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Swordsman Pve Class Build

I im new to the game and i wanted to know a good class for my swordsman.

matador(aoe-crit boost)-fencer(bossing)-peltasta (cheap defense boost- provoker)

Thanks man, is that a good build to farm too?

yes, you can double provoke using peltasta’s swash then matador’s capote

for more accurate fencer skill distribution, learn this Resource for Fencer

in the future fencer-mata will be beast!

Man i put the highlander class by mistake :frowning: can you tell how to change or give a good build that combines well.

You can either wait for events that give class change points or try to “farm” class change points by doing in-game stuff like dungeons, saalus, etc. Every 1000 points entitles you to a class change.

if your level is <50, just delete that char and make a new one, faster that way

Im already lvl 129 kkk, but what i do farm points or use another build?

lv129 is still deletable char for me, but you can continue using highlander. First build in this game will always be a mistake build.

Or dont delete this, just make another char at 2nd slot, pick matador this time, and compare which one more fun for you

I was talking with the guys in my guild and they told me to go doppel-barbarian or doppel-Nak.

doppel is good too, but the defense part will need some extra price to pay to be able to survive at lv 400 raids.

i suggested peltasta before so you can still use leather set (+15% dmg to all) and survive those lv 400 raids using the cheapest way. The more you do raids, the richer you will be because of raid’s reward

Ah ok i see know well im going know with peltasta and barbarian i think ahah

what will be your third class? barb pelt lack AOE skill

I was thinking im using barb for the third do you have any sugestion?

barb is a nice buffer, in fact almost all dps swordman build include barb because frenzy skill

Barb’s DPS buffs make more sense when you have 2 other DPS classes in your build. I don’t think Barb damage on its own is good enough if you’re also going Peltasta. Also, Highlander doesn’t have any weapon restrictions, but it makes the most sense on a 2h sword build because of its very strong crit damage attribute.

Man this game builds are so complex my next char will be a mage so i can farm better, im having problems farming.

Ultimately you can go with almost any build you want (but you’ll definitely struggle more with builds that require different weapons or have other restrictions that make them incompatible), you’ll just be less efficient in terms of optimal DPS. But you’ll get through the majority of the game easily even with the worst build and can figure out what you like and use the class reroll feature to remove the classes you find don’t work.

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e questao de atributos to meio perdido

these are the guides i made for swordman in general (it has been very effective based on people in our discord sever), hope it can help you :haha: