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Swordman guide from rookies to advanced

Hey, on the fencer build you max Capote and leave only one point in Muleta on the pve build. Why? The critrate buff of muleta maxed is very desireable, so i dont get why leave it on lv 1

I leave it at 1 aswell. I only use it for the skill cooldown effect. As I understand, the crit rate buff only last the counterattack duration, which only last 2 seconds. The talent points are more usefull in other skills such as Capote. I put most into Faena which is debatable. It has a long skill effect, but i find it quite useful in mobbing situations.

Edit: As a fencer you should be able to reach critcap with end gear aswell, rending that crit bonus useless anyway.

Made a resumed Fencer Matador Barb gameplay demonstration today. You can use in your guide if you want

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and today Hoplite Dragoon Lancer

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Join ToS reddit Discord community :haha: at the moment it is the biggest i guess discord community of the game, alot of players were there to discuss about gameplay and fashion, lore etc, and me are always active

actually most of times we just talk about fashion