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The Chapel [Cleric Build Discussion]

I also had an idea that I think I forgot to share that what if you could actually cast it on the monster itself who has the exorcise debuff on it.(but casting it on the circle would still stay too) I think it would be great.

Or just straight up remove exorcise since it is garbage and make magnus its own skill.


Well…yeah that is a solution too… XD But actually I like it more when they fix skills instead of just removing it…

We could actually have both, just remove the requisite of using it over the exorcise circle

As it stands, priests have so many skills that are worth getting it is hard to prioritize. If magnus becomes useful I would still only be able to put 1 point in exorcise just to make it the trigger skill for magnus.

Why is a C1 Cleric skill(cure) better in all ways to a C3 Priest skill that is purely offense oriented? It is a joke.

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check this thread [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact!
some people already tested damage with and without conviction.

Ok, I read thru it and I find [conviction] rather “useless” on just me.

  • It is 1:1 damage increase.
  • It can’t do more than 0 resist.
  • It doesn’t affect holy

I would need to pair with a pyro and/or ele to get the most out of it due to the nature of multi hit.

Plague Doctor Incineration is Fire

Krivis Zaibas is Lightning

Could ask why Oblique shot stays strong for so long
Or why sleep is always strong.

There was a discussion about conviction in the KTOS thread not too long ago…and it seemed quite good… so I’m kinda confused…

The damage after debuff is so off compared to the damage on the monster who didn’t get it…that I have no idea how it is calculated but it seems good… I’ll try to check later those calculations in the other thread but I’m not sure I’ll understand more why it seems he is making double damage after conviction in this video…

which is better, zaibas 5 or cure 10? i wanna make bokor and thinking bout the fastest way to kill mobs inside zombify…

Well zaibas still hits flying enemies too while cure doesn’t and you would still have lvl 1-5 Cure with zaibas wouldn’t you? So you could put down both…

BUT I think there are other utilities in the classes you should consider…

like Cleric c2 Fade/Divine Might/Safety Zone just got +20(? I think) hits attribute for c2 Cleric…/ more heal tile

Zaibas is pretty bad without the c2 attribute… So I’d say Cure is better. You shouldn’t really worry about zombify that much b/c it’s a grind-oriented skill, and it’ll become irrelevant when you get to the end game content(or when you get better grinding skills at high ranks).
@c2gaming well, Conviction itself is a good damaging skill imo(comparing to smite), so that’s enough of a reason for me to get it to lv5(I really like the animation too xD)

Then is the thread outdated. Your words also confirm my own experience with resist doing more than 1:1 damage increase.

Obviously zaibas more better because it can hit flying unit.

Did any1 here play Diev c3? How does the last statue actually work? Do I only need to walk around it once(counter clock wise) in order to get the blessing? Do I become CC immune too with the blessing? Do the statues buffs only occupy the 2nd row of buffs?

My friend played Diev at CBT and we did plenty of tests of skills that were not broken that time. So if my memory is not playing tricks with me:

  • there are three small circles appear around Ausrine statue; you need to activate them in set order to get the buff - or simply run around statue like crazy;
  • you get buff after walking around once; you also can run around up to 3 times for increased duration;
  • the immunity buff is the same as Safety or Golden Bell so I guess no (?) ummmmm;
  • all except Ausrine are second row, immunity buff goes to first (again, any Diev may correct me here)

Well, at least I tried :stuck_out_tongue:

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So… Does that mean I can stack the buff up 3 times then walk around with almost 1min of damage immunity? O.o

No, you can’t. The problem is I don’t remember exact numbers and I didn’t take video but second buff definitely didn’t apply full duration again, it was a small (but noticeable) bonus.

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Ok, thanks for the info!!
Btw, for the kTOS players, is Diev a popular class now? How common is it to find one in pvp?