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The Early Access EU Server Community Help Topic [Updated 28/3/2016]

Damn it! I’m used to the RO concept of alchemist, where you get a ■■■■ ton of money from being an alchemist! :sob:

I think it depends on the number of alchemists in a game.

Though you may be right, I’ve not played kToS myself.

Unlikely to happen this year… only if lots eu people play it.
And with high ping most wont want to …

It’s a renweing circle … that feed on the feedback.

Bad ping>Fewer Eu People>No server>Badping>etc.

Sorry then ^^’

Yep, you may be right, can’t find where I read that

that’s odd, that site gives me US-East (Virginia) 159 ms and I live in Eastern Europe. In France your ping should be way better than mine.

I’m going to give the game a try. If I can play decently at least I could lvl up my priest til EU server open and then transfer.

You don’t have to be sorry. Just give me a party as mobber right away! :yum: Without the rating system of RO, I was already expecting something like this.

I wouldn’t give too much credit to theses webtests.
People like numbers but hey, what does it show us ?
People from America have better ping to US servers ? No kidding ?
I have better ping to European servers than US servers ? Seriously ?

Theses tests only show us what we already know :
People have better pings to regional servers.
People with good connection (fibre optic) will play in better conditions.

What I know is that it’s ridiculous, in 2016, to make people play MMOs on other continents servers.
If I have to do a webtest to show how it’s dumb, I’ll gladly do it.
Read too much people pretending that current servers state is okay/good_enough/whatever…
The difference of 120ms between Frankfurt and Virginia is too big to be ignored.

No. 120 ms is super fine (and it’s already a very good ping from outside of NA). Just trust the NA community and embrace the 120 ms + ping! :joy:

Hope the topic helped some people get in the clear. It’s unpinned again so I’m assuming it’s no longer needed.

Good luck to everybody.

Let’s head just over to How to get your regional server~ and hope for the best.

Some news on this question? I’m thinking about that too.
That is a interesting question.

Staff_Julie is requesting some informations if someone missed the topic:

(don’t get too much hope though)


And maybe in a few months a server ^^.

But anyways. Better then nothing.

At least it looks like they are seriously considering it. It’s the most important thing they need to add at the moment.


But a bit late.
The best poll result would have been a month ago. Or when dlc came online~

Now people already have gone either of a few ways… And lot’s of possible customers might not even look at tos again in the next month. If they don’t magically hear that an EU server pooped up somehow.

Marketing is a scary… scary battlefield.

Let’s see how it turns out.
But that topic might not even get 1000 unique visitors…

i do speak my language in games and i wish TOS have a rule to speak only english (even thu i hate english ) so we all can understand each other and if you want to speak you own language should take it to private

Agreed but 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

ugh… was about to buy early access but luckily I thought to make sure about the server regions.

Guess I’ll wait for f2p to “test” and not potentially waste money on something that will just lag and be unplayable. Playing from South Africa I ping ~200 to Europe so US is gonna be bad.

ooh, just noticed the post. There is hope :smiley: EU Server Location

I’ll add this to the top of the topic.

Usually Frankfurt is good for EU servers. Or Germany.

Playing from :flag_ru: Moscow, Russia.