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Swordman guide from rookies to advanced

This is the general guide i made for Swordman, apply to any kind of players. This guide cover the role of swordman, how to play it effectively, how to gear up and sample builds from experienced players.
This guide is posted offically at tos reddit discord sever on purpose to help people to improve their gameplay easier as a swordman (actually cause they are tired of people asking the same question again and again so i made a guide lol).
Link to discord sever:
Feel free to contact me if you have some confusion or some good idea to improve it
(also the size is abit big, and there are many images so i can’t throw all of them into forum post)


Hi guys, i’m actually suprised that so many people checked the guide (over 450 and that’s alot)

I also updated the information about new fencer/lancer buff patch (it will have new link so it will delete that click number, but nevermind)

And i also made another detailed guide about Blossomblader (since many new people in discord ask about it, alot)

hope you guys enjoy it :haha:


This is another guide i made, this is newly made since people started to enjoy playing Fencer, i already took it to discord too, hope you guys enjoy it :haha:


Can fencer use plate armor or leather is a must ?
Is evasion can get from gear only, dex is not ?
Offensive rapid attribute is a must ? can fencer build use shield ?
thx sir

  1. leather is kinda a must since it provide crit rate + crit chance cap, also since leather is balanced between mdef and pedef now, it is best overall
  2. DEX and evasion can be get from gear, but since DEX is too weak in offensive power to use compared to STR, it is prefered to get STR
  3. offensive rapide attribute is a 40% final damage boost, which is must-have in most cases (unless if you want block effect from a shield) and fencer can use shield, but all its benefit against dagger get disabled. so shield is just a statstick like dagger, but dagger has better overall ichors, while shield has more defensive ichor choices, you can take shield for defensive if you like :haha:
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Dagger sub weapon is it necessary to refine and tran?


it doesn’t have to be trans-ed or anvil yet cause unlike weapon orament for 2hand, it does not give attack stats at all, it was there just for statstick :distinguished:

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do you have build for retiarius?

i think i have included it inside dragoon-reiti-hoplite already :haha:
actually reiti can match with every class that use 1hand spear (murmillo, hoplite, dragoon, peltasta, and barbarian, rodelero too) but reiti hoplite goon is the most suitaable one
there is also reiti-murmillo-hoplite build specidic for pvp
there are also many other pvp builds too, but i guess you have to find it by your own experience, cause reiti is flexible

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pls do the full cleric or mage guide. Your guide is very incredible lol It`s look like a TCC

Is it worth to get Blockrate on a highlander/BB/Doppel build?
It only works with Crossguard i guess but i use it very frequently…

And … how much dex do i need for a good atk speed?

For PvP is the rexipher legend card worth it?

what minimum crirate for fencer? 2300 With no buff?

well the block effect on crossguard is mostly for PvE bossing, and bosses has pretty low block penetration, so you wont need that much

i don’t recall any skill of that build scaling with atk speed beside skyliner, even then the basic slow speed of 2hand sword gonna drag it down, so don’t really invest much into dex, just natural dex is enough i think

most of people want blut card for damage reduction, i have no idea about rexipher users…

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2300 without buff is very decent already, when ole buff is up, the cri rate will reach nearly 4000, enough to cap crit against episode12 mobs and challenge mode. it gonna be a bit hard to crit against weekly boss raid on 2300 base rate though, you gonna need about 3000 crit rate unbuffed for those at “comfortable” state.
tldr 2300 crit gonna make you feel comfortable with casual content, while 3000 and above will serve you better in harder contents


Wondering a little about the matador skills. What is the reasoning for not taking Faena, isn’t that a solid skill? And why the point into Muleta?

But perhaps Faena is not worth it if you cant max it, and you cant sacrifice any points from the other skills?

Another question sir for fencer.
What about gem should i use 6 red gem for rapier dagger or 3 red 3 yellow

i think all red would be very nice, since physic attack is way more powerful than physic crit atk for now
actually IMC should buff physical critical atack…but not yet

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Hello, what do u think about skia leather fist for dmg buff instead skia plate glove?

i personally do not like the stats on fist. rather use plate or regular leather skia glove.

Hey, on the fencer build you max Capote and leave only one point in Muleta on the pve build. Why? The critrate buff of muleta maxed is very desireable, so i dont get why leave it on lv 1