Founders Package anyway in a rush.